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This message is for you and nobody else. You know who you are.

Hey you. Yeah you! How's your fitness journey coming along?

Still drinking your diet Cokes thinking it helps with chocolate cake?

Can't seem to throw away that ice cream in the freezer?

Did you say to yourself? "Self, this is it. It's the new year. I'm tired of feeling fat and lazy. I'm tire of my crappy self confidence and the way people look at me because they don't understand. I'm different."

Well I have news for you... NO YOU"RE NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If your muscles don't ache from exercise, you are doing it wrong. If you don't find yourself in a sweaty puddle of mess 3-4 times a week, you are doing it wrong! Do you think it's gonna just roll off on it's own? Are you hoping that the perfect pill is finishing up its clinical trials and will be released any day? THAT'S CHEATING and you are not a cheater. You put it on... YOU GET IT OFF!

Stop looking in the mirror and imagining what your body could look like if you just started exercising and eating well. Get into the game! Nobody said this is going to be easy. It was easy putting it on. You had your fun and now it's time to get to work! Instead you should be looking in the mirror after busting your butt for a month and saying, "Wow if I could just do this for ______ longer I will be where I want to be."

You CAN do this. How do I know? Because time and time again thousands of people have done it before you and succeeded... including me! Stop complaining! We are all here for the same reason. Stop making excuses! To do this you have to do it for you and you alone. Not your husband, not your wife, and not your kids. YOU!

Get that damn that heart rate pumping. Feel the fire in your lungs. Feel the buuuuuurn in your legs. And when you are doing it thinking you can't do it anymore, tell your body to shut up and keep going. It will eventually listen. It will eventually give in and submit to your mind. And you will feel on top of the world, like you can tackle anything that comes your way.

There is a battle going on inside you between your will and your body's "unwill". If you want to win this battle you have to be fierce. You have to not take no for an answer. I can't is no longer in your vocab.

I do not care about your excuses. About injured body parts. If you are not a paraplegic then you can do some type of exercise to make you sweat and get your heart racing.

Throw away the bon bons, the potato chips, the ice cream, the bagels and alllllll the crap that is keeping you from allowing you to be who you want to be. Do you want this???? DO YOU REALLY WANT THIS?????? You are here for crying out loud. Are you gonna dilly dally back and forth with losing/gaining 3 lbs for the next 2 months before you give up, or are you going to get out there with all of us and be fierce and get your game face on and do this?

It's time for a game change! this is the new you and nothing or no one is going to tell you that you cannot be who you want to be. Get pissed about it! Get pissed at me!!!!!!!!! You know I'm right and you complaining about it isn't going to help you shed one single pound.

Learn to eat right and DO NOT SWAY!

Learn how to sweat and be proud of your nastiness!

Learn to ache and laugh about it.

Learn to tell your body "No! I am not letting you give up on this!"

Want this with gritted gnashed teeth. Want this like you've never wanted anything before in your life!!!!!!

Get nasty. Get fierce. Get extreme!

I am, she is and so is he! Join us!


A proud and fierce member of "The only team that matters. Losing it all"

Mon. Jan 7, 3:28pm

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Thank The Lord for this thread!!! As I'm sitting in my cubicle and getting cranky for no reason, I begin to talk myself out of going to the gym after work, and going straight to the couch. Thanks for turning my mind back in the right direction!

Monday, January 07, 2013, 4:14 PM

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Awesome post.i couldnt said it better.its our you want to make it yours too?

Monday, January 07, 2013, 10:20 PM

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Amen! Been there, done that, lost over 100 lbs. There is only one way to lose the weight and reclaim your health:

Eat Clean. Train Mean. Get Lean.

So commit 100% today. This is literally the MOST important thing you could do in your life! It doesn't come easily, but when you start to see the scale go down, you have to buy new skinny clothes, and the compliments start rolling in... you'll become addicted. This IS possible because I've done it. We've done it. And you're about to do it. Not tomorrow. Not some time in the future. TODAY.

You are stronger than you think you are.

Monday, January 07, 2013, 10:49 PM

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Your body is stronger than you think.set your mind and the rest will follow.

Decide commit succeed.i habe done it snd you csn too.believe in yourself and get moving.whst hsve you got to lose? Your unhealthy lifestyle.what do you have to gain.a new life.make it happen

Monday, January 07, 2013, 11:46 PM

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thank you OP! a great kick! much needed and appreciated.

Sunday, January 13, 2013, 6:47 PM

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ooooohhhhh, secrets. I like this

Monday, March 24, 2014, 10:36 AM

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