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How To Stay Motivated When The Scale Is Not Going Down

Can you comment on staying motivated if the scale is not going down

JJ: I would love to know how long is the scale not going down for, obviously, because that's important. It brings up a bigger story and first off, again--motivation, inspiration, support and accountability are key for long-term success. Not only in weight loss, better health strategies and long-term weight management and long-term better health.

It's key to surround yourself with like-minded people. We know that people who are around, that like tends to draw like. If you're around people who have not such great health habits and are overweight, you'll tend to be so too.

You know I've always loved this community, it is so great. I really surrounded myself. In fact, my coach has called it your growth friends. I think whether it's growing to be healthier or to be more spiritual, whatever it is, you surround yourself with people with like goals. That's going to really support you, and then you get really clear on why you're doing this.

There are going to be some weeks where nothing happens, or maybe things get a little worse.

Then the next part is to realize that we're working in layers of weight loss resistance. The peer training fresh start plan is going to really versus the anti-inflammatory diet. Creating infinite Cortisol problems and inflammation that will make you hold to weight, gain weight, and crave the very foods that are hurting you.

Once you start to get through that you find the diet that really works for you and supports your health long term and you get going with your exercise, if things are clicking the way they should be you've got to start looking at other things that impact your weight.

We know genetics are a big impact here, but remember, genetics loads the gun and lifestyle pulls the trigger. So a lot of what we are doing in the peer trainer fresh start cleanse with exercise make those shifts.

The other things we have to look at in terms of weight loss resistance, and I know you really need to have programs in all these, are stress. Stress is so huge. That's why, I mean, I love the Relora Plus and, again, we will look at doing some things specific with stress. Stress, sleep, toxicity and beyond just "Hey, let's do a detox program" but like people who really have some serious chemical toxicity, they're very reactive people.

Hormone imbalance, either low testosterone for men or an imbalance in estrogen and progesterone for women and low testosterone for women, thyroid fatigue, low thyroid function, insulin resistance, gut problems like small intestinal bacterial overgrowth or candida, these things can have major impact on your body's ability to lose weight.

So if you're finding that, "Gosh, I'm doing the food correctly, I am exercising" look at your stress, look at your sleep, and then you're going to have to go through these areas of weight loss resistance because your body is going, "Hey!"

Remember, it's not a bank account. It's a chemistry lab. You've got to have your biochemistry chugging along in order to be able to lose weight. Weight is just a symptom of other stuff not working here, you know, if you're not losing it.

Wed. Aug 29, 9:06am

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The scale might not be going down, but just imagine how it would be going up if you weren't staying motivated!

Thursday, August 30, 2012, 11:09 AM

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