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Public Group List

Pregnancy - Before, During, and After!12
PCOS Progress
iVillage 2007 Community Challenge18
Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability54
Forty is the New 303
Getting Started on PT 34
Good Quitters
Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie83
Portland 11
Monday Weigh-in!16
Stop Making Excuses!1
Cheat & Binge - NO MORE!15
Getting Started on PT 33
Getting Started on PT 32
The Skinny1
Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability53
the last 15 lbs
Getting Started on PT 31
Exercise TV users
Elle's team32
Trim Teachers1
Trying to get pregnant (TTC)
Bikini Reveal Summer 200719
Atlanta Diet Divas
Weight Watchers Works
Green Tea Health
Body Challenge 20071
Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability52
Chocolate Covered Emotions
Starting Over Losing Weight
Getting Started on PT 30
Getting Started on PT 29
Elle's team31
Let's Get Healthy!!
Team Boston5
Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability51
Northgate WW members1
Follow the Weight Watchers System27
Get started on PT - 28
Future MILFs2
Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie82
rainbow people
Getting Started51
Optifast support
Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability50
Bikini Reveal Summer 200718
WW Daily Support9
Cheat & Binge - NO MORE!14
corpus christi tx
Peer Trainer Veterans2
Delta Zeta Peer Trainer
The Skinny
Getting Started on PT 27
Just 7 Days!
You Can Do It!!
Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability49
iVillage 2007 Community Challenge17
Christian Believers United in Christ11
The Power of Three5
Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie81
Delta Zeta PeerTrainer
Brides to be 2007
Life Changers
Weight Watchers Moms
2007 Brides!3
Getting Started on PT 26
Healthy Eating Stay at Home Moms
Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability48
Getting Started on PT 25
Getting Started on PT 24
Elle's team30
Those last 10 pesky pounds
Get Started Team28
Yoga for Health
turbojam - teens
Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability47
72/280 Going for 95/200
NYC Brides-To-Be 40lbs + to Lose
vegetarian for life
Accountability 2
iVillage 2007 Community Challenge16
love the Lord and wanna lose weight
Fleur83's Coaching group
Stop Making Excuses!
Getting Started on PT 23
Woman's World Readers3
Future MILFs1
Monday Weigh-in!15
iVillage 2007 Community Challenge15
The Motivation Station26
Biggest Loser Fans - Fall 200613
Weight Watchers Meetings In Chicago
Weight Watchers Meetings In New York City
Weight Watchers Meetings In Boston
Weight Watchers Meetings In San Jose
Weight Watchers Meetings In Portland
Weight Watchers Meetings In Seattle
WW Daily Support8
Getting Started on PT 22

40 is almost here!
Vegetarian Pregnancy
iVillage 2007 Community Challenge14
Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie80
Teens for Greens
over 40 & wanting to lose
Healthy College Living
March Madness1
The Motivation Station25
iVillage 2007 Community Challenge13
Bikini Reveal Summer 200717
Healthy College Students13
Team Boston4
Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability46
Phinished & Fit!
southeast georgia
We can do it-Yes we can
Getting Started50
Coast to Coast2
iVillage 2007 Community Challenge12
Men with a Mission22
Getting Started on PT 21
Getting Started on PT 20
Getting Started on PT 19
North Carolina Girls Over 50
Say no to gluten (ww for those with celiac disease)
iVillage 2007 Community Challenge11
Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie79
Hot for High School
Future MILFs
Bikini Reveal Summer 200716
Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability45
Elle's team29
iVillage 2007 Community Challenge10
Preparing for pregnancy
beads or bagels?
Mom of many children
Self Discipline
The Motivation Station24
Weight Watchers Meetings
dykes downsizing
Deaf seeking execrise buddies
Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie78
Getting Started on PT 18
Getting Started on PT 17
Getting Started on PT 16
Getting Started on PT 15
iVillage 2007 Community Challenge9
Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability44
What you waiting for!
Trim Teachers
Northgate WW members
Get Fit For Women
iVillage 2007 Community Challenge8
Daily Motivation10
March Madness
iVillage 2007 Community Challenge7
Wiccan Beauty
Christian Believers United in Christ10
Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability43
Christian Women Over 351
iVillage 2007 Community Challenge6
Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie77
east hill chubbies
Busy 20-somethings trying to get HEALTHY!!
Getting to Goal
Triathletes and aspiring ones4
East Hill Rocks
Twenty-Something Tired of Feeling Fat
iVillage 2007 Community Challenge5
iVillage 2007 Community Challenge4
35 and Alive
iVillage 2007 Community Challenge3
Getting Started on PT 14
Stop the Excuses!
iVillage 2007 Community Challenge2
Elle's team28
Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability42
Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie76
iVillage 2007 Community Challenge1
Get Started on PT 13
iVillage 2007 Community Challenge
Low Carbers
Fat Smash 40+
Wiccans Losing Weight
6 month challenge!!
20 year olds losing weight
Cheat & Binge - NO MORE!13
Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability41
weight losers
Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie75
100lbs + Winners
Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability40
Sharing is Giving1
Elle's team27
Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability39
Beach Body Ladies3
Get Started Team27
2007 twenty year reunion!
Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie74
Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability38
South Carolina Losers
Getting Started on PT 12
Getting Started on PT 11
Getting Started on PT 10
50's +
High School Body
Couple lookin to lose
Let's start over
Resolutions 2007 PCOS Fighters
Forty is the New 302
Mom's in Alberta
Christian Believers United in Christ9
Big Men
Getting Started49
Weight loss in 20072
Sharing is Giving
Pregnancy - Before, During, and After!11
Just turned 40
30+ mom
Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability37
Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie73
Healthy BBW's
Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability36
Elle's team26
Follow the Weight Watchers System26
Bikini Reveal Summer 200715
2007 Starting Fresh With new Goals
Christian Women Over 35
MD womans weight lose support
Getting Started on PT 9
Getting Started on PT 8
Getting Started on PT 7
Envisioning plus Action5
Getting Started on PT 6
Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability35
Getting Started48
Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie72
Getting Started on PT 5
Elle's team25
Fit teens forever1
Midnight Walkers

Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie71
Getting Started on PT 4
McDougall/Vegan/Vegetarian Diet1
100 lbs. in 100 days
Beach Body Ladies2
01/01/07-Time to Kick Butt
Biggest Loser Fans - Fall 200612
Team DC1
Getting Started47
Coast to Coast1
Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie70
40 something
Tarot Lovers who want to lose weight!
Getting Fit over 40
Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability34
Four Tea(40) NOT crumpets!!
Woman's World Readers2
35-40 y/o's to lose 100+ lbs
Get Started Team26
Elle's team24
Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability33
30-something and single
Keep the Resolution This Time!! :)
Senior Moment
Vegetarians and Vegans
Healthy Hawaiians
Group 2007
login your daily progress
Follow the Weight Watchers System25
Moms who want to be active and fit for LIFE
Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie69
kinetix newbies
Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired1
Bride to be boot camp
Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability32
Elle's team23
5'4 - 5'6 GOAL of 120lbs - Start Today15
The Power of Three4
Girls just wantin to lose!
Get Started Team25

Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability31
Beach Body Ladies1
hotter than i use to be
Thyroid slim down.
Body Challenge 2007
Body Challenge
young Men
The Perricone Weight Loss Diet
New year-new me
Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie68
Getting Started46
Bikini Reveal Summer 200714
Can't stop eating
Curve's Dieter
Weight loss in 20071
okanagan BC ladies
SAHM losing weight
Follow the Weight Watchers System24
Get Started Team24
Asians Breaking Weight Barriers7
Stressed Students!
Beach Body Ladies
Slim With Us
Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability30
Puppy Luv
Getting Started45
Glass half FULL!!
crashed & burned
swtkans default
Lose Weight for 2007
Struttin It in Stockbridge
Creating Change
Becoming runners
Natural/Whole Food Eaters17
Las Vegas mommies
Elle's team22
10lbs to Go!
Alternative Curves
Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie67
Weight loss in 2007
Greedy Bastards!
Combo Diet Ideas
Thick to Thin
Elle's team21

damn the sweet tooth !!
Weight Watchers women born in the 1940s & '50s
50 and Fit
Bikini Reveal Summer 200713
I am going to lose 60lbs and keep it off!8
lbs off in tn

Get Started Team23
Christian Believers United in Christ8
Geeks Losing Weight
Getting Started44
Glycemic Index Diet
Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability29
Midwest Mom's in 40's w/ kids
Starting Dr. Oz
Motivated Movers
Cheat & Binge - NO MORE!12
Moms Helping Moms
fat no more
Elle's team20
Friday Weigh-In
40 & single trying to lose weight Keeping up with the Kids
Less Fat More Fit
Mastering Leptin
Getting Started43
angel eyes
Success is worth the work Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie66
A new day rising!
mid 30's christian and single, once again, need to get motivated
Fit, Fabulous, & 40
Upgrade yourself
Follow the Weight Watchers System23
Reedn and Ritin
Brides to Be
Cheat & Binge - NO MORE!11
Men Who Want To Be TONED
40ish stay at home moms
McDougall Vegan/Vegetarian Diet2
Getting Started on PT 2
Moms that stay home
Calorie Cutting Cookie Cutter
Phil. 4:13
Bikini Reveal Summer 200712
Southern Girls
Wisconsin Babes
Drinking and Weightloss6
WW Daily Support7
Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie65
Isagenix Cleanse for Life
Healthy in Northeast Ohio
Awesome in Arizona
Elle's team19
Fayetteville Moms
Woman's World Readers1
20 something stay at home moms
No more secretary butt
Holy Crap I'm 30!
5ft and under tring to lose 20-25 lbs
weightloss, health, menopause,overweight 175 plus
Get Started Team22
Pregnancy - Before, During, and After!10
Love Living Raw
50 Plus Group
Confidence Builders II
Workout While Online & Lost 23 lbs!
