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A nutrient is simply a substance that a person needs in order to sustain life and to grow. Nutrients are also needed to carry out important body processes.
Nutrients are divided into 2 types:

Macronutrients are nutrients which are required in a large amount in the diet. For example, carbohydrates, proteins and etc. While micronutrients are required in small quantities. However, micronutrients are equally important for the body and their deficiencies can cause numerous diseases and problems in the body such as malnutrition. Macro calculator can normally help you to measure your overall body nutrients.
You can calculate your nutrients here; are present in the food that one eats. Therefore, eating a balanced diet can balance the amount of nutrients in the body.

Essential nutrients are basically those compounds which the body cannot synthesize on its own and therefore it has to depend upon an external source to provide it with the nutrients.

Macronutrients are basically carbohydrates, proteins and fats while the vitamins and minerals are categorized into the list of micronutrients which are needed in lesser quantities.
Below are some nutrients (Both micro and macro) which are essentially needed by the body and their essential uses or how they are used by the body.

1- Proteins.
Yes, we do need a high quantity of protein in our diet to lead a healthy life. Proteins have different functions in the body. They tend to make hormones, enzymes and also form muscles and tissues. Proteins also work as ‘’cell receptors’’ therefore helping to distinguish cells from one another.

Proteins are made up of amino acids. There are 20 amino acids needed to make proteins. Out of these 20, 10 are essential and the other are non-essential. These 10 amino acids are considered essential simply because the body does not make them but one has to intake them.

Some of the important amino acids are: Valine, Threonine, Lysine, Leucine and etc.
eating protein rich foods such as, meats, eggs etc. can help balance the protein percentage in the body.

2- Vitamins.
Well we for sure have heard about the vitamin deficiency diseases, such as night blindness, rickets, dry skin problems and so much more. These diseases highlight how important the intake of each vitamin is.

Each vitamin is needed in a fixed proportion to avoid such diseases. Moreover, high quantities of vitamins can also cause numerous illnesses. Therefore, eating a balanced amount is very important.
Consumption of fruits can help fulfill the amount of vitamin intake in the body.
Vitamin K is also needed for the purpose of blood clotting and for the strengthening of the bones.

3- Fats.
Fats are always referred to in a negative way. However, fats are also very important for the body. Might be surprising for some but let us explain.

Fats are not always negative. Fats are compounds which the body requires for the production of energy. Fats are also essential for the absorption of the vitamins in the body. Layers of fat present around the organs tend to protect them.

The body needs unsaturated fats to protect it against cardiovascular diseases.

4- Calcium.
You might have heard your grandmoms telling you to drink milk because it has the presence of calcium which is needed for the health of the bones. The bones require calcium to maintain their health. But it is not only involved in the bones. Calcium is also needed for blood flow and for the muscle contraction. Lack of calcium can lead to diseases where muscle contractions might become difficult. Leading to conditions such as tetany.

5- Omega-3-Fatty Acids:
Many people are not sure about the sources of Omega-3-Fatty Acids.
Omega-3-Fatty acids are obtained from sardines, salmon, mackerel, walnuts and etc.
Omega-3-Fatty Acids are an essential requirement of the body. The body requires them in great quantities. Many people are not aware of the importance of this nutrient.

This nutrient is especially important for people having risks of cardiovascular diseases. This nutrient improves the health of the heart lowering any chances of heart diseases such as heart attacks. Moreover, omega-3-fatty acids also optimize brain health. So they can also improve memory if consumed in adequate amounts.

Many people that tend to have a heavy diet fall a prey to nutrient deficiency diseases. This is because even when they consume a heavy diet, they do not eat a balanced diet as they are not able to keep a check on their nutrient intake. People simply do not have the time to check what nutrients are present in every kind of food. Hence, a macronutrient calculator can be used to keep a check on the essential macronutrient intake of a specific person. Also, this calculator is very important for people who are on a diet and tend to all short on nutrient consumption.

In the busy schedule and routine, nobody has the time to consider what a proper diet includes and if they are consuming a proper one or not. People find themselves in a state of confusion because they want to maintain their body but they do not have the time to do so. To make things easier for you, a macronutrient calculator is available.
Now let’s consider the basic interface of the calculator first.

The basic purpose of this calculator is to help provide people with the ratio of macronutrients that they should consume in order to stay healthy and to avoid any kind of diseases.
The calculator targets a large audience. It targets people who want to lose, gain or maintain weight. That is why there’s a future goal option. The calculator calculates the desired value keeping these factors in view.

The calculator, asks for gender, age, body fat percentage, your height and current weight, the amount of meals you consume per day, your protein intake and also your activity level. It helps you know the amount of macronutrients that your body needs to stay in the healthy range when it is either maintaining, losing or gaining weight.

The calculator is very simple and helpful. It calculates the desired value within seconds.

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