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When will i see results! 18 female, 5'9, 150 lbs

Stats:: 18 female, 5'9, 150 lbs

Started working out: Feb.01
workout 5-6 days a week.. 40 minutes cardio, 20 minutes strength training

Ive noticed significant results in muscle toning and strength and very minimal weight loss

When will i see my sotmach flab melt off? Should i concentrate more on diet or fitness? MY GOAL IS too look hot in a bikini, i have skinny long toned legs and very nice toned arms, but stomach is short and flabby!! eekkk

Wed. Apr 9, 12:14am

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women carry more fat, unless you want to be skinny being 5'9 150lb is very healthy. as far as your stomach, you cant target train, continue working out, and add more protein and less carbs to your diet. i would reccomend you go on hydroxicut for 3 months. you will lose 10 or more lbs if thats what you really want

Wednesday, April 09, 2008, 12:31 AM

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weight loss

hey, i'm the same height as you, a year older, and like 20 lb heavier, so don't worry too much. my roommate's like a twig and she weighs 146, so i bet you just need to work on muscle toning more than anything.

if you want your stomach to look good, do ab workouts! get a one-time personal trainer consultation and come up with an ab circuit, then make sure you've got the right form so that you're doing it efficiently. or take a pilates class or something. my best friend got the winsor pilates tapes and she said it made a huge difference for her.

don't worry too much about the number on the scale. muscle weighs more than fat, so you are probably not going to lose a ton numerically because you are building muscle. if you want to see results, i suggest buying the bikini you want and taking a picture in it every week (or two weeks) and then you will literally be able to see the results.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008, 2:20 AM

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no losing weight? - drop 200 more calories a day from your diet

- now you are losing weight - whammo!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008, 10:20 AM

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Yeah, definitely diet. It really matters for losing those last few lbs, which sounds like what you're trying to do. Sounds like you are exercising enough; if the layer of flab isn't coming off, it's definitely time to up the diet.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008, 11:33 AM

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Bump your cardio up to an should see good results.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008, 12:48 PM

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Weight loss, especially abs is 80% diet. You need a clean clean diet, protien in every meal, and cut your carbs.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008, 12:52 PM

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PP is right - it is 80% diet as long as you have some good cardio

DIET IS THE FOCUS and the hard part for really losing weight.

Just think about it :

You could eat garbage all the time + work out and not lose weight
you could not work out at all and eat very little and lose weight

- so as long as you are getting your good cardio IT IS ALL DIET FROM THERE

Wednesday, April 09, 2008, 1:48 PM

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You are doing, "workout 5-6 days a week.. 40 minutes cardio, 20 minutes strength training " ?

that is PLENTY - drop calories

Wednesday, April 09, 2008, 2:21 PM

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12:31 you mentioned Hydroxicut. Does it really work?

Wednesday, April 09, 2008, 2:24 PM

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I tried Hydroxycut Hardcore and it makes you run like a hamster on a wheel - but that is really all I think...

Mainly pills just make you think they are doing something when really:

1. they are helping you lose maybe 3% more (which is basically no impact)
2. They distract you from the fact that dropping like 50 calories would be just as effective AND a lot cheaper
3. want a kick in the pants ? just drink some coffee - done.
4. If the OP is doing 6 hours a week in the gym and not losing weight - pills aren't the answer - dropping a few hundred calories is.

Just my opinion - ( I would know - I have tried every friggin' pill since the 90's but the only thing that works to get skinnier is permanently dropping calorie intake !)

although honestly I wish ephedra would come back - I could work out for like 3 hours on that stuff it was like coffe's big bad CRAZY brother on angel dust!


Wednesday, April 09, 2008, 8:20 PM

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for me it worked, and this may seem crazy but i did drop 10 lbs in 2 months. my workouts did not change i played basketball about the same amount of time, and the same weight training exercises. i have another 30 days left of them and want take any more i dont want to lose any more weight. im 6 foot and now 200 lbs. i will say it again i did not drop calories hell im even 37 yrs old, and have a terrible diet.

Thursday, April 10, 2008, 12:32 AM

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When will I see results? 18 female, 5'9" 150 lbs

I'm 18 and 5'9" also, and when I feel I look my best and thinnest and toned is at 149 lbs. (which is in the ideal range for our age and height and you're only one pound more!)

If you're still having problems with just your stomach, then I'd agree with the people who said it may be your diet, or maybe you aren't doing enough target toning on your abs.

Abs are sometimes one of the most stubborn areas, so don't despair. Eating more protein and less carbs should help, as well as drinking a lot of water or eating foods with a high water content. Cut out carbonated drinks and anything with a high sodium content as a lot of it could just be bloating from water retention. Also, cut out sugar. Read labels. A LOT of foods have added sugar that you would never think would. When you do eat carbs, opt for whole grains. White flour turns to sugar in your body. And when you do choose proteins, make sure they are low or non-fat and lean varieties.

Also, a lot of people do more in the way of sit-ups and crunches, which mainly only focus on the upper abs and not the lower abs, which is where most of us have a problem. Try locating some exercises that focus more on the lower abdominals. Also working on your obliques might help. It will make you look more cut on the sides, which will make the center of your stomach appear thinner.

I sympathize, my stomach has always been one of my problem areas as well.

Please also remember that muscle weighs more than fat.

There were times when I was younger that I actually weighed less, but looked like I weighed more, because I didn't work out that much then, or properly because it was before I learned more about exercise and nutrition.

It's hard for those of us who are not professionals to accurately gauge what you should do and how you should look or what you should weigh, as there could be many factors at work. (perhaps you could post a pic? also remember to rely on your mirror and how your clothes fit more than on the scale. How you look and feel about yourself is more important than the numbers.)

For instance I had an undiagnosed thyroid problem for years that contributed a lot to my weight gain. I also had a hormonal imbalance. I was doing all the exact wrong kinds of exercise and eating all the wrong kinds of food for my body type. All of which made everything worse, but I thought I was doing the right thing to lose weight!

If you have been getting good results so far, except for not being happy with your progress in the abdominal area, then you probably are pretty healthy and don't have any such problems.

Please don't try diet pills. Especially just for one body part. People DIE from those things. Being thin is not worth dying over.

Most likely your tummy is a lot smaller than you think. We tend to be harder on ourselves about our appearance than others. Also, if you have ever been overweight, you often still think of yourself as "a fat person", even if you're thin now. I know I freak out a little any time my clothes start to feel a little tight.

You probably look great. If you're not shy about posting a pic, I bet everyone here will wind up saying you look perfect. (and no, I'm not posting a pic, lol, as I currently weight 170, which is 21 lbs. above my normal weight. =/ So don't complain about 150 as that's what I'm striving to get back to! lol. And yes, I did wear two-piece bathing suits at that weight [the only reason I don't wear actual "bikinis" is because A) I have scars they don't cover, and B) I don't feel comfortable being that overexposed.])

Sunday, October 12, 2008, 8:51 PM

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