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always hungry after exercise. Am I doing the right things

from the inbox, please help :) jackie

"I'm 72 years old. I've swum and weight-lifted for the past 40 years. While I'm pretty fit for my age, I've also put on weight I lost a decade ago, and at 5'3" I'm now at about 150 as my set weight. A decade ago I was down to 130. I want to take off 20 pounds again.

One problem I have is that I tire more after exercise than I used to. My speed in the pool has also gone down by nearly 50 percent. I do have different goals in exercise than I did when I was younger. I have bad lower-back problems, and so when
I swim I don't do continuous crawl, but rather alternate it with the reverse breast stroke. I also soak in the whirlpool after each swim session.

Usually I head straight for Whole Foods after my swim. Typically, I eat berries. Today I had a cup and a half of roasted brussels sprouts. On my return home, I had a half-ounce of salted Whole Foods almonds - always a treat, one I'm unwilling to give up while I diet.I am ALWAYS hungry after exercise. Am I doing the right things?"

- EC

Fri. Feb 22, 5:00pm

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Can you schedule your swim so that you can eat lunch afterward? That way, you can satisfy your hunger without going over in calories for the day.

If this is not possible, I would suggest just a little something to hold you over until your next meal, maybe hummus with vegetables, or a black bean dip with vegetables. Maybe even a string cheese or yogurt afterward if you do dairy. Just a little something, nothing more than 200 calories, something with a little fat and protein. I'd say skip the fruit because of the sugar.

I'm curious, are you drinking enough water? I would imagine drinking at least 20 ounces after your swim workout and whirlpool time would take the edge off of hunger. When I was swimming regularly last year, I would bring a 32 oz water bottle with me, and drink at least half of it in the dressing room before I left. I was always parched afterward.

You are one really cool 72 year old to keep up on your fitness and health.



Friday, February 22, 2013, 11:04 PM

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11:04 here again

Please continue to eat your berries! I think you can have them after your workout, just keep the portion size to 1/2 cup to 1 cup, and try to add a protein and/or fat with it... maybe berries and a couple of almonds? Maybe a little yogurt or kefir with it? But ideally, try to schedule your swim before your next meal, especially while you are on weight loss mode. And don't forget to drink your water!


Saturday, February 23, 2013, 7:59 AM

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