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How do you guys prevent binging?

I come home after a night out and i binge. I dont drink badly, i wont eat badly throughout the day, but when I get the oppurtunity to cheat, it's bad!

How do you guys stop a binge when it's about to start?

Sat. Sep 29, 1:57pm

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I used to do exactly the same thing. I would be the best little dieter all day long, then I would turn into a Food Vampire after dark and gobble everything in sight. This time around, I made a new rule for myself: no eating after 7 p.m. I just can't trust myself after sundown, so I stay out of the kitchen 'til dawn.

You might also make a list of "5 things to do right now instead of eating." Some ideas:

1. Phone a friend. Preferably a real friend, one who cares about you and is just as devoted to healthy eating and fitness as you are – not a frenemy who’ll say, “Go ahead. Treat yourself. You deserve it…” Hang up on that one and call a =real= friend.

2. Write. Log on to PT and write about what’s going on. If the Internet isn’t handy at the moment, write your feelings in a journal, a deposit slip, a napkin. Then tear it up or tuck it away to add to your weight-loss scrap book under, “Moments that made all the difference.”

3. Go to your Inspiration Box (a plain, ordinary shoe box works fine) and start pulling out those success stories and pictures that you've clipped out of magazines to inspire you.

4. Go into the nearest bathroom and say the Serenity Prayer 3 or 4 times.

5. Wait 10 minutes. Look at the clock and just wait 10 minutes before you take that first bite. Promise yourself you can have it after 10 minutes go by. Fill that 10 minutes with activities 1-4. After 10 minutes go by, and you’ve completed activities 1-4, and you still want that bite of (name of favorite binge food here), have it. Then forgive yourself and move on.

Good luck!

Saturday, September 29, 2007, 2:55 PM

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Drink drink drink...I find when I'm about to binge I just nibble a bit here and there...that usually gets me through. I also drink lots of water when the desire to eat comes...Also you may not be getting enough calories throughout the day so try to increase your calorie intake...

Have ONLY healthy snacks so when you go to binge it won't add up on the scale too bad.

Eat breakfast...oatmeal is preferrable or something with lots of fiber and protein.

Saturday, September 29, 2007, 7:58 PM

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