Coast to Coast
Getting Started on PT 3
Enjoy Your Life
Enjoy Life
Elle's team18
Confidence Builders
Getting Started42
Over 175lbs and pre/post menopausal
Get Started Team21
Woman's World Readers
Scrapbookers on a Mission to Lose
Moms in their 30's
The 50-50 Gang
Lebanon Family
100+ to lose forever
Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie64

Getting Started41 Newlywed Women Grandma needs help Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability28 Diabetic Controllers Healthy College Students12 lap band women Want to be skinny again 25 to lose ACC Aerobics Northridge8 Biggest Loser Fans - Fall 200611 College Girls Latins Who Love Food Getting healthy to get pregnant Getting Started40 Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie63 Sports injory and trying to stay lean!!! 1200-1300 Calorie Club sexy cell Monday Weigh-in!14 Cheat & Binge - NO MORE!10 Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie62 Follow the Weight Watchers System22 FAT SMASHERS UNITE13 20-Something and Jewish WW Daily Support6 20-something biggest losers7 Phantoms Elle's team17 LOSE 100 POUNDS29 Chicago's Biggest Losing Ladies Make 2007 your personal BEST! Men For Muscle Busy College Girls! 5'4 - 5'6 GOAL of 120lbs - Start Today14 Get Started Team20 Getting Started39 overweight spouse not attractive to anymore Curves Fitness for Women Curves Fitness need to lose 100 plusers Gold's Gym in Venice, CA Gold's Gym in Venice Want a Baby Bikini Reveal Summer 200711 scrappin moms Biggest Loser Fans - Fall 200610 Parents Looking to Lose Cheat & Binge - NO MORE!9 Elle's team16 The Power of Three3 FAT SMASHERS UNITE12 2007 Brides!2 Weddings coming up... Christian Believers United in Christ7 Life Change WW Daily Support5 greatrunningchallenge Santa Monica/Venice Getting Started38 Elle's team15 Busy Working Moms Inspire Me Men with a Mission21 Bikini Reveal Summer 200710 Healthy-Happy-Strong Holiday Accountability1 Follow the Weight Watchers System21 Exercise Buffs Monday Weigh-in!13 Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie61 Get Healthy Team Quest: Navy Seal Training Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability27 Time to get back in shape and have fun! ETS coworkers Pregnancy - Before, During, and After!9 bootcamp Diet Haters The Power of Three2 101+ to lose Bikini Reveal Summer 20079 5-10 to Go Elle's team14 1000 Training miles for the 2007 3-Day Getting Started37 WW Daily Support4 ToTheTop We are our own personal trainers FAT SMASHERS UNITE11 Change 4 Life Runners Unite4 gaga's group Borderline Diabetic Philly Lunch Support Crew Bikini Reveal Summer 20078 Christian Believers United in Christ6 WAMA Shape up WAMA LOSE 100 POUNDS28 Get a Beach Body.... this winter! Get a Beach Body... this winter! Follow the Weight Watchers System20 Europeans in America eating out and losing weight group Zonies Has Been's Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie60 Bikini Reveal Summer 20077 Holiday Accountability mawrtyr fitness 4 WW Daily Support3 FAT SMASHERS UNITE10 Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability26 GreyFitness Fat & Fatter IBS & Weight Loss treadmill challenge NewYorkers Hooligans Bikini Reveal Summer 20076 FAT SMASHERS UNITE9 130by707 Follow the Weight Watchers System19 Beautiful women WW Daily Support2 For our Hearts FeelingGood4Life Follow the Weight Watchers System18 consistency 20-something biggest losers6 Healthy Eating for CFS and Fibromyalgia Getting rid of it Teens to Lose. Bikini Reveal Summer 20075 Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie59 huuep retirearmyspouses WW Daily Support1 Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie58 LifeTimers Follow the Weight Watchers System17 New to PT Challenge4 Turkey Trotters 5'4 - 5'6 GOAL of 120lbs - Start Today13 Get Started Team19 Bikini Reveal Summer 20074 Isagenix Cleansing Team Getting Started36 Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie57 Team Pearson Time for Mom Turbo Jam Group The Big Losers PT Cruiser Consumating3 Elle's team13 Staying focused WW support and fun4 Pregnancy - Before, During, and After!8 Cheat & Binge - NO MORE!8 FAT SMASHERS UNITE8 Follow the Weight Watchers System16 Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability25 Bikini Reveal Summer 20073 LOSE 100 POUNDS27 WW support and fun3 *Sex in the City* ;-) Bikini Reveal Summer 20072 Follow the Weight Watchers System15 Kicking Fat's Booty! Vegetarians4 Team Austin1 WW support and fun2 Easy To Get Out Of It Milestones Bikini Reveal Summer 20071 Elle's team12 WW support and fun1 Follow the Weight Watchers System14 Eating & losing for IBS HMR Healthy Solutions Diet Dyke Power Follow the Weight Watchers System13 WW Support Lifeline1 20-somethings Cheat & Binge - NO MORE!7 Eating Away Emotions Raolert Bikini Reveal Summer 2007 Filmmaking and Fitness WW Support Lifeline Indian Losers Follow the Weight Watchers System12 early30s 7-day cycles! Back On Track 2 Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie56 Follow the Weight Watchers System11 The Motivation Station23 LOSE 100 POUNDS26 Getting Started35 Democrats Unite!2 Grad School The Power of Three1 Cape Town Follow the Weight Watchers System10 Office Girls Gone Wild1 Elle's team11 Lose Fat Gain Muscle Unicyclists Follow the Weight Watchers System9 Getting Started34 Athletic Endeavors Grayson County, TEXAS lovehandlesbegone Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie55 Follow the Weight Watchers System8 fit and trim team Challenge Yourself2 Follow the Weight Watchers System7 30's but look 20's! WW Single Moms Get in shape with ABS Diet Undertall Follow the Weight Watchers System6 No More Fatty McFaterson late 30s and want to lose weight The 5-5-5 Plan1 Look Hot for your reunion in 2007 fufi30 default Cheat & Binge - NO MORE!6 Couch Potato to 5K Runner Spunky girls who love to log! Aliante Weight Losers Elle's team10 5'8"+ Getting Beach Ready Bodies14 STOCKTON California LMC Follow the Weight Watchers System5 POWERHOUSE Femme Get Started Team18 Challenge Yourself1 Office Girls Gone Wild THE SKINNIES Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability24 6 Week Sugar-Free Challenge Looking hot for your 10 year reunion - 2007 Follow the Weight Watchers System4 MOMMIES!15 Kansas City Girls Challenge Yourself 20something Boston Follow the Weight Watchers System3 Desert Wildflowers Pregnancy 30 Day Challenges Winter Fitness Commitment Seattle's Biggest Losers1 Holiday Sprint Democrats Unite!1 Follow the Weight Watchers System2 The final straw Getting Started33 trinidad loser My Hips Don't Lie Biggest Loser Fans - Fall 20069 Democrats Unite! Philly Weight Loss3 Last G__D__ ten pounds! Follow the Weight Watchers System1 New to PT Challenge3 Elle's team9 Men with a Mission20 CENTRO "Pound Busters" Getting Started32 The Power of Three Women in the 40's range Circuit Event for Motivation Natural/Whole Food Eaters16 University Students Dads For Life3 Learn and Follow the Weight Watchers System1 Motivated 20 year-olds dedicated to PT Peer Trainer Veterans1 Get Started Team17 30+ and trying to get fit again Elle's team8 The Motivation Station22 20 somethings in need of motivation and accountability Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie54 Learn the Weight Watchers System9 The Master Cleanse1 Learn the Weight Watchers System8 FAT SMASHERS UNITE7 In Shape Brides Cheat & Binge - NO MORE!5 Gay men's weight loss club Slim in 6 with Weight Watchers Out with the girls, up with the women Football Fanatics Peer Trainer Veterans BC Sucks All Military Service Learn the Weight Watchers System7 Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability23 Elle's team7 Learn the Weight Watchers System6 Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie53 Elle's team6 recently single WARFIT Learn the Weight Watchers System5 Weekly Treadmill Competition My boyfriend inhales pizza in front of me support group. Healthy Choices for LIFE Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie52 5'8"+ Getting Beach Ready Bodies13 Learn the Weight Watchers System4 Mothers and Daughters 40 something looking to lose 50+ pds Learn the Weight Watchers System3 Learn the Weight Watchers System2 FAT SMASHERS UNITE6 to be lifetime member Built to Last 1000 miles for Breast Cancer Learn the Weight Watchers System1 its hard to do it alone Health Care Workers Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie51 empowerment for success Cheat & Binge - NO MORE!4 Yay Me! yo-yo dieting Lose Weight in Gastonia 5'4 - 5'6 GOAL of 120lbs - Start Today12 Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie50 Pregnancy - Before, During, and After!7 McDougall Vegan/Vegetarian Diet1 Runners, Plodders, Schleppers Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie49 Learn the Weight Watchers System over fifty but not over the hill Holiday Jump-start LOSE 100 POUNDS25 Chunky Canadians Elle's team5 Getting started on PT PT - new member group Elle's team4 FAT SMASHERS UNITE5 Cheat & Binge - NO MORE!3 Monday Weigh-in!12 Runners Unite3 Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie48 Cheat & Binge - NO MORE!2 X-out Bread and Pasta Triathletes and aspiring ones3 Takn a break on my treadmill Elle's team3 Andrew Weil - 8 weeks to optimal health! No Counting Daily Loggers Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie47 Mc Dougall Vegan/Vegetarian Diet Mothers-to-be former college runners Back on Track and Ready to Lose the Weight! Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie46 Brown and Round Body for Life starting now FAT SMASHERS UNITE4 Born in the 80s For a Healthier Lifestyle Veggies unite! Smash the fat!! 40's wanting to loose weight Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie45 Salt Water Cure Cheat & Binge - NO MORE!1 Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability22 Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie44 Get Started Team16 A kick in the pants Challenge for NewBies Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability21 Getting Started31 New to PT Challenge2 The 5-5-5 Plan The Master Cleanse Better myself inside and out FAT SMASHERS UNITE3 Lap Bandsters Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie43 Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability20 Alexandrians Runners Unite2 Portland Oregon 10 lbs before Midterms!!! bride*to*be*bootcamp FAT SMASHERS UNITE2 Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie42 Get Fit Michigan! solo travelers beginning fat ,retired,chiefs Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie41 FAT SMASH DIETERS ONLY Getting Started30 Seattle's Biggest Losers Body For Life January 29 to April 23, 2007 Mature People on the Path to Wellness Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie40 Adult ADD Dieters LOSE 100 POUNDS24 Primericans Picky Eaters I'm in Control No_exucses sugarless Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie39 Intuitive Eating 27 Fat Ass No More Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie38 12-Week Challenge: Thanksgiving8 Spare Tires are for Bikes Black Female Over Forty Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie37 Elite wonders 30-something Sexy, Sassy, Fit Runners Unite1 5'4 - 5'6 GOAL of 120lbs - Start Today11 Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability19 Cheaters - NO MORE!1 Getting Started29 Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie36 Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie35 For People that love to log!3 Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie34 Walking 4 Fitness Cheaters - NO MORE! Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie33 Elle's team2 Battleing Breast Cancer & Weight Biggest Loser Fans - Fall 20068 Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie32 Get Started Team15 APers from all over! Spinners United SingleMoms! Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie31 FAT SMASHERS UNITE1 Christian Believers United in Christ5 Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie30 LOSE 100 POUNDS23 Christian Women TTC w/ WW GIRL POWER! Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie29 New to PT Challenge1 Elle's team1 Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie28 Brooklyn Heights Parents Getting Fab-U-Loss Want to have kids ? Get Started Team14 Weight Watchers33 October 1st Challenge Got diabetes or prediabetes?23 the kind of beauty that moves Section 9 overweight cyclist no more Dedicated Devine Divas Leaner by New Year!!! The Motivation Station21 Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie27 Trying to Gain Weight Monday Weigh-in!11 Christian Believers United in Christ4 Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie26 FAT SMASHERS UNITE Team- NJ (Union & Essex County) The Game Girls secrets of the blah-blah sisterhood10 Long Island Ladies 40X-Men Biggest Loser Fans - Fall 20067 Witness the Fitness ACC Aerobics Riverside6 CinchPlan Providence Village Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability18 Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie25 Atkins for Life Thyroid Issues & Weight Loss 12-Week Challenge: Thanksgiving7 Elle's team Plateau Busters Getting Started28 5'4 - 5'6 GOAL of 120lbs - Start Today10 Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie24 Asians Daily Motivation9 Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie23 To Be Thinner In Texas To Be Thin in Texas Biggest Loser Fans - Fall 20066 Avoiding the Midnight Munchies For People that love to log!2 Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie22 Blackerbees Living By Design Fat Triathlete Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie21 Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie20 Greater Vancouver, BC1 December 31st Team Challenge18 BFL3 Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie19 Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie18 Points, Flex and Core3 Beach2010 Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie17 Men with a Mission19 Time Crunched Freethought Ex-Athlete OC Marathon training Sexy Mamas Nursing Students Oprah's boot camp Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie16 Young At Heart Biggest Loser Fans - Fall 20065 Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie15 Latinas saludables new mommies Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie14 25 lbs for the third time Runners Unite Turnin' 30 and need to lose 100!!!! Biggest Loser Fans - Fall 20064 Get Started Team13 Losing to Win Biggest Loser Fans - Fall 20063 Team St Louis1 Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie13 Oregon WW Points or Core Getting Started27 Biggest Loser Fans - Fall 20062 ACC Aerobics Riverside5 Held Back by Thyroid Disorders The active girl's guide to losing weight Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie12 Biggest Loser Fans - Fall 20061 Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie11 ACC Aerobics Northridge7 Biggest Loser Fans - Fall 2006 Hawaii Females Trying to Lose Weight While Battling Anxiety College Runners LOSE 100 POUNDS22 La Sociedad de Mexico 5'4 - 5'6 GOAL of 120lbs - Start Today9 Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie10 Christian Believers United in Christ3 The Bat Cave For People that love to log!1 Get Started Team12 Monday Weigh-in!10 Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie9 Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie8 Team-- NYC2 For People that love to log! Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie7 Run, Bike, Swim....Calling All Triathletes Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie6 Men with a Mission18 Shrinking Women ACC Aerobics Northridge6 Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie5 12-Week Challenge: Thanksgiving6 Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie4 Raleigh Real Women Get Started Team11 ACC Aerobics Riverside4 ACTIVE posters 1 Month at a time Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie3 secrets of the blah-blah sisterhood9 Look awesome for the holidays1 30-Day Revitalization Plan ACC Aerobics Northridge5 Brides2007 Men with a Mission17 Tough Butts Emotionaly stable Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie2 Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability17 Look awesome for the holidays aerobic students SmileinWorks Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie1 ACC Aerobics Riverside3 Blissful Yoga Homeschool mom's needing support Weight Watchers Points, Motivation, Camraderie3 PILATES 30 DAY CHALLENGE Exercise Focus 2 Get Started Team10 Weight Watchers Points, Motivation, Camraderie2 Team Kansas City ACC Aerobics Northridge4 ACC Aerobics Riverside2 Workout Buddies, MI (Making WW Fun!) 12-Week Challenge: Thanksgiving5 Weight Watchers Points, Motivation, Camraderie1 madtownpeers leapin' menopausal lesbians ice hockey players WW Points, Motivation, Camraderie1 December 31st Team Challenge17 The Motivation Station20 Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability16 Log Every Day, Log Every Bite! MOMMIES!14 Never Surrender WW Points, Motivation, Camraderie cancer survivors Pregnancy - Before, During, and After!6 daily food loggers 12-Week Challenge: Thanksgiving4 ACC Aerobics Riverside1 Teen Brides losing! Monday Weigh-in!9 secrets of the blah-blah sisterhood8 hot bitches motivating each other!! New to Intuitive Eating Needs to loose over 200 pounds December 31st Team Challenge16 ACC Aerobics Northridge3 Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability15 healthyfitstrongleansexy1 Brides (and GROOMS) to be Daily Motivation8 Mississippi Belles Points, Flex and Core2 young moms fresh walk Get Started Team9 12-Week Challenge: Thanksgiving3 InShape Nebraskans Nebraskans looking to lose Weight Watchers Mama's17 Sacramento Women over 50 December 31st Team Challenge15 5'4 - 5'6 GOAL of 120lbs - Start Today8 Late Nights Ladies Workout Express orlando Visualize our success Fit Chicks Rule 12-Week Challenge: Thanksgiving2 Fat Tuesday's Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability14 12-Week Challenge: Thanksgiving1 12-Week Challenge: Thanksgiving Pregnant and 50+ more pounds overweight December 31st Team Challenge14 Intuitive Eating 26 LOSE 100 POUNDS21 Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability13 ACC Aerobics Northridge2 Trying to bring sexy back after kids!! The Motivation Station19 20 Somethings Moms Challenge Weight Watchers Men1 Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability12 Men Using Weight Watchers December 31st Team Challenge13 Weight Watchers Core for Daily Loggers December 31st Team Challenge12 Greater Vancouver, BC Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability11 Buenos Aires Honest and Open. Healthy College Students11 Starting New, Starting Again December 31st Team Challenge11 Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability10 Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability9 Swimmers Plus Team Dallas2 December 31st Team Challenge10 30-Somethings Done with the Roller Coaster ACC Aerobics Northridge1 Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability8 Exercising with Depression Men at Work Moms who want to lose weight Men with a Mission16 dcmetro Get Started Team8 Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability7 ACC Aerobics Riverside Serious About Losing Weight! Just 4 Fun!2 Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability6 hardworking moms Up for the Challenge! Getting Started26 Living healthy with a chronic illness Taylor Made Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability5 Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability4 December 31st Team Challenge9 Exercise Focus 5'4 - 5'6 GOAL of 120lbs - Start Today7 healthyfitstongleansexy Pregnancy - Before, During, and After!5 ACC Aerobics Chemical free DanceDance Losers College Students Alike!!! Team St Louis Forty is the New 301 Orlando/Winter Park What happened to my 20s? BC Beauties Daily Motivation7 Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability3 LOSE 100 POUNDS20 Run with friends Vegetarians3 Team Boston3 Halloween Challenge Ladies Workout Express SEARSJOY422 Eat Your ABC's2 Healthy 20 somethings Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability2 Points, Flex and Core1 December 31st Team Challenge8 Mini Triathlon WW Close to Goal Vancouver Canada Runners Operation Skinny Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability1 Losing Weight Working Out Mamas Eat Your ABC's1 Geeks3 The Motivation Station18 Philly Weight Loss2 Eat Your ABC's Weekly Weigh In1 Vacation is Over fall challenge1 Seattle Shrinks December 31st Team Challenge7 Get Started Team7 26 with busy schedules Walkers - 30236 December 31st Team Challenge6 Moo Crew Weight Watchers Mama's16 WW Fall Challenge2 weight loss success December 31st Team Challenge5 LINDER Daily Motivation6 Yoga Lovers!5 Vegetarians2 South Beach Team1 December 31st Team Challenge4 Starting once again...special event Natural/Whole Food Eaters15 Sooo HOTTT LGN Diet (Look Good Naked)1 Dog Lovers Weight Lose Group hey Indy Crew Eating Emotions Daily Motivation5 December 31st Team Challenge3 Get Started Team6 short and tall Daily Motivation4 December 31st Team Challenge2 FALL/WINTER CHALLENGE Kids Rock Forty is the New 30 Move it to lose it! Move it and lose it! Daily Motivation3 Getting Started25 December 31st Team Challenge1 Looking to Lose 10-ish Pounds?3 LOSE 100 POUNDS19 1200 Miles a year Iowa City Early Runners Losing it and loving it Get Started Team5 Jabster's Group 5'4 - 5'6 GOAL of 120lbs - Start Today6 Daily Motivation2 Weight Watchers- Team Challenge21 Southern Oregon Get Started Team4 Weight Watcher Mommies Weight Watchers- Team Challenge20 MOMMIES!13 College Women Daily Motivation1 Weight Watchers- Team Challenge19 busy but still logging obsessively Weight Watchers- Team Challenge18 Single and Kid-less9 Midland Michigan Droppin' Pounds! Weight Watchers- Team Challenge17 