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New Diet Pill - Alli

For anyone thinking of actually taking it - read this first! Hilarious!


Wed. Jun 20, 7:55pm

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The current issue of Oprah magazine absolutely slammed this drug.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007, 8:42 PM

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wow, i just spit my drink out reading that. funniest article i have read in a long time! i can't look at pizza in the same way ever again...

Wednesday, June 20, 2007, 10:04 PM

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Hilarious! I can't believe the drug's website actually recommends wearing dark pants and bringing a change of clothes in case you crap yourself. What people will dupe themselves into!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007, 10:18 PM

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diet pill article

OMG..that is hysterical. I can't stop laughing!!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007, 10:43 PM

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I was at the pharmacy yesterday to pick up a prescription and asked the pharmacist about this stuff. She told me about the "leaking" of fat. EEEWWWWW!!! But they were completely sold out and she told me all of the stores in our surrounding areas were too. I wonder how many of my neighbors will switch to dark pants or diapers from this stuff?!?! LOL!!
On a health note though, I can't believe this would even be approved as it strips a vital nutrient from your body! These people might end up thinner, but their skin, hair, and general appearance will most likely take a nosedive from the lack of fat! So sad...


Thursday, June 21, 2007, 3:40 AM

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seriously, its a sad, sad, sad day when lazy americans are looking for such instant gratification that they would rather literally shit the weight away than work out and eat in a healthy manner (which would make them generally more healthy overall, rather than a person weighing less who shits oil when he thinks he was just going to pass a little gas).

Thursday, June 21, 2007, 3:54 PM

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Ooooh, now that sounds like the answer to all my weight problems.


Thursday, June 21, 2007, 4:11 PM

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i'd bet that it's not just lazy americans who are taking this "sh*t". the drug is bad enough without attaching stereotypes to it.

Thursday, June 21, 2007, 4:20 PM

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I don't think it's a stereotype. Seriously, most Americans are lazy, that's why we have such a high percentage of overweight people in the U.S. Also, what other country has such a plethora of diet drugs available to them?

Thursday, June 21, 2007, 4:25 PM

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i can't muster up the energy to respond fully...

Thursday, June 21, 2007, 4:34 PM

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Yes Americans are stereotyped for being fat and lazy, but that is an argument for another thread.
I workout, and eat healthy and need just that extra push to shed the last few lbs and was considering alli - not anymore though.

Thursday, June 21, 2007, 7:09 PM

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It's true!

Seriously, I tried Xenical very breifly a few years ago and for New York pizza oil.
Mean "What the hell am I doing to myself" moment!

Friday, June 22, 2007, 2:19 AM

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poster from earlier here. i'm sorry, i didn't mean to stereotype, and i apologize to those who are working hard and still trying to lose the last few pounds so they take alli. but i'm saying... there are a large amount of consumers who do not exercise regularly or regularly eat foods befitting of a healthful diet/lifestyle and decide to take the drug as a quick and easy solution to weightloss. its just silly to me. it may shed some pounds, but you will be no better off healthy lifestyle wise and it doesnt seem that the end justifies the mean.

Saturday, June 23, 2007, 6:11 PM

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blamed my dog!

I took Xenical until one day I sneezed and crapped my pants and then blamed the horrid smell on my golden retriever. This "miracle pill" will stain your toilet a greasy orange color and you will have so much gas-you will explode with no warning. And to top this nightmare off-I never lost any weight!

Saturday, June 23, 2007, 11:58 PM

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I'm crying from laughing so hard!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2007, 12:24 AM

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wow! this is toooooooooooo funny. i really saw a lady buying it the other day. and she was having a convo with her father easy it was going to be..and he was telling her about....cutting back on her fats! i really wanted to tell her i hadn't heard good things about it. but...they are EVERY where in wal-mart with nice marketing....that's what is going to get them! the folks who...seem to miss the...EFFECTS!! :) i know someone that took the real one the presciption drug...and they aren't lying about the effects! i didn't see it....but...the facial expressions she made while sharing and describing were enough!!

Sunday, June 24, 2007, 12:37 AM

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That was soooo freakin funny. I loved his translations of the drug companies "polite language" for crapping yourself when you fart. LOL!

