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Effective Ways of Preventing Dengue

Dengue is also referred to as the break-bone fever, which often leads to a
number of severe implications, because of the infectious nature that it
has. Dengue is accompanied by a number of unwanted complications that
include joint ache, high fever, measles-like rashes on the body, and much
more. If it is not treated properly, it often leads to a deadly condition,
which is known as the dengue hemorrhagic fever. It is true that no vaccine
has been developed to protect yourself against dengue, but there are a
number of other ways in which you can prevent it.

Given below is a list of the effective ways in which you can get rid of and
prevent dengue.

Knowing the enemy

This is the first and most important step that you should have a sound
knowledge about. Dengue is caused when the infected Aedes mosquito, bites a
person. You should have a proper knowledge about all the manners in which
this mosquito can infect you so that you can prevent yourself from being
exposed to the unwanted infections.

Removing the biological habitats of mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are known to breed in the water systems that are completely
stagnant. There might be chances that you have stagnant water stored in
your garden for watering your plants. You need to get rid of this stagnant
water immediately so that it does not serve as a breeding ground for these
little creatures.

If you have unused pools or clogged drains in your surroundings, you should
spray all the necessary medications and insecticides, which will prevent
the mosquitoes from breeding there. You can also call up the local
municipality to take care of the stagnant water systems.

Being careful about the outdoor plans that you have

If you are planning a day out, especially when it is pouring outside, there
are chances that you are resting yourself with the dengue infection. This
is why you should ensure that you are going to only those places, which are
not only clean but are also free from the mosquito habitats.

If you are a little careful about your activities, you will be able to
protect yourself from the mosquito bites.

Repelling mosquitoes

Studies have revealed that the mosquitoes have started gaining resistance
to the different kind of artificial mosquito repellents that are found in
the market. If you are interested in repelling the mosquitoes, it is best
to use the natural mosquito repellents that can be prepared in your home in
an easy and simple manner.

Using lemon eucalyptus oil or garlic spray can help in keeping the
mosquitoes away. You can also rub lavender on your body to protect yourself
from getting mosquito bites.

You can have an ELISA kit in your home to find out if you are infected with
dengue. To get hold of the ELISA kit, you can visit the reputed website of

Lighting up the home

You need to know that the mosquitoes prefer the dark and damp places.
Therefore, you should light up your house and ensure that the mosquitoes
are not camping within your home.


In order to prevent dengue, you have to get rid of the mosquitoes and their
habitats first. Even if you are infected with dengue, you need to see a
doctor for professional and medical advice.


Fri. Nov 2, 6:13am

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