Weight Watchers- Team Challenge16 Scarlem Walkers Looking for Casey and Monica Weight Watchers- Team Challenge15 Teens Fighting for Skinny Teens Fighting for City Get Started Team3 Early 20s Team Dallas1 Weight Watchers- Team Challenge14 30 y tantos Getting the morbid out Weight Watchers- Team Challenge13 Europe1 McDougall MWLP II Weight Watchers- Team Challenge12 Just 5 Weight Watchers- Team Challenge11 Get Started Team2 french women don't get fat Chicks on the move--fried or baked1 Weight Watchers- Team Challenge10 Chicks on the move--fried or baked Pre-Diabetic Dilemma The Motivation Station17 SW Florida's Biggest Losers1 Weight Watchers- Team Challenge9 GoBears - Cal Alumni 20 somethings who are 20 pounds from fabulous SKINNY IMPAIRED Philly Weight Loss1 Weight Watchers- Team Challenge8 Monday Weigh-in!8 Healthy4Life Breast Cancer Survivors Philly Weight Loss Team Atlanta Weight Watchers- Team Challenge7 First time marathoners3 Weight Watchers--Daily Motivation4 Weight Watchers- Team Challenge6 Get Started Team1 Weight Watchers- Team Challenge5 Weight Watchers- Team Challenge4 Weight Watchers--Daily Motivation3 Weight Watchers- Team Challenge3 Weight Watchers- Team Challenge2 Weight Watchers Mama's15 Twenty-yr. olds looking to maintain and tone Weight Watchers- Team Challenge1 Team ECC When You Work It Weight Watchers--Daily Motivation2 Weight Watchers- Dec 31st Team Challenge2 Team Boston2 Weight Watchers- Dec 31st Team Challenge1 New and Expectant Dads Fitness Camp Pregnancy - Before, During, and After!4 5'4 - 5'6 GOAL of 120lbs - Start Today5 30 pounds to loose Got diabetes or prediabetes?22 Weight Watchers- Dec 31st Challenge Weight Watchers--Daily Motivation1 Team Minneapolis3 sex in kansas city girls LET'S DO IT! Christian Men GettingBack2HotAgain 20-something biggest losers5 insomniac WW-- Daily Motivation5 Natural/Whole Food Eaters14 LOSE 100 POUNDS18 the sex in kansas city girls Hawaii AIDS Marathoners Weight Watchers--Weekly Weigh In18 WW-- Daily Motivation4 Men with a Mission15 WW-- Daily Motivation3 Dare 2 Improve UltraMetabolism1 Texoma Exercise to feel good For Real This Time HealthNuts WW Fall Challenge1 From Blah to Bam! WW-- Daily Motivation2 Emotional and Mental Fitness WW-- Daily Motivation1 Secrets of Success Weight Watchers-- Daily Motivation11 Suddenly 40 Something1 New York Fitness Weight Watchers-- Daily Motivation10 Team Minot Intuitive Eating 25 Small Changes Bring Big Results WeGottaDoThis Team Dallas Single and Kid-less8 LOSE 100 POUNDS17 Columbus Ohio Celebrity Fit Club Weight Watchers-- Daily Motivation9 Making A Change Getting Started24 OverWeight Gangstas Healthy Stitch 'n' Bitchers1 Time to get healthy Weight Watchers-- Daily Motivation8 Women 30 and Up3 Flashin' Blues Just 4 Kicks 5'8"+ Getting Beach Ready Bodies12 *UMiami* Weight Watchers-- Daily Motivation7 Dems Getting in Fighting Shape1 Getting Started23 MOMMIES!12 Weight Watchers And Working Out! Triathletes and aspiring ones2 Norwood ohio mothers/fathers Norwood ohio mothers Team Minneapolis2 sahms losing weight Weight Watchers-- Daily Motivation6 Ready2Lose Losing 100 Pounds For Good Weight Watchers-- Daily Motivation5 Weight Watchers-- Daily Motivation4 Team San Diego Getting Started22 Prosper Musicians Health Weight Watchers-- Daily Motivation3 5'4 - 5'6 GOAL of 120lbs - Start Today4 Weight Watchers--Weekly Weigh In17 Christian Believers United in Christ2 Beautiful... Inside & Out Sick & Tired of being Fat & Tired 170's and Dropping3 Weight Watchers-- Daily Motivation2 Columbus, Oh Weight Watchers--Weekly Weigh In16 Bridal Boot Camp Weight Watchers-- Daily Motivation1 Doing it all to lose the weight! SmartStarters Weight Watchers Fusion Weight Watchers--Points, Flex and Core33 Chicago Rocks! Weight Watchers Fall Challenge45 Counting, Maintaining, Exercising! WE WILL OVERCOME Onceand4all 20-something biggest losers4 Natural/Whole Food Eaters13 Emotional Eaters Unite!16 Weight Watchers--Points, Flex and Core32 Tired of being "rubenesque" LOSE 100 POUNDS16 mothers juggling school, work and the family while trying to lose weight or stay healthy Getting Started21 Utah Weight Watchers SLC Weight Watchers Fall Challenge44 5'8"+ Getting Beach Ready Bodies11 Team Minneapolis1 Consumating2 Consumating1 Consumating Breaking the Binge Consumaters Weight Watchers Fall Challenge43 Lucha contra el sobrepeso y obesidad Envisioning plus Action4 Getting Started With Peertrainer Men with a Mission14 Getting Started20 Pregnancy - Before, During, and After!3 Weight Watchers--Points, Flex and Core31 170's and Dropping2 Albuquerque Divas Burque Cyclists Team-- NYC1 Natural/Whole Food Eaters12 Geeks2 LOSE 100 POUNDS15 Weight Watchers Fall Challenge42 Open Water Swimmers Women 30 and Up2 The long road from hell PT Junkies CA Bay Area Fitness1 Weight Watchers Fall Challenge41 20-something biggest losers3 Getting Started19 LOSE 100 POUNDS14 MARATHON WALKERS 5'4 - 5'6 GOAL of 120lbs - Start Today3 Weight Watchers Fall Challenge40 Cincinnati lose winter flab blues 5'4 - 5'6 GOAL of 120lbs - Start Today2 Weight Watchers Fall Challenge39 Weight Watchers--Points, Flex and Core30 175 Start 150 Finish Yoga Lovers!4 Weight Watchers Fall Challenge38 Getting Started18 SC Losers 5'4 - 5'6 GOAL of 120lbs - Start Today1 Weight Watchers Fall Challenge37 20 somthings who are 20 pounds from fabulous I used to be fine as hell!! Weight Watchers Fall Challenge36 Single and Kid-less7 Training in Tulsa 5'5 145lbs, GOAL of 120lbs - Start Today The Motivation Station16 Carley72's All Terrain YOU!1 Carley72's All Terrain YOU! LOSE 100 POUNDS13 Weight Watchers Fall Challenge35 Weight Watchers Fall Challenge34 Recreational cyclists Weight Watchers Fall Challenge33 DON'T overeat!1 Healthy College Students10 swimsuit season 2007 unsupportive spouses Weight Watchers Fall Challenge32 Weight Watchers Fall Challenge31 Drinking and Weightloss5 8 Week Challenge: Ready for Labor Day, Sept. 44 Weight Watchers Fall Challenge30 fall challenge WORK HARD... LOOK GREAT Strength Building 20-something biggest losers2 Weight Watchers Fall Challenge29 A Healthy Relationship with Food Power Walkers: Land or Treadmill Weight Watchers Fall Challenge28 50 Something Special Educators Weight Watchers32 LOSE 100 POUNDS12 Natural/Whole Food Eaters11 Weight Watchers Fall Challenge27 Fat Eliminators Weight Watchers Fall Challenge26 healthy healthy Night Club The Motivation Station15 Why Can't I Lose Weight??2 Getting Started17 Women 30 and Up1 Weight Watchers Mama's14 Weight Watchers Fall Challenge25 Weight Watchers Fall Challenge24 Santa fe Step It Up on All Levels Envisioning plus Action3 Weight Watchers Fall Challenge23 Got diabetes or prediabetes?21 Getting Started16 Weight Watchers Fall Challenge22 Weight Watchers Fall Challenge21 PA Mommies Get Fit Weight Watchers Fall Challenge20 Healthy Stitch 'n' Bitchers Work hard-play hard-rest easy! All Terrain Me Weight Watchers Fall Challenge19 Asians Breaking Weight Barriers6 Weight Watchers Fall Challenge18 Colorado losers Weight Watchers Fall Challenge17 Students who are active posters. fabulous and fit Super Fantastic1 Grubesteak Fit Club Getting Started15 Somewhere in the middle Looking to Lose 10-ish Pounds?2 Lose it for the New Year Women 30 and Up Weight Watchers Fall Challenge16 Fat Pet Owners WW for Colorado Working Moms! Healthy Knitters Weight Watchers Fall Challenge15 Weight Watchers Fall Challenge14 Rancho La Puerta Emotional Eaters Unite!15 Get Back6 Weight Watchers--Points, Flex and Core29 Weight Watchers Fall Challenge13 San Diego Losers LOSE 100 POUNDS11 Weight Watchers--Points, Flex and Core28 Fitness Girls Experience God's Work Get Back5 Fluffy no more! Weight Watchers Fall Challenge12 luckylosers Single and Kid-less6 Weight Watchers Fall Challenge11 Get Back4 Weight Watchers Fall Challenge10 Natural/Whole Food Eaters10 Get Back3 The Motivation Station14 Get Back2 Canadian Loser Central AR Losers Anonymous Weight Watchers Fall Challenge9 50-Day Workout Challenge9 Weight Watchers--Points, Flex and Core27 Weight Watchers Fall Challenge8 Weight Watchers--Weekly Weigh In15 20-something biggest losers1 Getting Started14 Weight Watchers Fall Challenge7 MOMMIES!11 Weight Watchers Fall Challenge6 Balancing Act Weight Watchers Fall Challenge5 We can lose 100 + pounds!!! Weight Watchers Fall Challenge4 LOSE 100 POUNDS10 PT Getting Going Aussie Chickis Weight Watchers--Weekly Weigh In14 40 something and Just getting started - Want to join me for the adventure? Fuel For Fitness Weight Watchers Fall Challenge3 Super Fantastic Get Back1 Weight Watchers--Weekly Weigh In13 20-something biggest losers Back on the Wagon Weight Watchers Fall Challenge2 Get Back More Will-Power! Hiking the world1 Thrivers with Fibro (fibromyalgia) 40s and TTC for 1st time The Motivation Station13 Weight Watchers Fall Challenge1 Overweight Young Moms Healthy Eating and Exercise 50-Day Workout Challenge8 Busy College Students Trying to Lose 20-40lbs Student Challenge Weight Watchers--Points, Flex and Core26 Weight Watchers--Weekly Weigh In12 The Motivation Station12 Working Mom's of the Houston Area Weight Loss Challenge Overweight in Boulder Weight Watchers--Weekly Weigh In11 Weight Watchers Fit By Fall Challenge Emotional Eaters Unite!14 Teens! LOSE 100 POUNDS9 Weight Watchers--Weekly Weigh In10 Moving to a Pretty Place baby fat Teenagers2 LGN Diet (Look Good Naked) Weight Watchers--Weekly Weigh In9 Greene County Dieters Weight Watchers31 Looking to Lose 10-ish Pounds?1 Getting Started13 Weight Watchers--Weekly Weigh In8 Weight Watchers--Weekly Weigh In7 Half Marathon2 One Wish Torrance Dancing/Swimming I (heart) pizza Weight Watchers--Points, Flex and Core25 Dems Getting in Fighting Shape MOMMIES!10 Fantastic 4 Acme Fitness Club Acme Fitness Arizona Heat Weight Watchers--Weekly Weigh In6 Weight Watchers--Points, Flex and Core24 8 Week Challenge: Ready for Labor Day, Sept. 43 Healthy College Students9 Getting Started12 WW Natural Food Eaters The Motivation Station11 Got diabetes or prediabetes?20 Weight Watchers--Weekly Weigh In5 The 'You know you should' Group I am going to lose 60lbs and keep it off!7 Visalus Lose 10 Reunion Time Looking to Lose 10-ish Pounds? Weight Watchers--Points, Flex and Core23 Intuitive Eating 24 Weight Watchers--Weekly Weigh In4 20 below3 Happy but wouldn't mind looking thinner Toxic Free Weight Watchers--Weekly Weigh In3 slim down for Halloween costume Single and Kid-less5 Weight Watchers--Points, Flex and Core22 8 Week Challenge: Ready for Labor Day, Sept. 42 UK and Europe Getting Started11 Weight Watchers--Weekly Weigh In2 LOSE 100 POUNDS8 Hiking the world fit mommas Weight Watchers--Weekly Weigh In1 Pregnancy - Before, During, and After!2 Weight Watchers--Points, Flex and Core21 STARTING OVER FOR THE LAST TIME! Getting Started10 Weight Watchers--Points, Flex and Core20 The Beauties Firming it up06 Weight Watchers--Weekly Weigh In Weight Watchers--Points, Flex and Core19 Women on LA Weightloss Men with a Mission13 The Motivation Station10 