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what is your "Hero's Journey?"


When Joshua and I first discussed working together on PEERtrainer we realized we were both fans of Joseph Campbell. Campbell was a professor at Sarah Lawrence for many years, and actually friends of my grandparents in NYC. (My grandmother was an Indian classical dancer, which are representations of stories from Hindu Mythology) Campbell's life's work was studying the myths throughout human history and across multiple cultures. And he found incredible commonalities, that these stories shared a "common fundamental structure."

Campbell has been widely influential- most well known was his influence on George Lucas and the Star War series. There is a series of interviews that Bill Moyer did many years ago where he interviewed Campbell in the last years of his life at the Lucas Ranch. My parents took me to see that when I was 12 i think at Bowdoin College which was near to where I grew up.

Joshua has studied an extraordinary variety of things, and he has a keen understanding of the power of myth (that are part of all religions) for lack of a better phrase. And an important part of the Point Of No Return Program we have put together embeds this idea of the Hero's Journey. It is a tool and concept we use and teach that helps you develop a strong call to action to really break through your barriers in life, to challenge you to identify, develop and embark your own journey.

So please read this article if you have not yet and we thought it would be a fun activity to describe whatever journey you have taken or plan to take in your life:



Wed. May 20, 11:11am

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Hero's Journey

good thing: I have gain some ground on part of the journey -- dealing with stress, fear, and depression using other behaviors other than binging and going into a paralyzing depression.

My journey is more assertiveness and coping skills. I have to conquer my fear of sex and intimacy. I have to find the courage to believe and act accordingly on the idea that I can still have everything I want including a fantastic career building communities and working internationally. I need to beleiev taht I have the fortitude to have positive and healthy relationships.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009, 1:58 PM

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I know that I use eating too much as an emotional sedative. I practice all sorts of alternate behaviors, which work most of the time. So my glass ceiling is much higher than it was - yet there are still occasions when I turn back to food! Does anyone have some suggestions about how to fundamentally change this behavior - or must I rely on the inch by inch creation of a new habit to inch by inch push up that ceiling? I would much rather smash it!

Another great article, Joshua.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009, 2:13 PM

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hero's journey

I have been doing the "point of no return", this is the last week and before I just read this article I was feeling down, trying not to repeat neg. messages in my head, like I have always before.

I think I'm at the glass ceiling, and usually I always go backwards and then the battle starts over for the hundred's time. Last week I felt I was an 8 on that scale of believing I can go beyond the point of no return, today I feel like a 4.

Thank you Joshua for writing that article, I needed to recognize that this is the glass ceiling, but I don't feel to courageous and for some reason I'm not feeling fully committed to myself and all the work and truths I have recognize don't seem to be helping right now. But I'll work on it.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010, 12:59 PM

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My Heros Journey

I have spent years and years being overweight and I have purposely not even tried to loose weight because I didn't want to mess up my body but every year or so I start trying to lose weight. I have even lost all my weight and immediately put it back on. Well this time I know it is different. I have had the help of PEER TRAINER. I am not just doing a diet, I am educating myself too. I am keeping the focus on eating the healthiest foods that I can afford. I am on a journey to regain my health and weight loss is the side effect. I have heard it said that you become who you hand out with and what you surround yourself with you become so I am surrounding myself with as much material about healthy eating, exercise and weight loss so I can penetrate my mind.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010, 8:34 AM

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On being Luke Skywalker

I have always felt that I am less than others, on the outside looking in, rather than as good or smart or fun. I lack confidence to make changes until really pushed since I dont go easily out of my comfort zone. I get tired of trying to overcome. So I will listen to the Force within me and do, not try. I will slay the dragons of fear, intimidation, and complacency. Funny, my friends think I am very strong. I feel like I am faking it that if they knew the real me they would be surprised how weak and scared I am. However, I think I must be strong and just afraid to celebrate it. I will slay that dragon too and celebrate the person I am now while looking toward who I am becoming.

Friday, July 30, 2010, 3:58 PM

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Dragons to slay

This article came at a good time for me. I'm half way to my goal and here's when it gets scary. I went to try on clothes yesterday and didn't have to go to the plus side section. I tried stuff on but I still looked fat. Then I started wondering if I will ever be satisfied with the reflection in the mirror regardless of how much I weigh. I guess my dragons may be bigger than I thought and I need to do some serious soul searching. So I guess my dragons are my own insecurities, confronting them and dealing with them. Perhaps some of it is trying to be perfect and realizing it's just not feasible.

Friday, June 08, 2012, 9:26 AM

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hero's journey

nice context to provide support and encouragement in a new setting. thanks. i am almost 3 yrs post an AT episode, and after that a breast cancer diagnosis. i did great losing weight initially motivated by fear of further illness! or the alternate view: the desire to be as healthy as i can be. moving 1000 miles, , and taking post surgical drugs that seem to encourage higher cholesterol[ i've kept mine great], more aches and pains [ so far so good w/ taking vit D and keeping active], and increased tiredness too often. The latter has been getting the best of me, inspite of working hard in yard, getting to the gym more an more. i feel the anti estrogen drug is also an ageing drug. i need to work harder to rev my metabolism up more, but i am also ' older' because of the lack of estrogen, as well as more years[ soon 68] ;-) so this past few days, i worked esp hard at the gym, higher weights, and then we have been working at throwinga nd stackinng over 2 cords of wood. i feel great being physically active, but i often have to pay attention to not over doing it, w/ resulting great fatigue. after my successful work outs, i found my self totally depeleted when we were taking a few days off travelling. i had to stop several times when walking w. my husband, and just felt deflated. the next morning, i took my bP and my diastolic was elevated to 96 - 101. that caused great anxiety, which did not help to lower the number. i fight white coat heypertension, and lately had noticed home readings that were prehypertensive, tho but often am at below 120/80. i use a resperate machine to help lower my bp, and meditate and so did extra hits of both this morning. and slowly my energy level returned, tho my bp was slightly pre hypertensive late afternoon as well. i also had a raw protein drink, some kale and berry protein drink, drank lots of water, ate apples and clementines, ate black beans and squash soup all very moderately as well. so i am very eager to be better at veggies, vggies veggies, no or less animal, and fewer indiscretions diet wise. i really do not want to go on medications, tho i told my husband i will be reasonable if the next 24 hrs does not show a radical turn around in my bp measurements. i am on a hero path for sure right now!

Saturday, December 08, 2012, 9:05 PM

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I don't know. I still can't relate to the fact that I'm a hero. I don't feel like one in any aspect of my life. I still feel like I hide from things and I'm not brave, like a hero, to lead.

Sunday, December 16, 2012, 1:13 PM

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Sometimes a hero can be the underdog

That's how I see myself, as the underdog who will eventually prevail. and prove everyone wrong, specifically a few family members/long time friends, who think small. In that sense, I very much feel like a superhero beginning to break free of my self imposed cocoon of mediocrity and complacency, and leaving the small thinking behind.

Be your own hero!


Sunday, December 16, 2012, 6:08 PM

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