How To Adjust Your Body To Exercise

Why Your Body Is Already Willing And Able To Make The Transition To A More Active Lifestyle

By Jeffrey Rothman, MA, OTR
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Week 2:

Same as week one, stay with it!

Week 3:

Did you manage at least four days each of the past two weeks?

If so, congratulations, you are right on track. Now, start stretching the workout out. Add a couple of minutes to your workout. If it feels good, take your eyes off of the clock and go.

If not, don't worry, you are way better off that you did anything at all, you are on your way, just continue on! If you are having significant soreness from weeks one and two, stick with the week one plan until your body is ready for you to move on.

Week 4:

If you stretched it out last week, you are ready to discover the really gratifying part of working out. The first thing you are going to do this week is push the 15 minute minimum up to 20 minutes as often as you can.

This is going to give you a nice little bit of emotional feedback. The second thing is open you mind to the idea that one day this week or next, you are going to have a longer harder workout than you have done to date.

You are going to "air it out", push in a way that you would not have thought your could have three weeks ago. Don't force it. This day will come to you, just be ready for it. When it does, go with it (within reason, don't hurt yourself).

Congratulations! You are ready to experience the fun part of exercise.  I would love your feedback when you have had that first great, gratifying workout. Feel free to e-mail me and let me know if I can use your story to help inspire others. 

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Jeffrey Rothman is an Occupational Therapist, practicing in West Palm Beach Florida. Jeffrey assists people to return to their productive lives after illnesses, injuries, and surgeries. He takes a particular interest in shoulder rehabilitation, pain management.  Please email Jeffrey;  he welcomes your comments and questions. 

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