Squeeze of Orange swim bike run DB fan forum Squeeze of Orange County Weight Watchers--Points, Flex and Core18 Get fit CT LOSE 100 POUNDS7 Weight Watchers--Points, Flex and Core17 Getting Started9 Why Can't I Lose Weight??1 UltraMetabolism Emotional Eaters Unite!13 170's and Dropping1 Christian Believers United in Christ1 Weight Watchers--Points, Flex and Core16 Monday Weigh-in!7 Vegetarians1 Healthy Mamas Healthy Recipes1 Weight Watchers--Points, Flex and Core15 Geeks1 2 pounds a week Envisioning plus Action2 Getting Started8 FIRST MARATHON (50+wmn)!VICTORIA, BC, CAN OCT. 07 Weight Watchers Mama's13 8 Week Challenge: Ready for Labor Day, Sept. 41 Goal Vacation Group! (70 to 90 loss by Jul 07)Celebrate success summer07 at KOA, Lynden WA Weight Watchers--Points, Flex and Core14 Getting Fit before Pregnancy Fighting the 50's Creepy Girlz and Boyz 8 Week Challenge: Ready for Labor Day, Sept. 4 Getting Started7 Weight Watchers30 Teachers WW in the Windy City Hawkeye Weight Loss Decide Over 50, but still young!! secrets of the blah-blah sisterhood7 lotsazeros Natural/Whole Food Eaters9 Weight Watchers--Points, Flex and Core13 The Motivation Station9 Half Marathon1 MY BRICK HOUSE NEEDS TUCKPOINTING! Sellerofpurple Muscle gainers Wannabes Koreans Unite Getting Started6 Weight Watchers--Points, Flex and Core12 Weight Watchers Men Intuitive Eating 23 50-Day Workout Challenge7 50-Day Workout Challenge6 Weight Watchers--Points, Flex and Core11 Envisioning plus Action1 Overweight and Hating it Weight Watchers--Points, Flex and Core10 Getting Started5 College Calorie-Counters SW Florida's Biggest Losers First time marathoners2 Need to loose for Body, Mind and Spirit Got diabetes or prediabetes?19 veg for health, veg for life Team Family Fitness3 Weight Watchers--Points, Flex and Core9 Active Moms St. Louis Metro Weight Watchers--Points, Flex and Core8 Sister-ific Sporty Men and women Nourishing Traditions/Maker's Diet/Dr. Price Nourishing Traditions/Dr. Price/The Maker's Diet Weight Watchers--Points, Flex and Core7 Labor Day Challenge MOMMIES!9 Getting Started4 DC Area Meetup Team Boston1 Feel the Burn 50+ Hoodia Friends Men with a Mission12 Los Pansones Military Moms Weight Watchers--Points, Flex and Core6 Motivation, Muscle, and Weightloss 50-Day Workout Challenge5 10 lbs off by Labor Day!! An Active Life Envisioning plus Action Girls of Denver 40ish and need tone Let's Do It Together Tri-Cities Michigan - Midland Weight Watchers--Points, Flex and Core5 Getting Started3 Body Makeover Team volleyball in seattle Intuitive Eating 22 Weight Watchers--Points, Flex and Core4 50-Day Workout Challenge4 LOSE 100 POUNDS6 Got diabetes or prediabetes?18 Weight Watchers--Points, Flex and Core3 Ladies Directed 170's and Dropping Running for beginners Team NYC Team Austin Weight Watchers--Points, Flex and Core2 Bump on a log CA Bay Area Fitness sprint triathlon 50-Day Workout Challenge3 Getting Started2 I Don't Have Time To Be This Busy! LOSE 100 POUNDS5 Late Night Snackers 50-Day Workout Challenge2 Weight Watchers--Points, Flex and Core1 Team Boston Getting Started1 Land of 15,000 Reasons To Be Healthy 50-Day Workout Challenge1 Weight Watchers--Points, Flex and Core Weight Watchers Points, Flex and Core Team Minneapolis Monday Weigh-in!6 College Bound Freshmen Ready For a Change Drinking and Weightloss4 Let's get moving Young Mother's Weight Watchers29 Start Your Engines! 50-Day Workout Challenge It's All About The Points Team Slim Fast new mothers in 20s busy young women Intuitive Eating 21 Fit for Life NH Weight Watchers Mama's12 democrats rule lifestyle changes Weight Watchers Mama's11 West Knoxville KUDOS!6 Loose 2 lbs a week supergroup Maintaining The Weight Loss PEERtrainer Stage 1 Forum1 Weight Watchers Mama's10 Mother Daughter Team Weight Watchers28 Stopped smoking Four Fat Queers WDW-L (Walt Disney Weight Loss) The Final Fifteen Weight Watchers27 Why Can't I Lose Weight?? Marin Walks PEERtrainer Stage 1 Forum Healthy College Students8 Men with a Mission11 LOSE 100 POUNDS4 The Motivation Station8 PEERtrainer Stage 1 Focus27 Weight Watchers Mama's9 Half Marathon cycling,running and paddling Need to lose > 100 and follow Weight Watchers Natural/Whole Food Eaters8 Got diabetes or prediabetes?17 Weight Watchers Mama's8 100 pounds to lose Christian Believers Group Battle to lose the Bulge Physically Fit / Spiritually Fit Down the Rabbit Hole Widows beating depression NWA fitness Weight Watchers26 The Motivation Station7 Togetfit East Coast PEERtrainer Stage 1 Focus26 Geeks DON'T overeat! Baltimore Area south beach 101 Healthy Recipes Weight Watchers Mama's7 Single and Kid-less4 Weight Watchers25 New England, over 501 Emotional Eaters Unite!12 mawrtyrfitness3 Weight Watchers Mama's6 Flat Stomach Freshmen PEERtrainer Stage 1 Focus25 DDR madness MOMMIES!8 Weight Watchers24 KUDOS!5 Monday Weigh-in!5 LOSE 100 POUNDS3 Iowa City Gay Male Fitness Yoga, bicycle and Burning Man Weight Watchers Mama's5 Weight Watchers23 Lost in Ohio Runyon Hikers (MULLHOLAND ENTRANCE) South Los Angeles Inline Skating rowing team healthy and strong Got diabetes or prediabetes?16 Intuitive Eating 2 Not as lean...still Marines Increase the Exercise PEERtrainer Stage 1 Focus24 2007 Brides!1 Men with a Mission10 60+ lbs slow and steady Weight Watchers22 MYSPACE2 Small Bones PEERtrainer Stage 1 Focus23 Vegetarians Natural/Whole Food Eaters7 PEERtrainer Stage 1 Focus22 Drinking and Weightloss3 Triathletes and aspiring ones1 Chicago Chic Iron Babes The Motivation Station6 Weight Watchers21 PEERtrainer Stage 1 Focus21 Men with a Mission9 Fat Dads Weight Watchers Mama's4 60107 Swimmers Monday Weigh-in!4 Weight Watchers20 Got diabetes or prediabetes?15 LOSE 100 POUNDS2 PEERtrainer Stage 1 Focus20 MYSPACE1 Men with a Mission8 Weight Watchers19 Las Vegas Health & Fitness Weight Watchers Mama's3 Emotional Eaters Unite!11 Overcoming Back Pain Asians Breaking Weight Barriers5 Working hard and looking good Natural/Whole Food Eaters6 100+ losers Chubby No More MYSPACE food for life Triathletes and aspiring ones Big Ass Losers Healthy College Students7 PEERtrainer Stage 1 Focus19 Precious Ones 20 below2 Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired Weight Watchers18 Yoga Lovers!3 PEERtrainer Stage 1 Focus18 Men with a Mission7 The Real World The Motivation Station5 TipTop Fit teens forever Halifax Health PEERtrainer Stage 1 Focus17 Drinking and Weightloss2 Total Wellbeing Weight Watchers Mama's2 20's vegetarians PEERtrainer Stage 1 Focus16 Healthy College Students6 Men with a Mission6 Single and Kid-less3 Weight Watchers17 Diabetics Unite Fitness for LifeTime DDR Freaks No choice in the matter Monday Weigh-in!3 Men with a Mission5 cuts for men Lets Get Healthy!!! Friends helping Friends Monthly No Chocolate Challenge! June Challenge Slim4Life Manayunk Weight Watchers16 Pregnancy - Before, During, and After!1 Wanabes2 runners high Pregnancy - Before, During, and After! PEERtrainer Stage 1 Focus15 Moving WWs The Motivation Station4 Weight Watchers15 Monday Weigh-in!2 Emotional Eaters Unite!10 Got diabetes or prediabetes?14 Drinking and Weightloss1 Peace of Mind Team Family Fitness2 20 below1 DC Metro on a Mission Young Vegetarians 20 below 8 Week Challenge- Ready For July 4th7 Team Family Fitness1 San Diego Fat teens PEERtrainer Stage 1 Focus14 I am going to lose 60lbs and keep it off!6 south beach group Weight Watchers14 SAHM's looking to lose 40 + PEERtrainer Stage 1 Focus13 Just for a healthier lifestyle and self-esteem Weight Watchers13 Just keep doing it Monday Weigh-in!1 Young and Hot in Boston 5'8"+ Getting Beach Ready Bodies10 Team Family Fitness Turbo Jam Team1 Monday Weigh-in! PEERtrainer Stage 1 Focus12 Medical Secretary on chair 8 hours a day! secrets of the blah-blah sisterhood6 Single and Kid-less2 Weight Watchers12 Stay @ Home Moms of Tacoma Got diabetes or prediabetes?13 Fabulous Friends PEERtrainer Stage 1 Focus11 New England, over 50 Food Junkies Gastric Bypass Support Healthy College Students5 Weight Watchers11 Emotional Eaters Unite!9 Obese Thespians Got diabetes or prediabetes?12 Fat since teen years Picture of health Men with a Mission4 Asians Breaking Weight Barriers4 KUDOS!4 Ex-Football Linemen The Motivation Station3 Weight Watchers10 Breathe Easy First time marathoners1 MOMMIES!7 Natural/Whole Food Eaters5 Weight Watchers - 35 Yrs or Better Brooklyn Buttkickers Maintaining the new look 40+ Males Weight Watchers9 PEERtrainer Stage 1 Focus10 Chicago Big Girl Club! You are what you eat! Health conscious moms unite! PEERtrainer Stage 1 Focus9 Got diabetes or prediabetes?11 Weight Watchers8 Step Video Asians Breaking Weight Barriers3 College Greek Life Turbo Jam Teenagers1 Aging Athletes Lose weight - JUST DO IT!1 Look good naked Buckle down and lose 1-2 a week! South Bay Runner KUDOS!3 1700 Club Fit 4 Life1 Emotional Eaters Unite!8 chicagoland fit challenge Ultramarathoners1 LOSE 100 POUNDS1 Got diabetes or prediabetes?10 Healthy College Students4 exercise challenge PEERtrainer Stage 1 Focus8 mawrtyrfitness2 Drinking and Weightloss Yoga Lovers!2 Natural/Whole Food Eaters4 Just 4 Fun!1 Emotional Eaters Unite!7 Veggie Fit Club 8 Week Challenge- Ready For July 4th6 5'8"+ Getting Beach Ready Bodies9 mawrtyrfitness1 Weight Watchers7 Evolutionary Fitness Got diabetes or prediabetes?9 Young, Black and Fabolous mawrtyrfitness PEERtrainer Stage 1 Focus7 5'8"+ Getting Beach Ready Bodies8 Emotional Eaters Unite!6 BFL2 Weight Watchers6 PEERtrainer Stage 1 Focus6 Got diabetes or prediabetes?8 Yoga Lovers!1 Single and Kid-less1 Losing Weight in Middle GA 5'8"+ Getting Beach Ready Bodies7 Healthy College Students3 Got diabetes or prediabetes?7 Men with a Mission3 Weight Watchers5 thesouthernlosers Emotional Eaters Unite!5 30 something meltdowns First time marathoners 5'8"+ Getting Beach Ready Bodies6 I am going to lose 60lbs and keep it off!5 Emotional Eaters Unite!4 Natural/Whole Food Eaters3 Ten Week Focus16 Weight Watchers4 Working Hard & Losing Weight 6 week makeover PEERtrainer Stage 1 Focus5 secrets of the blah-blah sisterhood5 Got diabetes or prediabetes?6 5'8"+ Getting Beach Ready Bodies5 Single and Kid-less 5'8"+ Getting Beach Ready Bodies4 PEERtrainer Stage 1 Focus4 Bikinni bodies former spotlight members4 lesbians unit PEERtrainer Stage 1 Focus3 Olympic Triathlon-Lose 10 too! Midtown workout Weight Watchers3 It's All About Revenge 8 Week Challenge- Ready For July 4th5 New England Backpackers 2006 SF Marathon- 5k, Half, or Full MOMMIES!6 PEERtrainer Stage 1 Focus2 Natural/Whole Food Eaters2 Chicago Divas Fair, Fat, and Forties Ten Week Focus15 Diabietes Singles I am going to lose 60lbs and keep it off!4 Work-at-home weight loss warriors PEERtrainer Stage 1 Focus1 The Motivation Station2 Natural/Whole Food Eaters1 Trying South Beach New to PT Jumpstart Encourage each other - late 20 somethings Stay At Home Mom El Dorado water Weight Watchers2 Natural/Whole Food Eaters KBHome 2007 Brides Team New To PEERtrainer Challenge4 Yoga Lovers! Chaos New To PEERtrainer