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eating before/after working out dilemma!

I'm not sure what i should do:
I really cant exercise on an empty stomach because I tend to get really light once I've finished the workout I'm so hungry and feel I can eat alot more than I really should....sort of negating the workout all together. But when I DO eat before hand, even an hour or two before, I get nauseous... I was thinking that maybe a protein shake would be good because its got the nutrients without the bulk of food, does anyone use this method?
I know that usually dizziness or nausea indicate that the workout is too extreme or beyond your fitness level...but I'm lookin to lose these last few pounds so i need to step up the pace a little! suggestions?

Sat. May 13, 11:42pm

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Are you making sure you are properly hydrated? I would eat something small 30 minutes before the workouit (ex: nuts and dried fruit for protein and a quick sugar boost)and drink a full glass of water, and then sip water periodically throughout the workout. Then I would eat my meal afterwards. Even if you are staying good and hydrated i would still eat smaller before and bigger afterwards, but I would do both. You need to make sure you are staying fueled for your workouts or your body will deplete itself and that's not your goal!

Best Wishes!

Sunday, May 14, 2006, 12:01 AM

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of course you don't want to eat a large, high calorie meal right before working out (that would make anyone sick!) but a small healthy snack should give you fuel without problems. i usually do something like a protein bar, a salad, plain oatmeal, or nuts & dried fruit.
i used to have a problem with nausea too, and i thought it was because of my eating habits, but turns out i was getting dehydrated. like the previous poster said, make sure you drink before & after working out, and also during if you can fit it in.

Sunday, May 14, 2006, 2:19 AM

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Another thing you might try is some of those "power gel" packets. They are quite sweet and syrupy, but will give you a small energy boost (mostly sugars and some electrolytes) if you start to "bonk" during a work-out. Basically, you hydrate while drinking water, and take 1 of these little packs about once every 45 minutes during a workout for a quick carbohydrate boost and burst of energy.... Because it's a gel vs. a "food", it shouldn't upset your stomach, but they can be sickly sweet, so make sure you are drinking it with water....

I suggest that you eat something small before and after as well.

Just make sure that whatever you are eating, you are making sure to eat something healthy for you. From what I understand, because of your slightly elevated heartrate and body temperature after a work-out, your body will continue to burn calories...

Choose to eat things like whole grains, fresh fruit & veggies, lean protein, and nutrient dense foods, I'm sure you should be okay.

Sunday, May 14, 2006, 11:53 AM

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