Sunpatch: Weight Loss And Fitness Success Story

How PEERtrainer Helped Me Lose Weight

Sunpatch beforesunpatch, 30
Omaha, NE

I started ‘dieting’ in February of 2006 and a friend referred me to peertrainer for additional support in May of 2006. Now I put ‘dieting’ in parenthesis because this is the traditional term we use when someone wants to lose weight but from day 1 I knew I didn’t want this to be one of those radical diet that dropped the pounds but put weight back on as soon as I was done. I don’t want to ever be done, I want to reach my goal weight but then change my focus to maintenance while still emphasizing a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Up until I joined peertrainer I was using my friends and family as support, but after 3 months of updating people constantly about my weight and diet, I felt people were getting sick of hearing about me and my weight loss efforts. I needed a new outlet for support from people who were of like minds. I needed a group of people who could support me and that also needed my support, and that’s when I found peertrainer. I love the intimacy of groups and getting to know a select group of people. I love the publicity of my log and the community forums knowing that my information is out there for others to see.

One thing I admitted to myself back in February is that one of my biggest problems is lying to myself. Up until February I was lying to myself about how fat I had become and about what shape I was in. I vowed to not lie to myself anymore as one of my goals when I started. Having my logs public for many to see helps me feel like I’m being upfront and honest, baring my soul to the world… without having to harass friends and family on a daily basis.

It is now December of 2006 and I am 2 months shy of the 1 year anniversary of my lifestyle change. When I started dieting in February I was 180 pounds, today I weigh 145 pounds. My original goal was to get to 140 but even then I knew I wanted to get back to my high school weight of 135… I just didn’t think that would ever be possible. Now with all the success I have seen I have adjusted my goal weight to 135. I hope to be at my goal weight in time for summer bikini season and am looking forward to my 10 year high school reunion which will be the fall of 2007.

Thank you peertrainer, for creating this site and offering it for free for all of us to use. Thank you, to all the peertrainer members, for supporting me and helping me in this journey. Thanks for all your advice and pick me ups. Thanks for not letting me falter when times got tough and for helping me celebrate all my mini-accomplishments.

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