Challenge3 8 Week Challenge- Ready For July 4th4 KUDOS!2 LOOSE 100 POUNDS3 Whole Foods-Get healthy New To PEERtrainer Challenge2 Got diabetes or prediabetes?5 99 lbs to go! New To PEERtrainer Challenge1 I am going to lose 60lbs and keep it off!3 Walking in Brookline, Ma WW: Almost There! New To PEERtrainer Team!! secrets of the blah-blah sisterhood4 Road Warriors Rule! Weight Watchers Mama's1 Weight Watchers1 Emotional Eaters Unite!3 HardCORE Athletes 5'8"+ Getting Beach Ready Bodies3 Team Couch to 5K7 8 Week Challenge- Ready For July 4th3 Swim Like A Fish Exercise weight partner in Atlanta Fit Travellers Cycling Northwest Healthy College Students2 Suddenly 40 Something Got diabetes or prediabetes?4 Wonderful Beautiful Women Ten Week Focus14 Diabectic's road to Health KUDOS!1 SF/ Bay Area Spring Challenge workaholics anonymous Emotional Eaters Unite!2 KUDOS! Let's Get Healthy Men with a Mission2 Toning and Maintaining DisneyTriathlon Short Girls working nights Mesa Working Mothers secrets of the blah-blah sisterhood3 The Elliptical Challenge 8 Week Challenge- Ready For July 4th2 Asian Outcasts II LOOSE 100 POUNDS2 8 Week Challenge- Ready For July 4th1 Over100 Ten Week Focus13 8 Week Challenge- Ready For July 4th secrets of the blah-blah sisterhood2 Ten Week Focus12 Sleek Transitions MAY MIRACLES2 iVillage MOMs Focus on Health Asians Breaking Weight Barriers2 Bypass secrets of the blah-blah sisterhood1 5'8"+ Getting Beach Ready Bodies2 100togo secrets of the blah-blah sisterhood Weight Watchers Emotional Eaters Unite!1 The Flexers Healthy College Students1 Turbo Jammers CAT SMILEY BOOT CAMP WHISTLER CAT SMILEY BOOT CAMP STAYING STRONG FOR FITNESS LETS DO IT TOGETHER Let do it together! Fitter and Happier Twenty Something Canadians Making it happen!! I have 1 month to lose 10lbs.!! WCUalumni Got diabetes or prediabetes?3 5'8"+ Getting Beach Ready Bodies1 Optimum Team1 Team Couch to 5K6 40 BY 40 I am going to lose 60lbs and keep it off!2 MAY MIRACLES1 BFL1 5'8"+ Getting Beach Ready Bodies Ten Week Focus11 MOMMIES!5 Firestarters1 Ten Week Focus10 Emotional Eaters Unite! LOOSE 100 POUNDS1 Veggie Girls I am going to lose 60lbs and keep it off!1 Healthy College Students Ten Week Focus9 MAY MIRACLES Lose weight - JUST DO IT! Lose weight - Look great! JUST DO IT!!! Ten Week Focus8 GIST Firestarters self esteem LOOSE 100 POUNDS Ten Week Focus7 Fittin' in Philly Cyclists/ bike riders The Original Slim Gym Wanabes1 Ten Week Focus6 Freshman 15 or 50 Ten Week Focus5 Goth Girls Ultramarathoners MOMMIES!4 Antelope Kent Ameteur Runners Ten Week Focus4 I am going to lose 60lbs and keep it off! Asians Breaking Weight Barriers1 L.A. Weight Loss - Active posters & Fly Babies, too 30-40ish Working/Active Moms losing 15-25 lbs Eat to Live, Not Live to Eat Team cindifit1 Team Couch to 5K5 JAWDROPPERS1 Missouri PEERtrainers BODY 4 LIFE Ten Week Focus3 MOMMIES!3 20 somethings to lose 20+ lbs Bridezillas Ten Week Focus2 The Motivation Station1 JAWDROPPERS Tone it up! Teenagers Weight Watchers Mama's grannys on the go Rock Climbing MOMMIES!2 Ten Week Focus1 Men with a Mission1 get moving BFL post pregnancy Dainty We Ain't! The Asian Weightloss Brigade MOMMIES!1 former spotlight members3 Got diabetes or prediabetes?2 The Bottom Line..... back in shape youcandoit former spotlight members2 Rump_shakers Ten Week Focus party girls former spotlight members1 The Motivation Station Wanabes Multiple Moms yogic life WHY!?!?!?!?! Team Couch to 5K4 downtown superstars New College Grads RipeMangoProduction Just 4 Fun! MOMMIES! A Diabetic Group Got diabetes or prediabetes?1 Team cindifit Ironmen Atlanta Success Team Couch to 5K3 former spotlight members Fit 4 Life First Coast Florida Dieters Got diabetes or prediabetes? A New Tradition Forward Motion Grand Rapids Area Triathletes motivators I wanna loose it Team Couch to 5K2 Fat Buster's & Hair Lover's bride slim down Those that run with Monkeys Philly Girls Optimum Team Team Couch to 5K1 Dancing Divas JERSEY WALKER Take Control hot mommies Healthy Dads 2 rightNOW Simply Support Team Couch to 5K Team Win Hot Moms To Be 20-somethings trying to lose weight and get fit! Frequent posters wanted. Yourself Fitness buddies drinktoomuchcola? Lose the baby weight in Utah! help now The New Me !! Cushion Moms MOMs in Shape! SJ Dog Owners After Baby Intuitive Eating Est aprendiendo espaol? Running & Tennis Group Young Moms Who Want to be healthy for their kids. Hit Summer Smaller Losing the weight... Saturdays in San Jose friends miles a part Moving Forward New Beginnings 30+ No Kids Taunton Fun Club Just Gotta Do It! BROWN & ROUND Body for Life for girls survivors Hidden Stars International Dreams Weight Loss and Muscle Building Roseville 40 something dieters bellag default From Fat to Fit Calorie Counters ITS ABOUT TIME Strength and Health A New You. Seattle Newbies Professional Working Moms Serious Shape Up Woodlawn Street + Other Jamaica Plainers! Busy, but determined!! madlinds Chestefield Chicks Summer Express- June 3rd through June 24th! HipReplacement Va Va Boom busy mommas Lifestyle changes for improved health Men over 50 Over60 Sworn to Fun Fit and Feeling Sexy S-KLUB PHAT N LOVING IT Cape Cod Gals Looking 2 Get Fit Motivation to Lose Using Tough Love Getting beach ready Getting Married & Overweight! Body by God Fit & Fabulous over 40 South Pinellas Trailrunners Winters over..time to MOVE 20 somethings working Teens Losing Weight 50ish & Fit teen weight loss SAHM in their 20's looking to drop 40lbs or more Losing weight fast and easy Salseras Wedding Slimming Take it off Fortitude In Spite ofChronic Illness When losing is winning... Let's Lose! get ripped Do it for YOU! 20 something looking to lose 60 mother/daughter group bulge busters latina I need a vacation HOTTIES INC. Christians for Crunches First Time Moms Lunchtime Workout Horse lovers Teens Unite erie friends 30 something ready to move Fit-for-life want to be fit and firm Mom's with homeschool kids can still lose weight!!! Renton Highlands 24-hour Fitness Almost There.... Beauty... it's in there! Northern Seattle Fitness it's time for a change! California Girls Young Lose weight 4 summer!!! Younge and trying to lose some extra pounds to look good for the summer!! 5 foot 5 Love Ourselve's 20s Canadian Women Tampa Losers Harry Potter Loosers Being healthy, weight loss, active posters, bookclub Vermont Women's Fitness New Beginning CINGULAR WIRELESS MBRS Thin for Life G-ville runners Never give up Taking Charge 15lbs to loose Fashion Book Club Action Adventure Book Club Business Book Club Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Dry Wit with a Side of Fake Bacon Lighten Up! Losing Lots! total losers News Junkies Waist Management Bay Area 50somthing Nebr Aiming for 150! Veggie Power S. Pinellas In the 150's...but not for long Body for Life Babes Couch to 5K South Florida Last 10 pounds Tone UP for ALL Just Keep Pushing Along Big Buoyant Mommas Young Mom's trying to lose Staying Motivated Chain Gang Losin' It and Loving It former new to PEERtrainer 6 For today Gots kids, got LBs. Starting Fresh 5 Whole Foods/Holistic Based/Fit For Life ToneTeen MEET ME AT THE BEACH JUL 25 Breaking the Cycle Daily Posters Building Muscle 30 somethings getting healthy New Me Beat Type 1 Diabetes Underlying Causes of Weight Gain loose the baby fat Boston 5K Yay! 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Lose Weight in South Seattle Carry Me Over the Threshold The Angels ruby reds Under 25 Chantilly Get Fit Active Posters to Lose Weight and Be Healthy for Life Harley hotties Active Posters for Change! Girls Co-op Workout College Made Me Fat Teachers Learning to Lose Group for Chicago women Runners NWA 30 and doing weight watchers Alabama Overeaters Must...Avoid...Cake!... Get Fit and Healthy 80's babies weighoff 30/40 and love to snack Berdoo Butt Banishers Healthy Latinas & Friends Dramatic Weight Loss (50-75lbs) Jazzercisers-Everyone Welcome! 20 yrs to lose 20 lbs Dog Lovers of the Antelope Valley New Mom Workout Buds Cali bay area online diet buddies Matabolism maintenance 100 lbs to lose Wanting a healthy life after eating disorders Friends for Fitness Achieving Perfection Losing and loving it ACC KINE 1101 10:35- 11:50 Fit for Living! Getting Frustrated- Not Losing Fast Enough Lose weight and maintain it North Houston Area strong mommies Fitness Pals Workout Partners - Jersey Girls! ACC KINE1101 MW 8:30-9:45 20-something single and fitness obsessed It's Time To Put Ourselves First HEALTHY ONES Single Moms in VA Aerobics I-KINE 1101 Chubbie Tubbies lookin to lose! Healthy Girls Half Marathon/Weight Watchers Half-Fullers Friend to motivate early workout 100+ club get me beefed up College Students Soul Mamas 20s and need to lose 100 Colorado Marathoner Slimmin' Summer 2006 fit friends best friends forever All about self-control Texas State MOMMIES'R'US highhikers Weighty Moms Training for a race and trying to lose weight!! Mark's Group ACC MW 5:40-6:55 Valdosta Losers motivation, confidence, consistency Gals in their 20s/30s for online and in person support and motivation! New Start, New Year! Forties Fitness Friends (FFF) FitForLife;) healthy choices in busy lives Moms Get Fit! 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Battling the Bulge Exile Puget Sound First Time Triathletes Losing weight while on the road Dedicated Divas courage to love our bodies johnson's weight off 20 something with 100+ to lose The Believers Diane's Network high nutrition, low calorie Because I want to ride a rollercoaster again Young Yearning to be fit Women Scientists in Houston Just wanna look good South CHARLOTTE Fantastic Four 20-something Overachievers...kinda A time to learn -10 for teens Indiana winners at weight loss the wars over LOSING AND LIVING Heathier ME active over 50 OK, This time we are really going to do it! This time we are going to do it! Medifast 180s and dropping Discovery Challenge Group ED Recovery for Life diets don't work Aussie Group Christian 100+ Losers chat to lose 30 minutes walking on the treadmill Staying Social, Getting Healthy hotmamas athletes/ former athletes Let's get it off, not on ! fluffy mothers Let's lose it together! Dr. Phil's Ultimate Weight Solution Overeaters More Yoga Lovers :) Young Mothers with Pregnancy Weight to Loose Phat Momma Law Students and other grad students 30's parents Motivation Central Walkers for Charity! Family Affair Weight Loss for life getting fit NORTHENDERS Lockport Losers Eat right. Exercise hard and on a regular basis. Shape your body and use it every way you can. 10lbs will do Food Doctors Diet 40 Single & Fat Lose the College Weight 18 yrs old - help is wat i and many others who suffer from eating disorders need The Haleboppers THI Pacific Northwest Midlife Hikers On The Path to Fitness teen = 20lbs gone! Lose to find love Diabetes and Insulin Being Healthier! Rhode Island Los Weight sugars sweet Young mom's Let's Get to It! no more "i don't have anything to wear" Daily Accountability Partners