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JUST DIAGNOSED as female misogynist! Is bc I've always hated my mother??

New member here. I just want a variety of opinions I guess...bc I'm troubled by my recent diagnosis after seeking therapy (no formal 2nd opinion yet...)
According to her (the therapist...who I early on dubbed ”the-rapist”), I'm a misogynist. I'm also a woman. An HONEST description of myself/my background, etc.:
-Above avg. intelligence..qualify for mensa, actually
-Below avg. common sense, but extremely astute intuitive skills re others
-Bi-polar II, plus propensity for self-destructive addictions
-Voracious reader, highly skilled written and verbal communicator
-Somewhat shy but life of party/center of attention when w/close friends
-Only child raised mid-upper class by older parents, both of whom considered charismatic/attractive/intelligent in their own right, but detested one another/never displayed affection...Mom wore pants in family, Dad was her quiet, obedient, loyal but miserable pet
-Physically extremely attractive (at least according to many others, but in the mirror, I see physical beauty so overbearing, any inner beauty I possess is overshadowed & buried to others since I'm constantly gossiped about/pre-judged), I've an hourglass shape (36-24-37), 5'7” & 132 lbs., age 32, straight/mid-length blonde hair, green eyes, light to med complexion/skin tone, smooth textured skin, proportionate facial features w/slightly & naturally arched brows, almond shaped eyes, high cheek bones, small & narrow nose, med sz mouth, full lips, straight teeth, defined jaw but not overly so, sm-med body frame/bone structure
-Never married, no children
-Engaged twice, both of which I ended bc I view marriage as a prison, and above all I value freedom; it's the most precious & vital in relation to my personal happiness/peace of mind
-I have a gigantic soft spot & heart when it comes to abused, abandoned, neglected, sick/injured, bullied or unwanted children AND animals
-I believe vanity and obsession with physical appearance, weight, beauty, etc. is an EXTREMELY vicious/deadly animal of a sin that's consumed most modern countries to the point of no return...& the USA continues to willingly be its favorite prey
-I believe all men hate all women on a primal level, always have & always will. Any misconception of ”love” for them by a man can be attributed to their fantastical imagination that was molded while still little girls; by storybooks & fairytales. If any man claims to love or mistakenly believes himself that he truly loves a woman, it's attributed to the fact that men only include things, & people, in their lives that they believe will be advantageous to them, and at that point in their lifetime...whatever that may be. Visually stimulated, visually driven... They include in their lives only that which makes them LOOK...good or better. And the ones who for whatever reason seemingly fail to follow & abide by this primal drive & motive are, if they were to be wired to a polygraph so the truth is extracted/all of the obviously miserable men in the world
-I believe vanity and love of money & power are interchangeable
-I'm apparently bi-sexual because besides having a high libido, fantasizing about women is the only thing that does it for me whether alone or with a man. I've had two relationships with women, each lasted about four mths

I'm wondering if anyone else reading has any similar characteristics or beliefs as I do? If so, have you ever considered yourself or been labeled a misogynist?

Sun. Dec 16, 2:52pm

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It seems as though you have a very all or nothing belief system. You're not comfortable living in the shades of gray, which is actually reality.

Monday, December 17, 2012, 10:47 AM

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