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Why Joining an All-Female Fitness Class Can Be Beneficial

If you are worrying about joining a new sport or fitness class, the thought of having men there could make it even more daunting. Maybe you don’t want to look like a sweaty mess if there is an attractive guy in the class or you just feel uncomfortable working out in a group regardless. All female exercise groups can be great for those wanting support and no judgement, here is why.

Tailored for Women

Men and women have different bodies, it is just human nature and there is no denying it. Men are made to have more muscle through puberty whereas women must work harder for this and therefore their workouts should be tailored differently. When attending an all women exercise class, the workouts will be tailored for women and their specific body shapes. From Pilates to a roller derby for women, there are many sports out there that offer women only sessions.

No Unwanted Attention

Men can hit on us at any time, or they like to get their word in and tell you how you are doing that exercise wrong. They can’t help it, it is in their nature. However, not every man is like this and you may have never experienced it personally, but it does happen, and this can make you feel uncomfortable. The last thing you want mid workout is a guy hitting on you, maybe it’s a compliment, sure, but that’s not what gyms classes are for. If you’d rather avoid any unwanted attention, exercise classes designed solely for women take out that risk.


Many women feel empowered when they are supporting one another, and a group of women working out together can be a great support system. Often men do not really support each other when they workout, this is more a female thing. If you want to feel like you have a great support system around you and always have someone there to push you when you feel like giving up, girls have got your back.

New Friends

Every woman is at the fitness class for a similar purpose, to get fit and lose weight. This is a great way to meet other women with the same goals as you and make new friends. Fitness classes can be tough, and you will end up supporting complete strangers through their fitness journey, so this is a great way to bond and you may make a new lifelong friend. If you are new to a city, joining an exercise class can be a great way to meet like-minded women like yourself too.

Whatever reason you decide to join an all-female class, there are plenty of benefits to reap and you may feel a lot more confident working out with your fellow females. However, there is no reason that you cannot work out in a mixed class if you feel comfortable to do so. Finding your place in fitness is the best way to ensure you lose weight and stay healthy.

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