Yoga Daily Accountability Posters Dieting South Beach North County Active Girls Healthy and fit for busy moms Newbie Triathletes (and wannabes) Finally Losing the Baby Weight Weight Watchers Close to Goal Counting Calories to lose 100+ 30's Wake Up Call Eat Right for Your Type O Getting Healthy in MV Get leaner, bigger, stronger... need to lose over 40 pounds in New Hampshire Not for the weak...determined to do it this time! Healthy Hearts (50+ lbs to lose) Frumpy Mom No More Chocolate City Divas Take iti off...part two Run NYC Run CSUN Faculty HOME FIT DeKalb 1 life Life nuturing 30+ Columbus Gals Weight Loss Support Group Perricone People Love to Exercise! Educated Eaters Disabled but determined! diabetes 2? Losing to live optimizationzone 50/50 140s and dropping, part 2 Buffalo 30's looking to turn over new leaf! The best body for me.... Once more with feeling Goddesses in the 20's and trying to lose the pounds Dads for Life2 Practice What You Preach Determined older men weight loss group Sail away Beer is good, but today I'm sticking to Gatorade! Let's get lean! get a grip 50's and looking good! Dec-06 Hot Young Mama's Losing the last 15 pounds Austin, TX 40s women Fat and I hate it Healthy lifestyles in Tacoma South Beach Dieters Potatoes on a roll Intention On Track Change Is Possible Buff Moms Robrechts Unite for Health Asian Outcasts 2: Not Phat, but Fat The Gang young people who want to get in shape 20 somethings working for fitness 1 hour cardio Brand New In 2006! Lesbian Shedding Pounds country bumpkins Pretty in Panties Need motivators Best Body after Baby new yorkers with 100lbs or more to lose Looking for a few workout friends Pacific North West Vegetarians! Beaverton Toronto Fitness Network I want to wear my cute black skirt again! 40 something, working mothers Joy is in the Journey I Love Pizza Big goals for '06 (and every year after) Gainers Losing weight and the climbing the mountain named Maintenance Biggest Loser Wannabe's Hikers Wanna Be Lil' Chub techsorcery PlayersClub We're Older but We Can be Better Let's drop 50 pounds by summer!!! Young women unite! Wonderful Wisconsin Women Building Strength In their 20's Gig Harbor Gals Skinny Minnies Healthy Heart Recovery Over "Fitty" Get rid of the baby weight Working Mommies Men Couch Potatos Getting Fit While Travelling Irreverent Foodies Unite! On the road! In your 20's and need to loose a lot. busy bee MainLine Mall Walkers Sick and tired Inspired Professionals 20's to lose 50+ Medifast Club 50 and oh so fabulous GA Brides 30something looking to lose 50 lbs Stroller Moms Haverhill Workout women (and men too!) 20-something Professionals 50+ Gals Stop Being Lazy 40 something lifelong dieter Butterfly Group 100 Hundred Pound + Club Healthy Choice 40-somethings Struggling with Weight and Teenage Children! Writer's Unite love handles of lit, ny ed Yuck, I hate my photos Got rid of 2005 baggage.. ready to begin life! Fifty hoping to be fit Ripped Training for the big race For Me 15 - 20 pounds to lose Seattle HealthNutz 30somethings wanting to loose 25 pounds 2424milk's weight loss challenge Losing Weight Before/While Trying To Get PG! Tight and Toned weight control How many "points" in fried grasshoppers? Orange you going to join? Organic Fitness PHAT Mommies that work out @ home 20 somethings in need of motivation and inspiration. Better Body after Baby 1Goal 1GoalForAll Need some support GoingDown new yorkers with 100+ to lose Houston Hotties Night Bingers London Lean and Mean Motivation for all! vegetarian (indian) UWS Losers 30-ish Texas Moms 20 somethings who need to loose more weight then they would like to admit LJ Weight Loss Chickies A New Leaf Huskers Vegetarian Moms Used to be Athletes Chicks for Change SliminSeattle06 Fall Marathon! friends of bill w *New Beginnings* Dancing in High Heels Marathon Maniacs NW Tucson - 50+ PDX Healthy Lesbians CG and CD Busy Women That Want To Get Thin Burning Off Weight in Baltimore Gay Guys with Abs Young Women who want to loose weight Leaner not just lighter ACTIVE Weight Watchers Motivation and willpower Six-Pak Abs 20-something and doing it right! fun girls Fit & Fat - Calling All Athletes DesiFoods Ashburn Fatburners 20's looking to lose 30 Somersizers 30 Something Moms Active buddies Sophies Rock health nuts For Life No Pain No Gain Healthy Lesbians lots to lose Nature lovers the athletic crowd right for the summer yayas Winners and Losers @ Hopkins Paleo Dieters Jump Start on New Year's LapBand Looking Forward Less Abundance = More Abundance BBC Working Moms indian vegetarian Just Loosing It in CT philly's 40lb drop Vegetarians Who Actually Post! Wonderful Disabled and needing to lose weight Finally Fit Dont Worry .. Be Happy Hoping for a baby Daring Divas Men in LA Losing Weight & Feeling Great 3-Day Walkers (Think Pink!) Weekends Only Fitness 19ers in Farmington Oakland County Commuters Hip People Who Want to Dance Off Weight The Gay Guys Road Warriors Love Handles of Literacy, Take 2 20-30 monthly activy Las Vegas 20s/30s Lose Weight central/shore area NJ Pregnant and very overweight IBS Girls DiabeticsUnite! Daily Accountability Bootylicious Bootycamp Dads for Life Total Accountability 100+ with a treadmill TEEN girls wanting nice bodies (without anorexia!) sibling rivalry Footloose & Fancyfree Salsaholics College girls losing weight!!!!! 6 fabulous ladies starting again Super Skinny! Cholesterol Counters Lost in the Triangle University District YMCA Grown and Sexy Hot Girls from Rhody busy 30+ Country cousins losing it all Stay Fit Brooklyn Young Professionals Last 15 pounds, need motivation Twin moms Love Yourself... Healthy Living over 50 Philly All-Weather Movers (30's m&w) 40s Guys CAPITALERS 30's - the new 20's We Rock! young, active, but not satisfied! Twentiesh trying to lose twentiesh NoMeatEaters 'Do not Surrender' Chronic disease/disabled RockClimbing Eastsiders Getting Active for Life! 35+ es Let's Be Losers healthy30's small city girls Better Health Inside and Out lean machine Weight Watchers Global #2 5 Week Countdown Competition 20 something from malaysia who want to lose weight Reduce that Tummy size. Nippin' It In The Bud just do it Girls on the Go Penangites or M'sian Fabulous Abs Gymfreak Being Muscular KLites playing and burning 80 lbs! 80 Pounds to Lose GODBODFIT 100 pound to loose Fenway Healthy Women Teenagers trying to lose weight Retail Therapy Grad Students who need motivation! Sisters' Sisters Staying active in later life Anti-Slippage Philly Main Line Sports Crawl Before I Got Married Weight.... Keeping Track: the Devil's in the Details Mawrtyr Fitness 3 Safe and Sensible Dieting Dems Tough Love South Beach Parents of Onlies Busy Losing Metabolic Syndrome Focus Tell me what you eat Lovers of Life We will we will ROCK you! 20-30 something tryin to stay in shape after Mind, Body, and Spirit Healthier Life 30s & 40s active women Fifty by June 1, 2006 Wanting a Fresh Start Let's get in those Jeans!!! Losing a Supermodel Illinois DuPage County 20+ Organic in Orange County Trying to live up to the OC image rubyrose Sporty-LA SportyLA Committed LA Fitness Gym NY 100+ Those last 10 lbs... This time I Mean It worldwide fitness Healthy in Coppell The dedicated ones A healthier lifestyle in San Diego outer fitness, inner fitness Postdocs Dropping Pounds Losing Fat in Fulton MD Oklahoma - 15-40 lbs A Daily Boost gladys default a chemical reaction In Balance Love to Cook,Love to Eat Fit Through Menopause 50 plus athletes Whiners Calling Creative Vegetarians and Vegans who need to Lose Some Weight! bootylicious babes on a mission Feerless and Fabulous 40 lbs over and in need of support Older and Wiser? SeattleVegans Getting it Done & Making it Fun! Weight to Lose Fit in Coppell 30 to 40lbs to lose, let's motivate each other fifty-something and trying 50+ fighting aging older women Mind, Body, & Spirit 5-10 pounds gone for good! 40 and lossing 10-20lbs Columbus Ladies Fitness Academics Losing It Canadian Grrlz no more weak-ends Busy Moms Who Need to Lose! FIFTY PLUS Adipose Abroad Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) Students working mommies working out Springs Fitness 4 Women It's your life !sports College students with little time and money Keep things in perspective Fitness Trainers needing motivation LAWL losers!! Fight the newlywed bulge Enough Already Getting Cruise Ready Desk Jockeys Portland Locals Wedding Weight Loss CreatingBalance African American Women in Unity max Why Weight for your Wedding MenZen 6Pack keep moving Positive People Please Apply Dedicated 40-something and single or married Happy Ontario Seniors Hacker's Diet Texas in Training Phoenix Rising New to Peertrainer - Mid-Atlantic 40 something single moms 20 something men Green Bay 30 somethings green bay, wi. 30 somethings Crazy Canucks 50+ Healthy for Life 20's to Lose Weight Boomer Babes Coastliners couch potato teens Almost fit and almost forty Food and Mood Dr Phil Ultimate Weight Loss Lets get on this bandwagon 20-somethings lose 10 pounds by end of January Big Weight Loss 200 to go! Inspiration-Motivation-Support mawrtyr fitness 2 Professional women Busy! Busy! Busy! 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Runners & Dancers looking to be lean Step Diet Healthier in Durham Balance Lose to Win 30 somethings in Madison Big loser? biggies get healthy The Last 10 Islander I Hate Exercise EXCSI CSI & EXes Body by BTD 40+ Women Who Travel Every Bite is a Choice moving and loosing Surgery is Just a Tool. 40 something and single Young professionals wanting to lose weight and get fit semi in shape, want to be better, 15 to lose Faster and Stronger Positive Choice San Diego Kaiser Forty is the new thirty The Fit Ladies Sing Keep Running, Stay Healthy Fifty Something Gals cycling for fitness Athletic Body Fat Percentage Culture shock 30 but still a spring chicken Semiramide Gym Foxes ED recovery support Food "Issues" in New York want to eat healthy & stop binge eating! Walk It Off want to eat health & stop bingeing! Houston Get Fit University Researchers Fitness & weight loss Kansas Sunflowers Fresh Start NYC 20-Somethings to lose 10-15 in Boston Everett Area Weight Loss Steeler Fans 100+ from the inside out In or around Lousiana Paleo Idaho AARP eligible women Kick Some Butt Forties and watching the weight creep up Outdoor Enthusiasts!! lean and fit Gain while losing ho bags Seeking moderation after ED Asian American Anomolies Temple Builders Upper West Side shape up Fit Club long-term serious trainees with excess body fat From Big & Beautiful to Healthy & Stunning! keeping fit over 70 50+ Age Traveling Execs diabetic daisybike The Freund's Only in Utah Burbank Fitness Chicago Professionals Seeking Support Older but Better.. never an athlete but want to get fit! Lose and Maintain: Last 10-15 lbs over 70 Lake County Lifestyle People who need people (to keep them accountable) Lose 10 lbs Lose Weight, Be Healthy, Live Happy lose weight diet It's time to start living Cut it up! Bingers