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How to get rid of flab/fat under the arms?

I have a lot of fat and flab under my arms. i've heard people say that once you get that, there is nothing you can do to get rid of it. but i've seen people on Oprah loose 100 or more pounds and have no flab!! How do you get rid of it? what kind of weight lifting should I be doing?

Tue. May 29, 12:40pm

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It's unfortunately impossible to reduce fat in one specific spot on your body - it comes off from all over, and each body will uniquely reduce fat from different places first, last, etc. So, step one is to start losing fat, through a combination of calorie reduction (whatever eating plan you choose, the point is to consume less calories, whatever "gimmick" you may use to get there) and cardio.

You can also tone the muscle that's under the flab by doing tricep exercises. There are many that you can do at the gym, with the various machines, but here are two easy ones you can do at home:

1. Start sitting on a stable chair, feet on the floor. Put your hands, palm down, fingers forward, on the chair next to your legs. Then move your butt forward so your body is being held up by your arms, on the front of the chair. Bend your elbows to "dip" your body lower, and then straighten. Repeat 10 times, and rest. Do this 3 times. You can adjust yourself how much weight you put on your arms vs. on your feet by how far in front of you you put your feet. It should be difficult to finish the last set.

2. Push-ups with your hands spread wider than "normal." You can do these on your knees when you're just starting out, and work up to doing "real" ones, as well as increasing the number of reps per set, and the number of sets. Again, your last set should be hard to finish.

Toning will not reduce the amount of flab there, but when the flab begins disappearing, the tone will be solid. If the muscles are weak, sometimes the muscle itself may appear flab-like. So, you're best off toning the muscle as you lose the flab.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007, 2:20 PM

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