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"Strength For My Mind And Spirit"- The PEERtrainer Point Of No Return Program

Most of us know how to eat right to lose weight and we know how to get an awesome workout in. Yet we continually tell ourselves that "this time will be different." The problem is that we are focusing purely on the physical- what we put in our bodies and what our body does. What we need is "strength of spirit" more>

Bodylastics- A Great And Inexpensive Home Gym Product

PEERtrainer has been reviewing the top home gym systems, including Total Gym and Bowflex. Both are excellent products and deliver results. But there is another player in the space-Bodylastics- and their top of the line product is only $100. more>

•  Would The Adult In The Room Please Stand Up? (Delaying Short Term Gratification)
Why Is It So Hard To Start Exercising And How Can I Make It Easy?
•  The Key To Staying Motivated
•  Why Your Body Is Already Willing And Able To Make The Transition To A More Active Lifestyle

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Calculating maximum heart rate

The amount of time we spend exercising is directly proportional to the time we have for everything else.  more>

success story

How I Went From   250 lbs To Being A Marathon Runner:

Read the story of how Barbara Roberson aka "Peace" tranformed herself into an athlete.. more>
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