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Out of Control

Hi, I was wondering if people could offer me some feedback... I am totally spinning out of control! I am a senior in college and at 5-7 and 170 am at my heighest weight ever. I will never be a stick figure but I used to weigh about 15 lbs less than this and looked a lot better! I have abolsutely NO motivation, i eat so much i feel sick sometimes( as crazy as that makes me seem) I just love food so much, and feel like exercising is such a hassle. I literally look forward to my meals and If i am good for one or two days i cave and think whatever i was bound to cheat sooner or later. I have lost weight in the past with Wegith Watchers, but cannot afford to join right now and dont have a car to get there. I do have access to a gym, i am just too lazy too go there. The other day my byofriend wanted me to shower with him ( I hope this doesnt offend anyone, just trying to vent my frustrations) and I wanted to and be clse to him and feel comfortable but I was so scared of what he may thinkg "in the light" not the heat of the moment. So if anyone feels they can help please do!
Also, when I am dieting this is usually what Im eating... good? bad?
- smart ones meals
-diet coke
-granola bars
-grilled chicken
-small sandwhiches

Any feeddback would be greatly appreciated. lately i have had the attitude that id rather enjoy life and be a little chunky, but i HATE the way my body looks both naked and in clothes, and want to feel more attractive!!!!

Wed. Nov 8, 10:26pm

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this is a summary of an earlier thread on weight loss tips. Hope it helps.


Wednesday, November 08, 2006, 10:48 PM

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I was you last January

At 5'7" and 176, I was at my highest weight in years. I was feeling flabby, fat and generally repulsive. I wound up joining WW and did well with the points program. However, I think the bigger picture here is portion control. I've found I don't need the meetings or their scale. I've never bought their products or gone beyond the basic membership. I have counted points (you could count calories) and changed my eating habits. I eat way more fiber than I ever have, and lots more fruits and vegetables. I've also cut out most carbs unless it's an occassion (ie. eating out). In just about 1 year I've lost 35 pounds and am satisfied with the changes I'm seeing. I never thought it would be possible to see 140-anything on my scale, but I have, and so can you!

As a college student you'll need to be extra dilligent, more organized with meals, more willing to cut back on late night snacks and drinking. However, you should also realize you can still enjoy a full compliment of foods- even the 'bad' stuff, as long as it's in moderation.

The end of the semester is nearing and then it will be Christmas/New Years. Very stress-filled times! If you're going to start anything now you should proceed slowly and make small changes. You're more likely to keep up with it this way. Start out with eating balanced meals in appropriate portions. You need fruits and veggies and water! Get exercise but it doesn't have to be heart pounding cardio- walking is a great place to start. Also, don't berate yourself for slow progress. The weight didn't get gained overnight and it won't get lost overnight either. The process will be long, slow and frustrating at times but you can do it!

Good luck.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006, 10:48 PM

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take care of yourself...

whatever that means to you. i was in the same situation last year and i let myself feel insecure and so hopeless about changing that i let it ruin a lot of relationships with those who were important... my bf and i broke up (and i'm not saying it was because of my weight) but part of it was that i shut down because i became so focused on how unhappy i was with myself. so i would say make changes you can keep. if you're in a dorm, keep a bag of apples in the minifridge to grab as a snack. take granola bars with you when you're gone all day at class. i like to freeze grapes in little minicontainers and then they stay cold, but edible all day as a snack (and they're sweet). check out some of the threads on healthy, portable foods...
decide what you will do. if not the gym, 10 pushups and 10 situps a day or ask your boyfriend if he would mind going for a walk twice a week (pick particular nights- and go out afterwards). we have a lot of buildings with big, marble steps and some of my friends would go 'run the steps' Rocky-style in the evenings. lol. i lived across from the gym last year and i didn't get there. this year i live 10-15 minutes from it and i go 4 times/week or more. start with little changes, and when you get impatient, add to it.. it makes it more managable.
if you look forward to meals pick one to look forward to- like dinner. and then try to budget the rest of your meals to be a little healthier than usual so you can 'afford' dinner. consider dancing a workout. take a class that uses your hands (i took ceramics as my fine art credit last year and all those nights up late throwing pieces completely kept me from snacking)

am i saying these will get you back to your goal weight, probably not. i've lost a lot more now that i'm more invested in myself, but i was able to keep off 7 pounds or so for the last 2 months of the year (when i was starting to make changes).

this is a long ramble with terrible grammar and punctuation (and im sorry for that, but i have papers to write tonight so im taking a grammar break) :) but if you aren't happy, make one little change that you can keep. and then try another after a week or two or even three. its important that you like you and that you feel you're doing something to take control of the situation.
also, i do weight watchers at home. no meetings, i use Core so i don't have to count (but it's hard to do in a dorm setting). i find PT is the best meeting for me.
good luck!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006, 10:49 PM

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Try not to think of your eating as good or bad, more like feeding your body healthy foods. Definitely add some fruits, vegetables and lean protein in there! Check the calories of your granola bars - some of them can pack 250+ which is not a very filling or nutritious meal compared to a tasty stir fry or fresh salad. If dieting makes you binge later, DON'T diet and deprive yourself, just make healthier choices and don't eat until you are sick.

If you have access to the gym, try going two times a week, or go for walks with your BF. Try adding extra exercise to your daily routine - take the stairs, park far away, etc. Find an exercise buddy to meet up with.

You can only change if you really want to though. Good luck!

Thursday, November 09, 2006, 9:04 AM

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On Christmas break...

read Intuitive Eating... It takes persistence like anything else, but the results are so worth the effort.


Thursday, November 09, 2006, 9:28 AM

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I felt the same way- out of control- and had no self control. So I started small, made little changes like not eating after 8pm and not eating in front of the TV but only at the kitchen table. I made one small change a week so it didn't feel so overwhelming. Then I found PT. What really helped me get back in control was to log on every day and to log on everything I ate. When I started logging on with my food intake, that made a huge difference for me and finally got me seriously moving to losing weight.

Thursday, November 09, 2006, 10:09 AM

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