Sunday, June 24, 2007, 5:43 PM

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You only suffer from those treatment effects when you eat too much fat. If you are an idiot and think you can eat fast food and take the pills like most fat ass' on this blog do and have done with the last diet pills they have taken, then you will shit your pants. However, if you follow the recommended caloric intake and fat intake personalized to you, then you will not have those side effects. Like the commercial and pamphlets say, "you have to commit" then you will loose weight and you won't shit out grease that looks like oil. My God, I didn't hear this much conflict over the drug they give alcoholics to stop drinking. The one where if they drink on the medication, then it will immediately make them vomit. Alli is the same idea, if you eat fattening food on the pill, you shit your f***ing pants. Alli also blocks most of the fat out of the low-fat foods you eat, so you lose weight faster and easier. So before you start speaking off about things you have no correct facts on, then keep your thoughts to yourself.

Sunday, July 01, 2007, 2:02 AM

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Water just came out of my nose reading this!! I can just see it now, all the depends will be sold out to and in a few months from now all these women buying this drug will realize they now have to buy a new wardrobe but not because they have gone down a size but because they have ruined all their clothes! LOL. I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard by myself.

Sunday, July 01, 2007, 2:24 AM

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Oh 2:02 so defensive, you must be taking it. Come on now, do share, let us know how many pants you have ruined, lol.

Really why so angry? Even people who have taken the older, stronger drug version of it have said they had some of those problems. I can only assume you take.

Sunday, July 01, 2007, 2:31 AM

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Hmm... These side-effects really remind me of some of those "Dieter's Teas". They are like laxatives and just make you shit part of everything instead of just fat. It makes me think that shitting a little bit of everything instead of just the fat would be healthier, because fat is vital in supporting the nails, skin, hair, joints, brain, etc. Fat is actually very important to the way your body functions! You need it! Without it, people may start to see side effects worse than even shitting oil - like falling out hair, breaking nails, arthritis, early alzheimers, and wrinkles...

I would personally go with the dieter's tea. At least the shit isnt oily !

Sunday, July 01, 2007, 9:22 AM

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In defense of poster 2:02, I have read the literature, researched it very well and I'm consider taking it. I have to shit every day anyhow, so why not let it be beneficial. Yes, we do need a small amount of fat in our diet to sustain healthy skin, nails, and joints, but how many of the posters do the following things:

1. tan-talk about killing your skin o
2. don't use sunscreen on a daily
3. get fake nails-talk about killing your nails
4. skip milk-talk about killing your joints
5. perm, dye, relax or straighten your hair...come on people we know the damage that these treatments cause hair.
6. alcohol-vomiting, unable to control your bowel movements due to the injestion of too much alcohol.
7. Some women get loose bowel movements when their cycle comes.

My point an adult, we all have bad behaviors that have negative side effects. If you choose to take alli and continue to eat high fat foods, you will shit your pants.

Monday, July 02, 2007, 9:40 AM

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Um, 9:40, a woman's cycle is not bad behavior. I was with you until that point. How about you sub in smoking!

People have the right to do whatever they want, and if they want to poop "new york pizza oil" (lmao @ that), then so be it. Just don't try to get me to take a pill, or get me to clean your oily poo! haha

Monday, July 02, 2007, 10:57 AM

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if you can muster up enough self control to avoid fatty foods so you don't crap in your pants while on this pill, why can't you muster up enough self control to avoid fatty foods so you can lose weight without the pill?

Monday, July 02, 2007, 11:09 AM

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Alli...with friends like this, who needs enemas?

Monday, July 02, 2007, 4:10 PM

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Monday, July 02, 2007, 4:17 PM

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I laughed so hard at this and had to read it to my husband. It is true that you can lose weight without this medication. If you eat a diet that follows your required daily caloric intake as 2:02 states, you will lose weight anyway without taking drugs. It goes along with weight loss surgery, it's just a tool. It is not going to solve all of your problems that caused you to gain all that weight in the first place. And before anyone criticizes me for comparing it to weight loss surgery, I know too many friends and relatives who have had gastric bypass or lap band thinking it's a cure all and quick fix. It's not, it's a life long commitment and lifestyle change. If someone out there decides to take it, I truly hope it works for you. There's just a lot to think about before taking any drug.

