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The World Revolves Around You

Hello all! I've been reading a lot of peoples posts over the past few days and I've noticed a pattern...There are people who think very negatively about their diet and about themselves. People have trouble with their diets and think that they are no good or embarrassed with themselves. Others talk about how OTHER people are doing or how other people are bringing them down because they're overweight. If other people have a problem with you or make fun of you that means they don't approve of what God has created. They're basically telling you that God made a mistake. That doesn't make them seem too bright. Occasionally when you're having a debate or an argument with someone or a group of people, someone might say to you, "oh, you think the world revolves around you"?! If someone asks me that question my answer is always, "YES IT DOES!" Some may find this to be conceited, but let me explain...

Here's a little gem for you to try at some point in your day. It only takes a few seconds. Go outside in an open area. Stand up tall with your head up like you own the place. Now, take a look around you. Look everywhere, 360 degrees around you. What do you see? The answer is EVERYTHING! Everything in your world revolves around YOU, just as everything in my world revolves around ME. So the answer is yes, the world DOES revolve around you. Never bring yourself down. Just being able to open your eyes in the morning and turn you head to the side to look at the clock is already a miracle in creation. You are much more powerful than you've been taught. Love it and OWN it!

-Logical Remedies

Wed. Feb 13, 2:18pm

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I find if I get the focus off myself and help others I'm alot happier.

Thursday, February 21, 2013, 11:21 PM

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