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I can't lose any weight

I have a problem after reading different things on your website. First of all my weight problem is not from over eating or eating because I'm upset. It first started from steroids after surgery but has not come down. I was told it would take a year and it would come down. It's been five years and has gone up. I average between 800 -1200 calories a day. Yeah starvation mode, but that's how I've always eaten. The problem is I eat mainly fruits and vegetables, legumes, and high fiber everything. All my blood work is in normal the range. Thyroid is normal. I stand 5'9.5" and weigh in at a whopping 240 pounds. A far cry from my 145. Yes I am old, 59, never had hot flashes or mood swings or any other things that many women complain about. I just can't get the weight off and I am not starving myself. I also cook so I know what is in my meals. How do you help people like me?
I have tried every diet that ever came out. I've done diaries, food eliminations, fat eliminations(never used much of it anyway), carbs eliminations, etc. I eat mainly a vegetarian type diet with the exception of lean beef less than once a week. I am not a sedentary person either.

Sun. Jul 8, 9:38am

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I started out my weight 370 from steroids.. I am now 193.. last time I checked. used to be less, but regained some weight due to steroids again. so steroid weight CAN be released.

your calories seem way to low. you have to eat to release weight. what exercise do you do? I started releasing mine by walking.. i lost my daddy last year and pretty much used that as a excuse to not do anything, but I'm back with a vengeance and will finish this journey.

so have you thought about seeing a nutritionist? something doesn't sound right.. is there maybe hidden sugars in drinks foods..

something has to be holding you back from releasing weight. I would start with planning your meals .. upping Your calories, planned exercise, drinking water.. no sodas juice.. eat your fruits don't drink them.. do you eat greens?

I did it after steroids so I know its not from the drug that's holding you back..
diets don't work.. its about consistency and eating healthy and movement

tell us more.. what a average day of food , exercise is? trying to help here. my profile is public if you want to look.

* lynneta*

Sunday, July 08, 2012, 10:06 AM

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from I can't lose any weight.

I have tried so many different things. Someone suggest to eat more and that only made it worse. Did the calorie thing, weighed my foods, and even tried the portion plate. I don't eat after six pm. Even tried the different types of shake things.
Been to doctors, did the diary. I drink plenty of water. No sodas but the juice I make and thin with water. Not a fan of overly sweet drinks. No hidden sugars that I can think of. There is no medical problem so to speak of. All blood and thyroid normal.
I am an outdoor person and an avid female trout fisherman. Just cut down a lot of my hedges in my yard and bundled them for pick up. I have two dogs that keep me busy.
Average day of food consists of coffee in the morning with sweet n' low and 2% milk, salad or fruit for lunch or sometimes a veggie wrap, dinner ranges from steamed veggies and rice or lean steak and veggies or roasted veggie omelet or just steamed veggies.
Average day of exercise. I am looking for work right now so I am constantly moving around looking for leads.(use to work in a warehouse as a supervisor and QA so did not set much) My house is a bi-level with main rooms on second floor so I am up and down steps letting the dogs in and out, doing laundry, or just to go work in the yard. There are two sets of steps just to get into my house. Do a lot of walking and when the weather permits or doesn't I down in the streams fishing with or without hip boots. Then just playing with my dogs after I have been clearing things out of my house. I also have different exercise equipment that I use 3 x's a week.
I'm open to any Ideas.


Sunday, July 08, 2012, 1:06 PM

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I would suggest seeing a physician. If all you say is true then there must be a medical reason. Sounds like you're doing it all right so if you still can't lose the weight it must be medical. Good luck! I wish you well!

Sunday, July 08, 2012, 7:36 PM

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hey Janet.. I'm with the previous poster. sounds like your doing everything .. staying active, drinking water, eating healthy,

I would definitely go see a doc. I know I released weight from steroids by moving and eating healthy. good luck.. keep us posted.


Sunday, July 08, 2012, 11:21 PM

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the I can't lose weight person

I have been to my doctors several times.Both even checked my cortisone and other hormone levels. They cannot find any medical reason for it not to come off. I wish it was easy for me. I have two sister that are thin as can be but have to take synthroid for an under active thyroid whereas mine tests healthy in every sense of the word. I have always been more athletic than my sister to boot.
I'm a little worried though that my weight may wear out my knees faster. Old sport injuries can start to creep up on you as you get old.

Monday, July 09, 2012, 12:01 AM

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I am with you... I can't, no I won't starve myself !!! I spend my days working on the family farm.. I weigh 184, I have had success doing 2 things.... ( I am not telling you to do this, only everyone is so different- you have to keep trying)
My 2 things !!!!
1- the cheat diet, I fill myself on free foods, and I know I have some cheats to use.....
2- I try to Move, all the silly things I can think of. I take frequent short walks, I park far away, I walk faster and I do go to the gym 3x a week.. when is the last time you jumped rope, tried a hula hoop, played hop scotch--- I know this stuff sounds silly but little activity lead to more intense activity.

I shock my body-- do something different... Don't get frustrated, that is worse for you than anything..... Good luck. Check out team-- progress NOT perfection if you are really serious, we have 2 challenges going and everyone can participate and there is tons of support........

Monday, July 09, 2012, 11:31 AM

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I feel for you and I know what you’re going through. I have some suggestions but first I want to ask you a few questions. Do you work out? How many diets have you started on and quit? Does your weight yo-yo? I don’t have any experience with steroids but when it comes to a good diet, I’d like to urge you to take a look at the Dukan diet weight loss program. I have a few reasons for this. One- I, too, had a tough time losing weight. Would start many diets but could never see them through (big mistake). Two- I always somehow thought that dieting meant eating much less and making far too many sacrifices; something that would undoubtedly make me uncomfortable. My friend Cathy, started the Dukan diet January this year and in the (almost) 7 months that she’s been on it, she’s lost a 40 pounds. Selfishly, the reason I even considered this diet was because she’d always tell me about how full it made her feel- win! I started 5 weeks ago and I’ve lost 8 pounds already! And she’s right! You really do feel full all the time. I think you’d be able to learn more about the diet on its website. I wish you well. Good luck!


Tuesday, July 31, 2012, 9:00 AM

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Consistency, eating healthy, and exercising....

It sounds like you ARE being consistent, you ARE eating healthy, and you ARE moving.... I know steroids are necessary for many medical reasons but I sure with the drug companies would get on the ball and make ones that don't create such heartache. There is nothing more devastating than gaining weight especially if you have not changed anything. I have read consistently that protein is needed to release fat. Perhaps you need to up your protein...if you don't like meat, perhaps you can do that with frequent protein smoothies. And I would knock on Jackie Wick's internet door and plead for help. I'm pulling for you as well as praying.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012, 10:05 AM

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