Monday, July 02, 2007, 10:38 PM

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before i decide to take a drug, my first question used to be, "what are the long term effects?" from now on, my second question will be, "will it make me crap my pants?" with every new opportunity come new questions....

Tuesday, July 03, 2007, 8:53 AM

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I believe if you eat correctly then take the pill, you will increase your weight loss by 1/2 again...We won't really know since no one will admit to taking it after this

Tuesday, July 03, 2007, 9:48 AM

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Yeah, that's the sad thing about this board. People can't just be themselves or ask a simple question without haters jumping all over them for no particular reason other than to amuse themselves. Happy birthday, America!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007, 10:56 AM

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i'm not a "hater" at all. i think being informed about a product before taking it is important. someitmes facts are funny. i'm still waiting for someone who is interested in this pill to explain how a person can suddenly develop self discipline and eat less fat just by taking a pill. why not try the same stragety without the pill?

Tuesday, July 03, 2007, 11:12 AM

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I would say if you don't want the side effects, that would be a huge motivator to me...

Tuesday, July 03, 2007, 11:20 AM

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but with that reasoning, wouldn't the side effects of remaining overweight (heart disease, respitory problems, diabetes, bone stress, depression, etc...) also be a huge motivator?

Tuesday, July 03, 2007, 11:31 AM

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apparently not for everyone. I would say the worry of crapping your pants in public is a bigger motivator...yes health should be a motivator, but often it is not.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007, 11:40 AM

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I will be taking alli

I just bought alli and I will start taking it tommorow since I do have the day off tommorow When you buy the product they have a code so you can sighn in on there website to let you know how much fat and calories you are allowed for your height and weight and you must check in with theam again to let theam know how it is working. I will let you guys know how I do tommorow no pizza for me. I dont know when I was reading this thread most of the posters seemed so immature and hateful. I will post for those who are considering the drug I am taking it so I will keep on program I mean the thought of craping in ones pants should be motivating to stick to your calories and fat intake.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007, 10:14 PM

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007, 11:12 PM

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I just found out yesterday that one of my friends is taking Alli. I asked her if she's spraying oil out her butt. LOL She said it hasn't affected her like that because you have to stay under 15 grams of fat per meal. She said she did have one time when she went to the bathroom and felt like she was in there forever. I then told her I was surprised to see her not wearing dark pants! We laughed about the side effects. If you take it just remember it's a commitment. If it helps get you kick started to weight loss then great!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007, 10:52 AM

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My girlfriend is taking Alli

She loves it!! had one brief "oil' incident but she now maintains the proper fat content. She does not always wear dark clothing either.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007, 11:31 AM

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OMG - I saw this at Target Yesterday

Everytime I passed it, I just laughed! It's in a pretty bottle, with pretty packaging, and in a pretty display case. But the side effects listed on their website have a distinct ugly side to offset all of the prettyness of the packaging!!!!!!!!
The best part of the entire visit to target was when people actually stopped to look at this stuff and seeing them pick up the bottle and read what it is all about!

Monday, July 09, 2007, 3:24 PM

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you my dear are a loser

any person who hangs around target whatching people and laughing about theam because they are curiouse of a product is a dork

Monday, July 09, 2007, 7:57 PM

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I don't think she's a loser - she's a people-watcher. I myself am one and don't consider myself to be a loser (of course not - who does?). I enjoy the occasional antics at my local discount store every now and then as well.

I wonder what was better - giggling to yourself when you saw the product, or watching the expressions of the people who read the bottles?

Monday, July 09, 2007, 11:41 PM

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I'm taking Alli

I just joined PT yesterday. Started Alli July 2nd. I have had NO "treatment effects" what-so-ever. It is not for people who want to eat pizza and McDonalds everyday. In my first week I lost 3 lbs.
I agree with an earlier comment: Why are so many of you so immature and hateful?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007, 10:56 AM

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i guess there's just something about people willing to risk crapping in their pants to gain some sort of self-discipline that makes me laugh. yeah, it's immature of me. i can take your criticism. why can't you understand how silly the notion is to some of us? i've not stated that those who are going to try it are stupid or foolish, but i am bewildered at the base reasons for taking a pill to curb your food/fat intake. it all comes down to self-control in the end, so why spend money on something that puts you at risk of crapping your pants in public? isn't being really heavy embarrassing enough?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007, 11:08 AM

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3 lbs a week

Don't you believe you could lose 3 lbs a week without pills??? If you really watch what you eat, one CAN lose 3 lbs in a week without any type of pill.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007, 11:14 AM

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I didn't read the link in the first post until now, and I laughed out loud! It is pretty funny, but not true. If that funny link about alli is the only information you have about the medication, of course it would seem rediculous for anyone to use it. Likewise, if it is the only information you have on the product, you're misinformed and should refrain from such harsh judgements.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007, 8:03 PM

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His description about alli made me laugh...

