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Questions and Discussions on Eating Out
Any fast food addicts here?
Dining Hall Eating Advice

Questions and Discussions about Relationships
My boyfriend doesn't want me to lose any more weight.
Not Attracted To Husband
Husbands and Pornography
Do Women Like Bald Headed Men?
Relationships and Attraction to Personal Trainer
Can Men and Women Really Just Be Friends?
Sexless Marriage
How Are Women Physically Attracted To Men?
Why Do Men Lie?
Insensitive Comments From Husband
I'm A Good Person, With a Bad Personality

Optimal Nutrition and Organic Foods
Shopping For Affordable Organic Foods
Is It Possible To Lose Weight And Not Eat Less?
Whole Wheat Flour
Green Tea and Weight Loss
Healthy Food Choices When Shopping At Wal Mart?
What's better, whole wheat or multi grain?
Why Is Sugar Bad For You | What Is The Effect of Sugsr on Health?
Does Eating Better Lead To Fewer Food Cravings?
Giving Up Caffeine, Role In Weight Loss
Nutrient Deficiency In Processed Pasta and Bread vs Whole Grains
Olive Oil, Health and Effect on Weight
Is Dairy Really Good For You?
Drinking Green Tea and Weight Loss
Why Steelcut and Rolled Oats Are Good For You

Fruits and Veggies
Avocado 101
Almond Butter vs. Peanut Butter?
Is Peanut Butter Good For You? What Is It's Effect On Weight Loss?

Meat and Animal Protein Discussions
Calories In Turkey Burger vs. Calories in Hamburger
Dannon Activia | Ingredients and Discussion

Questions and Discussions About Popular Diets and Weight Loss Approaches
Information on the Fat Smash Diet
Basics of the Fat Smash Diet How Can I Lose 35 Pounds In 2 Months?
Cottage Cheese Diet?
Eat To Live- Dr Joel Fuhrman's Diet
Cleansing Diets?
Slim Fast
Perricone Diet | Anti-Inflammation Diet
Bob Greene's Best Life Diet
Weight Watchers points system FAQ- How Many Points Am I Allowed Each Day?
Weight Watchers on-line vs. Weight Watchers in-person
Where Can I Find The Weight Watchers Point List Online
Tips for Weight Watchers Success
Intuitive Eating & Weight Watchers
Having a hard time Dieting on the weekends?

Questions and Discussions About Skin Care
What to do about wrinkly facial skin after weight loss
Is Olive Oil Good For The Skin? Is Vaseline OK to use?
Solutions For Dry and Cracked Hands? What Is The Best Skin Moisturizer?
If you have dry itchy skin, try cutting sugar out from your diet for a bit.
Skin Care Advice- Toners, Moisturizers, and All Natural Products
The Role Of Exercise, Weight Loss, and Eating in Skin Appearance
Workouts Causing Breakouts and Skin Irritation
Self Tanner suggestions

General Questions on Eating
Sweetners have chemicals, Sugar has calories. Whats worse?
Are All Sources of Fiber Equal?
Eating Healthy For Cheap- Low Cost Good Food Options
How Many Grams of Sugar Should I Have In A Day?
How Much Salt Should I Consume a Day, What Is Healthy?
Actual Calories or Net Calories
Equation for Calculating Calories
Yogurt- Is It Good For You?
Low-fat popcorn is OK, right?
Does diet soda have negative affects on weight loss?
6 small meals vs. 3 big ones
How Many Calories a Day Do I Need?

Seafood and Shellfish
Is shellfish really that bad for you?
Fish That Does Not Taste Fishy?

Motivation, Support, Psychological Aspects of Health
Why Are We Doing This?
Motivational Music
How do I stop eating so much at night?
Workout Playlists
How To Lose Weight | Preparing The Mind For Succesful Weight Loss
Inspirational Quote of The Day
Anyone on Welbutrin XL?

Questions and Discussions About Breakfast
Best Breakfast Ideas
Breakfast Protein Ideas
Oatmeal recipes
Coffee Nutrition Info

Junk Food Debates
Why Is Diet Soda Bad For You?
Favorite 1 and 2 point foods and snacks?
Coke Vs. Diet Coke
Popcorn - Low Cal, But High Fat? Good or Bad Treat?

Questions and Discussions About Light to Moderate Exercise
Pedometers- How Many Steps in a Mile?
Sex As Workout and Exercise
My foot hurts when I walk
Swimming As A Workout For Weight Loss
Red Exerciser and Ab Machines
The Bean
How long does it take to see results from working out?
How many calories do you add for exercise?