Anonymous Dublin gang Young PDX professionals Fit Teens Losing Weight Triple Threat Dallas Healthy Lifestyle gradstudents with goals WW Gals Toronto 20-somethings needing motivation! gradstudent SF Veggie/Over 40 College Lardos Co-eds Against Cafeteria Pizza Inner focus outer results Losing to be a fit mom Serious About Swimming Expo Minimizing my Midsection in the Midwest strength training Physical Phoodies Portland Programmers Average to Awesome Capital District Supernutritious Diet Student/grad-student schedules A New Start MightyMarriedMichelinMen excellence this year Menopause and weight Active Connecticut Women Bigger 'n a Breadbox Fat Boy Nation Moms Getting Fit Ample and Amiable Post-menopausals Wisdom, not weight Judo Players Hike to Health Getting older and fatter New England Significant others interfere! Achievement Oriented Toddler Moms maintenance-shop 30/40 Moms Losing 30/40/50... An ounce of prevention... NYC Professional Women 30 and a few lbs overweight Office Losers Chicago women who want a healthy lifestyle The5thDecade Ohio's best academics Biggest Loser 50+ twentysomethings If you've celebrated your 35th high school reunion... Learning to be Healthy The Unstoppables Distance Running Fighting hibernation in Minnesota getting ready for ski season Mountain Biker of South Mountain NYC Gay Men North East Fitness 35, the good, the bad & the ugly The Hopefuls NYC FITNESS SEEK LOVE Military 3 2 1 . . .Let's get moving . . . Greenpoint Girls The Hardest 5 to 10 Losing the 15 pounds you put on from your desk job! Over 50 A Type - Work too hard Eat too much 60 plus Joy of Loneliness We like the fluff!! College Students Looking to Lose Weight Seattle Guys trying to lose weight Claremont Get-Fit, 30-somethings Marin Movers & Sonoma Shakers Delhi No more excuses! 90 pounds to go, anyone else? Be Active Girls! Vegetarians and Vegans Welcome Fallen Angels almost 30, 50+ extra pounds and no motivation 20 Something Mommies Who Need to Lose Baby Weight :) Calorie Control Emotions and Energy Southern Life Fitness Working folks without much time Christian Committment 20's and NEED to loose weight Friendly and Fit Long Island 100+ Co-Ed Cut the String! cleasning and losing weight 100+ BabyBoomers gym or chat/support friends Los Angeles - Dropping weight Weighing in at +200 NEW START BRAND NEW START Vegetarians with 20+ to lose Overcoming Binge-Eating Reducing Sugar, Letting Go of Stress Eating Maintaining Hot Chicks Foothill Fit Club Fun and Fabulous Forties Evil Fitness Big Beautiful Woman who want to be thin beautiful women! Better Bodies-Better Lives Apple Fritter Pacific NW Need to -30 or more? weig watchers ans getting fit In this together Losing weight together Couples losing weight together FATTY FAT FAT! 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Just a bit more give us a break Committed to One Group Starting Over Sisters over 100 pounds to lose forty +; years, 100+lbs, Ready to deal with it all Women to lose 10-20 Pounds Asian Outcasts An Abundance of GOOD Things over 50 with 50 Just about 30 and wanting a change Green Tea Lovers Albany Peer Support Atlas Training Chicago Guys Losing 20+ Skinny again single grad students Fat Kids Are Fun looking to loose 50 pounds moms Yo-Yo Dieters Anonymous for pet lovers Losing weight with Weight Watchers The Burners 10-15 pounds to go BIGGEST LOSER in the village 20 SOMETHING WEIGHT WATCHERS Hot Girl Gang the mast bored stay at home moms Because It's Time Austin Women Single VA Dads Who love's to eat as much as I do? support and laughs Losing the LBS seriously Christian Moms unite! losing it For Myself Kid - in- Tow Tennessee Southern Beauties japanies!! Making time! trying hard starting over for the last 40 Emotional Weight Exercise Wizards (90019 or 90035) nittany lions Young professionals without much time 50/50 Ladies 40 or better Chicks This CAN be FUN! My job is showing on my hips! NE Philly Fitness Busy 30-somethings looking to lose 10-20 Single Cityslickers Boise Babes Healthy Us Fat in the 40's - Fit in the 50's It's just ONE cookie... Queer & Healthy in need of motivation! Working Women Losing Pesky Pounds! SF- BFL COG 40 SOMETHING Sexier in the City Release the bone, pick up the weight Need to Lose 80lbs/Who's With Me? DC Vegetarians The Nest DW Loosers The Big Fat Losers Lose it by X-Mas Active and Committed! Maryland fitness goalseekers Write Way to Lose Weight Watching 101 Overweight after ED - Phoenix Weight Loss - Who Dey! 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Vegetarian Weight Loss Group Living better The Last 5 Mindy & Oana's Group madres hispanas Toned, Sexy, and Beautiful Here we Come!!! Almost 30 Mothers and Daughters Losing big! Hot n' Getting Healthy in your 40-50's Sistahs Losing 100+ Flybabys Flystepping away Kansas City Active Fitness Get those last few pounds off! Support for fatty's Triangle Trim and Fit Gwinnett Co. PEERtrainer Sugar/Carb Addicts Anonymous Santa Monica fit over 50 YESYOUCAN Portland Butterflies Trying to Cheat my Family History 20's single and back to getting beautifull Fla moms who want to get active Seacoast Losers Work4Bikini Run like a girl Women making positive changes Atlanta ladies pleasantwalk pleasantframingham Make the OC a lighter place Schlepp over the finish line... BUT FINISH! 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FUN and CREATIVE workouts Some to lose students with 10-20 to lose! Pretty Women making Choices Chingrish Healthier Torontonians 30 somthing moms, large families, and no time. Co-ed Eastern Wellness young christian women Minnesota Shredders Minneapolis LAZY Beer Belly Getting fit in OC Lap Band Support North West Walking Partners Getting Fit and Having Fun Teachers Losing Weight WINNERS--Astoria, Jackson Heights, Woodside Exercise more, eat less Lady Losers- Looking to lose the Weight? Portland MOMS Fit at 50 Pittsburgh and the burbs Austin Friends Burbank Tank Tops Grandmothers losing together Hot Moms Quincy Big Losers!! Providence Losers New Area + New Body + New attitude Single Girls...Gotta Mac 4EwaSlim Nutrition Keeners, Men and Women DC Dieters binge eating / emotional eating Lighten up Long Island ! Atkins in A-ville! Getting Fit in Fairfax Happy with less! marcsgoal default Stay at Home Moms get fit! First Place Winners 100+ lbs Healthier Students for a healthier lifestyle Bay Breezers DC & Maryland Females wanting to lose Pounds Westchster Buddies Breast Cancer Survivor's Rediscovering the Beautiful Women Within Big Losers Health In Manhattan Beach Swimmers Executive Fitness Scale Haters 140's and dropping Denver Urban Socialites-Women Fit 40 somethings Succulent Wild Women Living Juicy Lake of the O babes Team up and Lose! Moitvated 2 Succeed 2 Mama Gena's Sister Goddess Group 12 lbs, 6 weeks Mommies to be Accountable and Ready New to PEERtrainer Houston 20 something leigh's friends Dallas Friends Rowing for Fitness Fit and active women in Seattle Competing with myself Brides-To-Be! foodie soul ISO hottie body LBC Reality Check cape cod fitness Hello, I'm Fat! (2) Latin Moms Boston South Shore 150's and dropping South Shore Weight Loss 100 pounds or more Atlanta active! 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Rose Garden walkers Barcelona 2006 21-year-olds Getting in Shape Look hot for someone else's wedding! 20-something social butterflies All together now Take care of ones self Accountable and Active Seattle Workaholics All Together Knot Weddings Upper West Side Losers 20 somethings Getting Fit For Life Denver 30-something Couples 20s & 30s: No More Excuses Vegetarian & Vegans Welcome Losing Weight in West Seattle Motivated 2 Succeed A little north of Boston Bay Area Women Following Through Still social Healthy Eating for Women Self Employed & need to lose ready to do this ..everyday!!! Peertrainer Youngsters Boston Coed Fitness norcalsarah default Running Barefoot Get in the Zone! East Bay Women Getting Active PEERtrainer Mens Fitness and Followthrough Dallas Healthy and Motivated Women South Florida Back On Track Toronto Women Active and Accountable Men getting active Motivated and Confident in NY Night Eating Syndrome Early 30 Somethings trying to lose 15+ VA area loser wannabes Putting Knowledge Into Practice Truth or Dare Fitness NYC fitness nikki17 default Ethnic 20 something curvy women lose 20+ Yes! Emotional and Complusive Overeaters Christian Moms WORK OUT!!! LA Women Doing Cardio and Losing 15+ Boston Women Support and Motivation San Diego Women Standing Tall Chicagoland Fit Power Long Island Women Losing 15+ Austin Women Committing to 25+ 20/30 getting fit, already fabulous All For It ! New to PEERtrainer--LA Gettin' skinny with it JJC Fit Club San Diego - PB Cambridge Women Getting Active DC Women Getting Active 30-something Moms 30 / 40 something women in the middle of a weight loss journey Chicago 20 somethings getting accountable Philly Women, Active and Accountable Philly Women Getting Active and Accountable Real people who support the REAL you! 20 something Marathon trainers UCSD Weight Management San Diego Women Getting Accountable and Losing 15 Before and After All About It! New to the Working World! lets get smaller Boston Women Getting Active New York Women Overcoming Emotional Eating Weight Watchers! Seattle Twenty/Thirty Somethings Losing 20 Portland Women Getting Active and Accountable 30's and Ready to Lose Beltway Women Losing 10-20 40 and Fabulous Tri Staters Losing 25+ Sweet Success LOSIN' IT AND LOVIN' IT Motivated Moms Portland Women Losing 30+ San Diego Women losing 20+ No Kids, No Excuses Fast Track Buddies Second Step Thirtysomething getting fit Guys Dropping 25+ Women Getting Toned in San Diego Hello, I'm Fat! (USA DC Area Women Losing 25+ San Diego Women Losing 5-15 Philly Women Losing 25+ Seattle Women Feeling Better and Getting Active NY Women Losing 15+ Upbeat LA Women Losing 10+ Daily Dose Working Girls on the Go Squishy No More!!! Portland Women losing 25+ DC Ladies Losing 10-20 Colorado Tri-Group Boston 20 Somethings Boulder Colorado Fun Portland Women Losing 5-10 Chicago Women Dropping 5-10 20 somethings Portland Women Losing 10+ Seattle Fitness 8 Ye Olde Curiousity Shoppe LA Women Getting Toned and Fit Bay Area Moms (babies and toddlers)! San Diego Fitness 50-100+ Club Boston Fitness 8 Phoenix Women Losing 20+ NY Fitness 5 Dedicated Dames Philadelphia Friends Philly Fitness 5 NY Fitness 4 Philly Women losing 20+ LA Fitness 3 Chicago Women Losing 5 to 10 Denver Fitness 4 Chicago Fitness 5 Strength, Courage, Confidence Boston active women Chicago Fitness 3 Mont. Co Weight Watcher Support Novice Marthoners/Triathletes DC Fitness Beta 3 Portland Fitness 2 Boston Fitness 3 Denver Area Gals- Philadelphia Fit and Healthy New York Women's Fitness Women getting in shape NYC Women's fitness Group NYC Fitness 2 Fitness for life Austin Fitness San Diego Womens fitness Chicago Fitness girls - workout and lose 10 lbs Miami/South Beach Group DC Women's fitness

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