This reminds me of when they started putting olestra on the market. Of course, I was curious and had to try a bag... but I didn't like the weird coating it left on my tongue and of course the gassiness wasn't good either.

BTW-- "Anal leakage" is what they put on the Olestra bags...

Not sure I'm wanting to take Allli due to the side effects. I also wonder if taking a placebo would still help people lose the weight-- in that if they believe in themselves and work harder because of perceived side effects they could possibly lose the same amount of weight...?

I am curious about what the Alli users think of the product, though!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007, 2:08 PM

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the fact that this product prevents the absorption of vital nutrients and vitamins is frightening. people who already do not take great care in their food choices are opening themselves up to dificiencies of vitamins A & D and others, unless they carefully account for and adjust their food intake to make up for what's "lost" due to this pill. if a person who is struggling w/ their weight can suddenly turn on a dime and pay such close attention to their diet and regulate / monitor their nutrition so closely, i will be very surprised. with all of the work that seemingly goes into taking this product responsibly, i'd think people would just do the same work and save their money. buy new clothes or take a vacation or donate to the homeless instead of lining the pockets of the drug maker.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007, 2:19 PM

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New Diet Pill - Alli

Despite a healthy diet and walking several miles a day, I was not losing weight. I started using Alli when it became available last month.

I have lost 11 pounds in four weeks and have not experienced any of the unpleasant treatment effects. I discovered the PeerTrainer site today and think it will be a useful tool in my continued weight loss efforts, but plan to continue using Alli for now.

I have followed some of the discussion threads on their web site, and have been surprised at the number of posts by people reporting the horrible effects described in this thread and the related link. Those people report that the effects have occurred after eating double whoppers with large fries, etc. Well, they can't say they weren't warned.

Change theory tell us that whether one chooses Alli, Atkins, Weight Watchers, or any other approach to weight loss, the ultimate success (or failure) depends on the level of readiness to commit to the life changes necessary to produce significant and lasting results.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007, 7:27 PM

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Yeah, but the other approaches you mentioned don't require taking a drug. And yes, ultimate success does depend on making the necessary life changes, but that wouldn't include taking pills. Sorry, just my 2 cents.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007, 8:19 PM

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if you are very overweight, at risk of diabetes and taking alli, you could be in trouble. the blocking of the absorption of vitamin D raises a persons risk of diabetes by 40 %, according to some just released studies. this is not good for people who are already at risk. i think many people who are taking this produce are expecting some sort of change based on the fact that they are taking a pill-like when you have bad alergies and take a pill and feel less congested. it is so dangerous, with all of the potential side effects, to just blindly sell this drug to whomever wants to buy it. i think a doctors supervision is necessary with any new chemical that a person introduces into their body on a long term basis. good luck.

Thursday, July 12, 2007, 9:07 AM

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Alli pill

Taking a diet pill is not going to keep you in shape or healthy for the rest of your life. A pill is only a temporary fix. And why would anyone want to put something like that in your body? I’ve read somewhere that the side effect are not even worth it and that they some how make you secrete liquid in spots that are not right. I could be wrong but why would anyone take the risk is beyond me…. Keeping active and eating healthy is the best way to loose weight and stay healthy.

Thursday, July 12, 2007, 2:45 PM

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OK, I've been taking Alli for 3 weeks. I work out for 1 hour a day usually 5-6 times a week. I started taking it on a weekend and yes, I did have to use the bathroom...a lot. Once I controlled my fat intake, I became regular. I haven't crapped my pants and I have lost about 3 pounds. It could all be shit but I feel much better and will continue to use it for at least 30 days. I have never taken a diet pill in my life but was interested in alli because it doesn't effect my heart. It has given me a sense that I can watch my fat intake and control my eating. I won't use it forever, but so far, I'm happy.

