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Spending time with your to move forward with it?

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i have a personal trainer! i signed up for a 12 month agreement and we just started JANUARY 25! IVE ALREADY HAD 3 SESSIONS WITH HIM! i started talking to my co-workers seeking advice of what to do because i havent been single in 3 years so What to do?!!!! they told me to take the inative and ask him out but im a girl...not thirsty! lol so i flirt text him about working out and what to eat just so he would text me lol! in our sessions we connect, laugh, talk, but mostly laugh i enjoys them. but recently last friday he asked me if i wanted to hangout some time wwe totally can if im down... then he quickly said not to be unprofessional! i thought iy was cute and since ive been wanting to ask him i said omg yea sure we can hangout! he replied by saying sweet well tomorrow if your not busy we can do something meet up somewhere! everyone told me not to go to his house but i did i was taking no opportunity for granted i seezed every moment! so saturday i went over to his house watch movies it was cute, i was comfortable, he defiantley made me feel warm and welcomed in his home oh and btw his roommate was the other trainer from the gym how blessed was i!:)to be there but he gave me a blanket and covered me up with it because it was pretty cold that night! so after the movies were over because we watched 3 of them until 2 in the morning! i told him i had to go it was getting late a pulled a cinderella lol and he seemed sad i was leaving but him and his smile could nnot express to me enough on how much he enjoyed us spending time lol:) he said he wanted to take me to dinner and he saiid he wanted to take me some places around the state only because i just moved here to texas! and i thought that was really sweet! he walked me to my truck and gave me the warmed hug! i felt in that moment i was already knocked up! lol jk but yeah it was legit! he said once more he enjoyed hanging out with me! but my session with him is on tuesday and i dont know how to act or say what to do?!

Mon. Mar 11, 6:32pm

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I can't get past signing a 12 month agreement for personal training! Hope it all works out but testing the dating waters 2 months into a 12 month deal seems like a bad idea for everyone involved!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013, 10:51 AM

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so should i just let time do its job and not bother in to rushing something thats how you say 12 month deal, or wait until my sessions are over?!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013, 11:32 AM

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Not saying this is for sure the case with this guy, but he could have all kinds of girls that he gives that offer to. You could just be one of many.

Plus - are you sure you aren't just infatuated with him cause he's paying so much attention to you during your sessions? A good trainer will make you feel great about yourself and that can be misunderstood if you are looking for more of a boyfriend.

Finally - could it ruin your future sessions if things don't work out with him outside the gym? And if they do work out, then you spent money you didn't need to cause he could have trained you for free!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013, 12:42 PM

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ok wow i didnt look at it that way but for me when i hear or read things like that it makes me not like a guy instantaniosly! seriously i dont chase guys. i like teasing and flirting but none of that casual sex type stuff thats just not me! and usually im good at reading guys but he is just so damn confusing?! its like you as me out, spend one night together watching movies and the next weekend all of a sudden your friends coming out of town(by the way that situation happend :{ ) and when my session came about tuesday it was as though nothing happened, we worked out, had alot of laughs, and made chit chat. but to act like nothing happened that confuses me! also at the same time im not trying to get all in his buisssss!! and i know while we are in the gym a.k.a. HIS JOB you wouldnt want to make something seem like its have to be normal and treat it as a regular day of training butttttttt out side of work like when his ass clocks out a text checking up now and then works!! but in that case HE NEVER TEXTS FIRST! ONLY THAT ONE TIME HE WANTED TO HANG OUT! I'm seriously about to give up guy trainers are such whores and to me every guy is the same! im gonna be a 50yr old lady with 27 cats on the porch :/

Wednesday, March 13, 2013, 1:42 AM

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