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To those who have lost a lot of weight...

Two questions...

1)I lost 90 lbs and for some reason I keep forgetting that I am not fat anymore. When I go clothes shopping I still catch myself eyeing a size 15 or 12, and I'm a size 8. Has anyone else gone through this? When will my mental image of myself align with what I actually look like? I lost the weight over three years (had a baby recently) so it wasn't sudden or anything.

2)How do you feel when you look at old pictures of yourself? Do you laugh? Do you feel sad? I can feel proud of myself, but most of the time I feel sad that I was ever that big, and then I avoid looking at pictures.

Sat. Aug 11, 10:29pm

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First, congrats on losing 90 pounds! :) I've been obese since early childhood. I am now 44 yrs old and over the last year and a half lost 76 pounds (from 211 to 135) by healthy eating and daily exercise. But I think in my head I will always be that fat girl. I do the dressing room thing, too. I always take in 2 or 3 different sizes because I still refuse to believe I can wear a 6. Or have you ever walked by a store window and seen your reflection - and didn't realize that fit looking woman was you? It was hysterical.

Old pictures are hard for me. If I'm around others, I am able to laugh at myself. But inside, I hurt for that overweight, sad, lonely girl...sad for all that time I wasted being so sad and so unhealthy. Sad I can never get it back. Sad that in later years my son was actually teased at school because of MY weight. Horrible.

But I figure I have to move forward and put the sad overweight girl to rest. I am a new me...and I must enjoy this new body and live life to the fullest now. I refuse to miss out on one more thing ever! :)

Again - congrats to you!

Sunday, August 12, 2007, 12:06 PM

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congrats to teh weight loss of 90 pounds!! thats incredible.. I have went from a size 35 to a now 16. still working on going down more, but its hard to see yourself thinner. I look at larger sizes.

I also see my reflection in store windows and barely recognize myself..

I have went from 370 to 184. was 181 but Im fluctuating a bit now.

but Im fitting into smaller clothes, but I still pick up larger sizes. still shocked teh smaller sizes are what fits now,

as for pics.. I carry a fat pic with me all the time.. I look at it and Im like .. wow was that really me.. others pics I look at when Im with my family. bro is tall and good shape. my sister naturally skinny and I was the heavy jolly one...

everyone always thought I was jolly and peppy.. I wasnt. I just gave epople what they expected so the heavy set person could keep herself together and presentable .. a mask in place at all times.

I no longer have to do that. I am happy. I do smile and mean it. I I no longer can be held back from doing activities because of being out of shape..

Im not to my goal weight and I have hit some weight flucuations, but after losing 200 pounds.. I can get through anything.

Im proud of what I have accomplished.. that happy girl never chnaged shes just now here and being honest about who she is .shes finally loving herself.

Monday, August 13, 2007, 12:47 PM

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I still view myself as fat, just not *as* fat, which is silly because I know I'm at a very healthy, desirable weight. It's actually becoming a serious self-esteem issue. I think I'm actually more insecure now than I ever was when I was bigger. This has been about six months since I got to my goal weight, and I'm still waiting for my brain to catch up to my body. Hopefully it will, but if not, I might seek out some therapy.

As far as old pictures, most of the time I'm just in complete awe of how different I looked. Everything was completely morphed looking. And sometimes, it's really funny to see how marshmallow-y my face looked.

Monday, August 13, 2007, 2:25 PM

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