Friday, July 13, 2007, 11:48 PM

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hey 2:45 you are wrong

Saturday, July 14, 2007, 9:22 PM

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11:48 I'm curious, you've been taking this for 3 weeks and have only lost 3 pounds? Whats up with that? Are you happy about taking something that there really isn't any long terms studies of with the little weight loss you've had. I've been on a fruit, veggie, lean protein diet for 3 weeks now and have lost 8 pounds. I would have expected more from a pill.

Sunday, July 15, 2007, 2:47 AM

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my thoughts exactly. 3 pounds in 3 weeks. just by paying more attention to what you eat, not including a pill, you can lose more than that. mind-boggling...

Monday, July 16, 2007, 9:29 AM

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2:47 - there's actually more than two decades research on Alli. That's a lot more than goes into many medications that have systemic effects that Alli does not. I'm a professional researcher, and the bottom line on that one is that Alli doesn't have negative side effects, because it isn't entering the blood system for transport to other organs. The only effects are treatment effects - and they are only problematic if you do what they warn you not to do and take in a large number of fat grams.

I'd caution readers against comparing "my three pound" loss with "your eight pound loss," etc. Age, sex, present weight, other health issues, medications, and dozens of other factors impact the rate at which each of us loses (or gains) weight.

I am someone who can eat a healthy diet, stay physically active, and just not lose weight. I decided to give Alli a try, and I've lost about a pound a week. Would I prefer to lose 4 or 5 pounds a week? Of course I would, but that wasn't happening before, and I don't expect it to now.

I want the weight gone tomorrow, but I know that will not happen.

We should each make our own informed decision about Alli and any other product that comes along.

For me, if it's safe (and the research shows that it is), and I'm losing at least a small of weight I wasn't before, that's worth it for me. Perhaps not for you, but it is for me. The added bonus is that it stops me dead in my tracks if I'm tempted to eat something with more fat than I should have.

I haven't experienced ANY of the unpleasant effects, and as long as I eat like I'm supposed to, I won't.

Monday, July 16, 2007, 2:32 PM

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well, AS LONG AS YOU EAT WHAT YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO, you aren't likely going to have weight problems, either. that's the big caveat here. the very target market for this drug is people who cannot control what they eat without some threat lurking. (such as crapping your khakis.) just adding in a 30 minute walk in your daily routine, without changing anything else, will boost your weight loss and improve your health. but, hey, to each his/her own. if Alli doesn't work for you, there is always the master cleanse...

Monday, July 16, 2007, 2:41 PM

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You know I had time to think about this.OK the pill makes you poop in your pants any time you cheat. Sounds gross huh. But the I thought about a father who had that drastic surgery to lose weight. He use to eat a hot dog and throow it up. Personally I don't want to be skinny that bad

Monday, July 16, 2007, 4:08 PM

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U all may laugh now, but wait till the people lose weight on Alli, then the guys or women will b whisling at them. So before u knock it try it!

Sunday, September 16, 2007, 1:52 PM

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I have lost twenty pounds without alli. However, started taking it to "boost" my weight loss. Had NO treatment effects because I am already on a low-cal and low-fat diet. What did I find? If you are already doing these things, it really won't help you. You have to eat at least ten grams of fat per meal for it to do anything for you. I stopped taking it.

Sunday, September 16, 2007, 2:38 PM

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How much do the pills cost per month?

Sunday, September 16, 2007, 11:50 PM

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It depends on where you get them. The cheapest it seems is 150 pills for $66 at Costco.

Monday, September 17, 2007, 8:08 AM

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Using Alli

Here is a helpful piece of advice for those thinking about using Alli. You actually have to be at least 30-40 pounds over weight for it to work effectivly. I am consitered a 'healthy' weight on paper, but I wanted to use it to help me shed those last 10-20 lbs and I don't think it is working. I am using it combined with Weight Watchers and I am not seeing results that are different from using a healthy diet alone. I lost 1-2 lbs each week using it, but I think it was just the WW diet causing the results... who knows?

Also... if you don't eat things with a lot of fat in them to start with, it won't help you. I was taking it with all 3 of my meals, until I started paying attention to how much fat is in things, and when my lunch only contains 5 grams of fat, do I really need to avoid it?

