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Tips On Getting Ready To Lose Weight

Hi There-

we just posted something in the Tip Of The Day blog about weight loss readiness and how some people are very honest with us that they are simply not ready to lose weight.

We remember meeting with one of the medical directors of the American Heart Association, and this gentlemen said to us that the #1 issue he was focused on was "developing readiness"

So if you have any thoughts on this, experience, we would LOVE to hear them.



Tue. Dec 30, 10:40am

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this has been a long journey.. one I am not finished with yet.. but the thing that has helped me get to where I am thus far.. I set small goals.. I took my weight five pounds at a time.. when I got rid of five. I would work on another five.

small goals
preparing and having the right tools- measuring cups, a scale for weighing food.

portions are so distorted now days.

learning portion control is important

exercise- I have to find things that keep my interest.. I need a lot of variety.

one thing I did too wa keep a picture of me at my heaviest..

but one of thebest tools I found was PT and the beck Diet soultion.. the plans that have worked for me is to choose healthy grains, veggies, fruits and lean meats.

you have to set your mind to reaching your goas.. you have to be patient with your body, but work hard.

be consistant, be determined, dont give up.

keep taking action.. make a habbit of taking action- thanks Josh

work on a few things dont try to do everything at once.

set a goal number wise, but dont live and die by that number

dont let teh scale define who you are or how faryou have come

how you feel.. how your clothes fit.. measurments are all good ways of trackng progress.

give yourself credit for the small things as well as the big ones.

ok well I veered off the main subject, but those are some thoughts I have learned on this journey.

but the most important is to believe in yourself..

if you can conceive it .. you can achieve it.. You can do this!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008, 11:52 AM

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laughs.. now that I am off my soap box.. my post was above.. f.orgot to sign my name.

good luck on your journeys.. make that first step..

you wont regret it.. you will find yourself loving this new healthy lifestyle and your body will thank you for it.


Tuesday, December 30, 2008, 11:53 AM

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Plan Ahead

A tip that works for me:
Plan ahead. Sit down on Sunday and plan out your week, from the food you will eat to the last minute of your workout and follow through with your plan. Once you have your plan you know what should be done, therefore execution of the plan should be easy.

Thursday, January 01, 2009, 2:18 PM

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Hi Jackie,
This is a link to a blog I read that has a discusses "stages of change" research done with smokers. It has a link to a snynopsis of the literature. I would bet money you know the research inside and out but people at PT might like to read it too. I think the model holds water for anyone facing the need to change.

What I like best about this model is the implied learning curve. Change involves an internal process. It can not be prescribed. It takes hanging in there for the long run. There is no success or failure, only learning (and you have to be willing to learn). And bottom line, you need to be ready to take it on.

I do this in fits and starts. It is all about process. The research was done on smokers and the easy thing for smokers is you can get through life without smoking once you quit (and having watched smokers quit, I realize it is not easy).

So when you are looking at total life imrovement there are lots of ways to "take it on." Maybe a STARTING place is getting enough sleep for one person; for another it is about finding healthy community; for someone else, it's about eating vegetables; or clearing clutter; or building muscle. These are all components (some seemingly unrelated to getting fit and trimming down) but still central to the process to making sustainable progress. And readiness to take on these components needs to happen before starting.

Hope this helps. I think this kind of discussion is really helpful and central to the process.


Friday, January 02, 2009, 12:03 PM

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