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fasting Diet

I was on this diet when I was in college where you skipped lunch everyday and did not snack between breakfast and dinner. You could eat whatever you wanted as long as you stop when your feel full. I lost a lot of weight on that diet and was the skinniest ive ever been as an adult. But as soon as I got off of it I gained all the weight back and more. I have since tried the diet where you eat 6 small healthy meals a day and it has not worked out at all. Plus that diet is expensive with all the food you have to buy.

Tue. Aug 28, 1:26pm

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If the 6 small meals a day is more expensive because you have to buy more food, then you are also eating more food.

Eating small meals throughout the day is a healthier way to eat than to just not eat all day. But, it sounds like instead of small meals, you're eating medium meals, or big meals.

Really, the overall amount of food you eat during the day is what is going to most affect whether you gain or lose. How you eat it (all at once, or in small amounts) is really secondary.

So, say in your fasting diet, you'd eat a breakfast of cereal, fruit, and a lean protein. And for dinner, you ate some chicken, some veggies, and a dessert of some sort. In your 6-small-meal plan, you'd then have 6 meals out of those items - a meal of cereal, a meal of fruit, a meal of lean breakfast protein, a meal of lean dinner protein, a meal of veggies, and a meal of dessert. The quantity should not change either. It just gets more spread out.

But, if you like eating larger quantities all at once, then you are better off eating less frequently.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007, 2:52 PM

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A proper healthy diet is a total lifestyle change, not just something you do for a couple of weeks/months to lose some weight. No wonder you gained weight when you came off your fasting diet. That's what you were doing - fasting. Your body goes into starvation mode and burns not only fat but also muscle tissue. That's probably why you were the skinniest you had ever been because it was fat and muscle you had lost. Once you started eating again your body would have immediately started to store all that extra food as fat, for the next time it sensed it was being starved. Also, this diet would have slowed down your metabolism, which is very imortant for fat burning.

Eating whatever you want for breakfast and dinner but having nothing in between would give you highs and lows like crazy - was your blood sugar level all over the place during this time?

All of your meals should be nutritionally balanced. Breakfast should be healthy and high in fibre. Lunch should also be healthy, with a good amount of protein and vegetables. Dinner should be the smallest meal of the day, with a good amount of protein and vegetables, but limit the carbs at dinner time. Graze throughout the day, but watch what you are eating. A handfull of almonds, some veges with humous, a small tin of tuna etc are excellent grazing foods. Eating regularly is fantastic for your metabolism - the higher your metabolism is, the easier/faster you burn fat.

Buying food to eat like this shouldn't be expensive. But you still have to read the labels and make sure that the fat, salt and sugar content are not too high.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007, 12:19 AM

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