So ditto to the 2:38 poster, if you already eat fairly healty you don't need it. On the other hand, if you do eat bad and take it you will have treatment effects (I experienced those when I had bad food a couple of times). So I would advise individuals to try to stick to a low-fat diet first, and if they need to be scared into eatting low-fat, take it, and notice the discusting oil, realize how horrible that is for your body to have that kind of fat, and eat low-fat.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008, 1:43 PM

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Alli User

After reading all the comments I have come to the conclusion that not one of you has ever tried it, therefore making it literally impossible for you to have an educated opinion on it. I have been taking the pills for a month now... I follow the low-fat diet and exercise 3-4x a week. After 1 month of taking Alli I have lost 16 lbs. I have never ONCE had a "treatment effect". I don't have gas and my stools are normal. I admit that upon taking the drug for the first time I had my reservations about the effects the pill might cause to those who consume more fat per meal than they're supposed to, but after the first week I was fine and have continued to be fine and lose weight while on the pill.

I wouldn't necessarily recommend Alli as a lifelong tool to weight loss, but I would definitely recommend it to those who need a little help on eating healthy and have been discouraged, as I was, when eating healthy and exercising and not seeing any results.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008, 5:54 PM

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It does work, I'll grant you that. I have a friend (a guy) who took it and he lost quite a bit of weight but he had to leave work 2 or 3 times because of those affects. I have some and did try it, had about 20 lbs to lose. At first, because I did not eat enough fat it was a waste of money. Then when we went out on the weekend to eat, I took one. The next day and the day after every time I passed gass, I sharted! How disgusting!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008, 6:02 PM

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Alli will make you shit your pants!

No you think that I am jocking I am sure, but no I was at work this morning when the urgr to go to the bathroom came over me. So I startrd to walk that way and before I could get there I shit my pants, This was the nastiest thing that i have ever seen and I was so embaresed that I left befor the rest of my staff go to work. My fear is now, will it happen again and with this medication you will never know if or when this may happen but one thing you need to know for sure is that if you get the urge to go to the bathroom you need not walk but run. If shitting oil in your pants is your kinda thing this is the drug for you!!

Thursday, November 06, 2008, 6:40 PM

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If you weren't consuming so much fat this wouldn't have happened. I am using alli and this only happened once when i ate way too much. Now i have that fear in me and believe me it keeps me away from bad food choices.

Friday, November 07, 2008, 8:24 AM

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2:02 likes taking it in the Pants

Hey 2:02, did you like it when the shit hit rock bottom and slid down your legs? Does the "mud" feel good? LOL!

2:02 likes Alli BECAUSE:

1) She likes SHIT in her pants.
2)Has a wannabe-in-Depends fetish.
3)Likes bragging about shit (especially her OWN).
4)Likes being on drugs (just those that make her SHIT [in her PANTS]).
5)It makes her the LULZCOW on the Internets.
6)Did I mention she likes to SHIT in her PANTS???

Tuesday, March 16, 2010, 10:27 AM

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Who needs Alli to shit in your pants?

Just grunt and squeeze really hard. It'll come out eventually!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010, 10:29 AM

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U are What u Eat

I guess u could say the alli pill does cause u to have diarreah and possibly pass oily liquid which may require u to wear a pad or a pantiliner. I myself have used the product and yes these things did happen to me at first. I say at first because if u read the info that comes in the alli packet as most of us do not u would be totally awrae that these things would happen in the beginning of use. The reason is because assumably you are already intaking too much fats in your current diet causing u have the issue of being overweight. Hence u bought the pills. The booklet explains the simple cause and effect. Simply put alli forces u to stop eating greasy foods or face the consequences(shitty pants). I admit after experiencing some unspeakbly humiliating anal outbursts myself I soon learned which foods had the worst results. So alli is not a quick fix but it is helpful to those of us willing to take responsibility for our actions so to speak and face the consequences of the food we put in our mouth. I personally would rather change a pantiliner or take a long shower rather than wear daily the 1/3 of the fat from food that alli allows u to (get rid of). Oh well thats just my opinion. Oh and no where in the materials that came in my alli pkg did it say plz don't excercise its actually highly recommended. What i also like about alli is u don't have to not eat the foods u love. But by golly u will change the way u eat them or suffer the squirty rath.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010, 2:00 PM

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