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Need long-term diet commitment advise

Hi Everybody,

I am 23, 5 2" and I weigh about 168. I am a very active person, but my diet and binging is/are my problem. I eat healthy, but when I veer off track, I overindulge, and things get ugly.

As with many others, I tend to cycle. I eat well, weigh myself, log what i eat, and lose. Then, after a certain number of weeks, I lose steam. Luckily, last time I was doing well, I logged alot, so I could see that it was about 5-6 weeks that I lasted. Since then, I've decided that this time around, I'm going for a twelve week goal (I figure at about 9 weeks it will become easier to stick with it as a lifestyle). I want to log, and weigh myself. It seems that those two factors REALLY help my long-term success.

So, my question, is: what are some tips for staying with it? I'm very motivated, but what's some advice for someone who loses stream around week 6? Long-term tips?

Tue. Sep 11, 9:17am

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I think the key is just to find treats that you truly enjoy, that don't ruin your diet, and to enjoy them often. That way, it's not "I was good, and only ate foods that taste like cardboard, but now I'm craving a box of chocolates, and must have a huge quantity."

For example, some people make big batches of sugar-free jello, served with some cool-whip, and have it for dessert pretty often. My dessert of choice is to go to a health store near me, which makes frozen yogurt which is 10 cals per ounce, and buy a pint of it to put in my freezer. It's actually really rich - I have trouble eating more than 4oz or so (1/2 cup) at a time. But, even if I binged on it, and ate the whole thing (which has never happened), it's only 160 cals, rather than over 500 cals if it were low-fat froyo from the grocery store, or upwards of 1000 cals if it were real ice cream!

So, whenever I need a treat, that's a great one for me. And, since I can have it whenever I want, w/o feeling guilty about it, it's really easy to choose that over something that'd be way worse for me, but only taste marginally better, or no better at all.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007, 10:39 AM

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OP Here

Hey, that's a great tip, thank you.

i was wondering, how do you feel about one cheat day a week? any tips on that?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007, 5:42 PM

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I've tried the one day cheat. If i start first thing in the morning i tend to binge
out of control. So i might just allow one evening splurge.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007, 8:11 PM

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Long Term Advice

I've been on Atkins for a year and have lost 80lbs of a 170 lb dr. required weight loss.

My advice is to write down things you want to do and start rewarding yourself with them rather than food. Being able to do something you couldnt do before is much better than a cheat day.

For example: I wanted to learn how to kayak, but at 300 lbs, my butt was not fitting on that tiny kayak bench. At 220 I went out and took a lesson.

However, if you want something, just one thing, yes, once a week have that one thing. Go out, buy it. Take a bite, stop for a minute to see if that's all you really needed, the taste of it. Then throw it away. It's not a sin to get rid of food.

*shrug* Just my two cents worth

Wednesday, September 12, 2007, 12:51 AM

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I am at a little over a 100 pound loss here. The way I have done so far is to have a cheat day but once a month. I do indulge. But I find as the months go by there is less and less that I want that isn't healthy.
I don't have too many treats out side of that day. I did have a 40 cal fruit bar a couple times. But I have come to enjoy fruit for a snack and it makes me happy.
Just as one person said to find a treat that you enjoy I think it is really important to eat food that you enjoy. I have re made all my favorites so there is nothing I can't have. It is a little different but now I think it is better than the original. Well most things.
Rewarding yourself with something other than food I think is wonderful advise. I plan to buy myself a new digital camera when I reach the 200 pound loss mark.
And keep before you always why you are doing this. What you want out of it and visualize yourself doing it.
Everyone has their way that works for them. Take all the advise given you and find your way.
Logging is key and the support you get here will help so much. Keep up the good work.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007, 2:35 AM

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