Questions and Discussions About Weight and Strength Training
Weight Training Routines for Women
Good arm toning excersises | Bicep Building Exercises
Building muscle and Losing Weight
Why Do Lunges and Squats Hurt My Knees?

Questions and Discussions About Running
Sore Knees From Running?
Health Benefits of Running
side cramps when running
High Heart Rate From Running
Running In The Cold Weather
Calories Burned in A Mile
Cho-Pat Strap and other solutions for Knee Pain

Questions and Discussions About Cardio Workouts
20 Minute, 300 Calorie Treadmill Workout
Elliptical Trainer and Weight Loss
Low Impact Cardio Ideas
Calculating Calories on a Heart Rate Monitor
What Is The Most Effective Cardio?
arc trainers vs. ellipticals
Best workout tape you've done
Calories lost on Exercise machines- Are the accurate?
Suggestions and Opinions on Workout Videos
Favorite workout songs?
iTrain, iTread, iClimb, iSculpt, iCycle Workouts
Toes Get Numb After Cardio Machine
Turbo Jam Promo Codes
Early morning workouts
Normal Resting Heart Rate?

Questions and Discussions About Gyms
Gym Membership Discussion
Getting In Shape For Ski Season
Sauna and Weight Loss
I hate the gym.
Gym Recommendations- Golds, Liftime, 24 Hour, Ballys, LA Fitness

Questions and Discussions Related to Weight Gain and Weight Loss
Trying To Determine Your Ideal Weight
How To Not Gain Weight on Birth Control
How Much Do You Wish You Weighed
How To Gain Weight Without Dairy and Sugar
What if I'm not eating enough calories while working out?
Things That Cause Temporary Weight Gain and Loss
I Am Officially Overweight According To Dr. Koop
When Do People Notice Weight Loss?
How Much Have You Lost?
What to do when wedding ring is too loose after losing weight?
I'm looking for an easy solution to lose weight

Questions and Discussions Related to Personal Health
Worried About An Abnormal Pap Test
Moth Ball Breath and Other Odd Odors
Diastasis Recti
PMS Weight Gain
Extreme Fatigue | Chronic Fatigue
Airborne Formula For Colds
Home remedy cures for diarrhea- Yogurt
Sore Nipples From Exercise, Pregnancy and PMS
Thyroid Problems Seen As An Excuse By Doctors
Fear About Abnormal Pap Smear
Water Toxemia
why do lunges and squats hurt my knees?

Food Products "Recommended" By The PEERtrainer Community
Anyone know of a low fat/calorie hot chocolate that actually tastes good?
Favorite Trader Joe's Food?
Tips for Shopping at Trader Joes
Cutting Calories out of Starbucks drinks
Top 5 Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Foods
Favorite Odd Foods
Fish That Doesn't Taste Fishy
Favorite 1 and 2 Weight Watcher point foods and snacks?
Low Calorie Pizza Ideas
Good, Lowfat Salad Dressings

Questions and Discussions on Hunger
Solution to Reducing Hunger besides drinking more water
What does it mean when your stomach grumbles?
Anyone else constantly hungry?
Hungry When It Is Cold Outside
Not satisfied during the day
Crazy Hungry The Day After a Tough Workout
Avoiding Blood Sugar Crashes

Questions and Discussions on Toning
How to get rid of fat on the inner thighs?
How To Get Rid of Belly Fat?
Lower Body Toning - Osteoarthritis in knees
How To Get Rid Of Arm Fat
Suggestions For Thigh Exercises | Suggestions for Big Thighs

Questions and Discussions on Clothes, Undergarments, and Gear
Measuring for correct bra size
What size are you?
Underwire vs Wireless Sports Bra , Which One Is Better For Working Out?
Best Sports Bras
Good, Affordable Workout Clothes and Gear
Jeans That Fit Real Women

Questions and Discussions on Detoxification
Cleansing Diets
The Detox Diet
Good sources of magnesium, calcium and potassium
List of Acidic Foods, Spices and Minerals
List of Alkalizing Foods, Spices and Minerals
Detoxing and Digestive System Issues
Why Does Water Help You Lose Weight?
Using Lemon For Detox

Pregnancy and Pregnancy Weight Issues
How Much Weight Did You Gain During Your Pregnancy?

Society and Culture
I still want to be Hollywood skinny.
Cutting Yourself
I Lost My Health Insurance When I Lost My Job, What Do I Do?
Self Improvement Ideas

Recipes, Recipe Ideas and Cooking Tips
I Don't Have Time To Cook Every Day
Weight Watcher Recipe Ideas
Quiche Crust Substitute
Vegetable Soup Recipes
Low Calorie Vegetarian Recipes
Cocktails While On Diet

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