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How do you lose 20lbs in ONE week?!?

I watched biggest loser woman lost 20 lbs in one week...How is that possible? Please someone clue me in!

Wed. Sep 19, 1:18am

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I lost 21 pounds in 9 days once. liquid diet.
I would think that she must have done a lot of sweating too.
You also have to remember that the larger a person is they generally lose faster. I know that is true for myself.
In any case I can't imagine it would be healthy to lose that much and that it would stay off if you went back to a decent diet even.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007, 1:30 AM

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I was 370 pounds when I started this weight loss journey. when I started working on watching portions and walking . I dropped 15 to 20 pounds the first week. the heavier you are the faster the weight comes off at the beginnning. I didnt starve myself. I ate lean meats, fruits, vegs, salads, soups. all healthy things. its just I had alot to lose and I was heavy so it started off as fast weight loss. it does slow down and taper off though. I am now 184 .. its slowed down and now when you have less ammounts of weight to lose the weight comes off slower. at least that has been my experience.

she didnt do anything unhealthy just with the show she started eating and exercising so she shocked her body in losing an ammount quickly. it will slow down though to a steady rate of weight loss ..

hope that explains a bit more.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007, 5:05 AM

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I think you have to be over 250 pounds or starve (as the second poster mentioned). If you're over 250, your body can lose weight fast because of the shock of the deficit of calories and the movement.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007, 6:55 AM

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The other thing is that you have to consider percentage of weight loss...

She lost about 8.89% of her weight in the 1st week (20 lbs on a 225 lb person).

The thing is that you have to watch the body percentage-- also, the 1st week a lot of weight can just be water weight...

The other thing is that if you watch many of the Biggest Losers, the 2nd week tends to be a lot less-- your body starts to build muscle while burning fat, so that the net weight may be less, but you may have a thinner body because muscles weigh more than fat....

Wednesday, September 19, 2007, 8:08 AM

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I agree .. after my first inital week after being 370 which alot of it came from steroids. after I went down to 355.. I started slowing down.. alot of it probably was water weight . my body also as you mentioned was shocked. I was eating normal portions.. not the sizes I use to. not that I ate really bad. I just didnt know what combinations of food were best.I started drinking water. I started increasing my exercise. walking was the easiest thing because I was so heavy.

to this day its still one of my main keys to weight loss. I lost 165 pounds... kept it off for six years. in march I started the second part of my journey losing over 30 pounds putting me at 184. now Im finishing the last 40 pounds of my goal to be 145.

it is possiblle to do. it just takes will power and determination. which over time you learn and build.

believe in yourself is the most important thing you can do.. if you can dream it you can achieve it..

well thats a little of my journey. I hope it helps you understand the rapid weight loss of thier first week a bit more.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007, 8:22 AM

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