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Help!! I have put on weight while Dieting

Ok im stuck, i have eaten cereal for breakie, porridge, soup or a sandwich for lunch, pasta or a baked potatoe for tea and snack on fruit or a light yogurt, i have put on nearly two pounds since my last weigh in last week and cant understand why, i have had to stop exercise for a week as have an infection but surely taht cant be the problem, really could do with some advice!

Tue. Sep 18, 9:22am

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It sounds like you're only eating carbs - you need protein and fats and fiber. Look into what you're eating. Also, count the calories. Things like pasta and sandwiches can have way more calories than you think, depending on the serving size and the toppings.

Also, having an infection can cause some bloating or water retention, as can any medications to fight that infection.

Give it a couple weeks after your infection is gone, but look at what you're eating and try to change it up. Try having an egg plus a couple of egg whites for breakfast, with some whole wheat toast (dry), look at what's going into the soup/sandwich (no cream soups, whole wheat bread, no mayo, etc.), and something like fruit or veggies with tea, rather than pasta or a potato (or switch it to a sweet potato, no butter/sour cream), and a healthy dinner of lean protein (chicken, fish, tofu) and veggies, particularly anything green.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007, 10:39 AM

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You mention an infection -- is it a yeast infection (a.k.a. thrush to you Brits)? Eating wrong can trigger a flare up in people who are susceptible to those. I have a friend who gave up vegetarianism after 16 years to stop the constant infections, and it worked. She thinks it's the enzymes in meat, I think it helps that she has replaced a lot of carbs with protein.

And like the above poster said, you are way too carb-heavy in your choices. Since you sound kind of new to the idea of dieting, an easy guideline would be to have milk with your breakfast (in cereal, coffee, oatmeal) and 2-4oz meat or cheese with your lunch and dinner.

A few no-brainers...

- Put 2oz ham and 1oz cheddar, or 2oz chicken and 1oz swiss, or 3oz tuna with 1tbsp lite mayo in your 8-10oz jacket potato (320-380 calories, 24g protein). If you buy the potato already baked, learn to judge how much a potato weighs from looking at it, since British potatoes tend to be huge.
- Cut back to 1-2oz pasta and load up on the other stuff that makes it taste good; choose tomato-based sauces.
- Pick vegetable soups that don't contain potatoes or noodles
- Baked beans are one of those perfectly balanced foods, equal in carbs and protein with a little fat. Snacking on 1/3c baked beans on 1 slice of whole wheat toast is about 170 calories with a great fiber and protein kick (great for feeling full)
- Treat yourself to an egg at breakfast when you can. If time is a problem, you can scramble and microwave it, throw it on a piece of toast. Heck, have some more of those beans with it!
- Try to build a habit of having a salad (2 cups of assorted veggies, low-fat dressing) every day, whether it's with lunch, dinner, or on its own.
- Again, I'm assuming your British...there's always a big selection of ready-made quiches in the refrigerated section - great choice for a quick meal with a good balance of carbs, protein and fat. Add a side salad and you're golden!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007, 11:07 AM

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Thanks for all your help and advice, the infection is in my toe, i recently had the nail removed as it had gone ingrown.

I do eat alot of potatoes and pasta, so am going to try and cut down on the in my diet, and have deiced to join Weight Watchers so that i can talk to people and get more advice about different foods ect. Im going to print out all the suggestions you have given me and put them in the file to keep a note of.

Thanks so much for replying, its great to be able to ask peoples advice.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007, 4:16 AM

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try brown rice, sweet potatoes instead of white. and there is a brown rice pasta thats really good.

white rice , white flour products are just full of empty carbs that make you hungry again in a hour or so.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007, 10:30 AM

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