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What are you passionate about?

In my younger years I was passionate about art. I was actually pretty good at it. I won a scholarship to the Columbus Arts and Design College, I had several college professors tell me my creative writing and research papers were the best they have ever read, and that I should consider publishing my work. My husband told me I should get into tattooing (years ago, before tattoos became the trend). However, I have always been my biggest critic and never thought I was good enough. Fast forward 25+ years, after setting aside my "passion" to raise a family, deal with tight finances, trying to be Wonder Woman...I feel like I am passion free (outside my family of course). I get a mental block when I pick up a paint brush, pencil or pen.

What passions do you have, and how do you keep it alive (or get it back)?

Sun. Mar 30, 12:07pm

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Put yourself back in that kind of environment in a very passive, non-threatening way. For example, visit a gallery, take a class, volunteer to help immigrants spiff up their writing skills or disabled kids hold a paintbrush. The passion won't be instantly rekindled, but it may help you figure out if you still have that same passion or if things have changed and you have a new one.

I think the problem is that you are very talented at these things and people you respect had greater expectations than you had confidence. When I'm in that position, I try to go with the suggestions of others because - how's this for a pathetic mental trick - I'm trying out their ideas, not my own, so if I fail it wasn't really my fault. Hey, whatever gets me over the inertia, right? It works out most of the time.

Sunday, March 30, 2008, 12:53 PM

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I sympathize with your situation. I am in my early twenties and I absolutely adore art, and I love the idea of being creative. People tell me I'm a very good writer, and I surround myself with artists who are constantly creating and encouraging me, and yet I don't act. It's fear of failure, I believe, that keeps me from doing what I know I'll enjoy. I have constant regret about this now, in my day to day life and I imagine it will only get worse with time. Maybe we just don't know where to begin? Perhaps we have so much respect for art we just can't imagine ourselves among its creators? I have no idea.

Did you take advantage of your skills when you were in college? Did you feel any regret then , if you didn't?

Sunday, March 30, 2008, 12:59 PM

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OP here. Thanks for your input. I try not to regret things from the past because it's not anything you can change, so why stress yourself over it. Now that I'm well into my 40's, I have gained much more confidence in myself and am able to put more focus on myself as well, since my kids are older. The only thing is that I feel like I have lost my "talents". Although I am recruited often to organize events, work a face painting or arts and craft booth at school, community and charity events, I can't help but to wonder if this is all.

I have to admit, I do have a HUGE fear of failure. What made it worse back then was that I was such a perfectionist, tying to please everyone...and over-achiever, as my husband teased :) Now that's stressful, wanting to do it all...wanting to do it the best, yet having the fear of failure. I was a mess.

12:53 poster...thank you for this new perspective. I guess I felt my passion for art should lead to something grand, and if it didn't...that would mean I'd have failed. But maybe that's the wrong perspective. I really do love face-painting, and making little arts and craft treasures. Although this is not on a grand scale to me, it might be for the kids I work with.

Thanks for the comments. I really do feel better.

Monday, March 31, 2008, 8:19 AM

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As a designer, I find that inspiration comes from outside a lot of times (not from sitting down with a blank screen in front of me). Spend a few hours poking around online at some great design blogs, stop in to Barnes&Noble and look through the art section, or just go into Paper Source and by some really great paper and supplies and make a hand-made card for someone.

Check out some of these sites for some inspiring artists and resources.

Monday, March 31, 2008, 8:44 AM

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OP - you never know where your passions may take you. I think creativity and what comes of that is hampered if we pursue things hoping to achieve 'grand.' Does that makes sense? So, maybe you start doing birthday parties and crafting little take home treasures - and you do it b/c you love it. The next thing you know you are the IT person to call when it comes to children's parties and your passion has now turned into your 2nd (or 3rd or 4th) career.

Monday, March 31, 2008, 8:07 PM

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Thank you. I think you're right. I am the "go to person", but I was thinking that it seems so insignificant. I think I place too much emphasis on status (or the lack there of).,,and not so much on the gift I get from working with the kids...and seeing a fun, successful party event. I tend to look toward the big prize, which at times make me lose focus on the small daily gifts. I guess I needed a reminder from my PT pals to get me back on the right frame of mind.

Back to my original question...what passions do others have in their lives? I'm curious.

Monday, March 31, 2008, 10:49 PM

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This may be why I'm here...

but I'm passionate about food! I love baking, trying new recipes, reading Cooking Light, learning about food, reading about food, talking about food, taking cooking classes, hosting dinner parties, etc.

Sigh...fortunately, my other passion is keeping in shape, reading fitness magazines, trying new workouts, going to the gym, doing yoga, and going on hikes!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008, 12:14 AM

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This may sound silly but one thing I'm passionate about is good customer service, both giving and receiving. I work for a Fortune 500 company and with a company this size you get the opportunity to see how many people actually lack a sense of caring about our customers or the ability to provide good customer service. Because of this, i think I'm just as passionate about receiving it and if I don't I tend to speak up about it, all the time! My husband is afraid to say anything in a restaurant if his food is not correct or the wait person is not attentive at all because he is afraid someone will spit in his food or something like that but I am totally different. If I am paying for something I expect to GET what I paid for and have the tendency to speak up about it. No, I'm not looking for a free meal or anything like that and I preface the conversation by saying so to the manager when I speak to them but if you don't say anything, how does the person who is lacking learn how to step up in that area? I know, like I said it may sound strange but it's something I'm very passionate about. That, my marriage, and my children - LOL!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008, 10:16 AM

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10:16 - I love it! Anymore, I get the raised eyebrow from employees, which I assume translates as, "Yeah? What do you want?" their version of "May I help you?" And I'm always amazed when I can get through an entire transaction with someone and they don't say a word. When I actually get great service it makes me giddy!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008, 12:03 PM

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Hey OP! Cool to see another CCAD grad.

If you get a block when you pick up a paint brush, pick up something else. When I'm feeling devoid of inspiration and blocked, I try to do something else. I keep my hands busy- like meditating, but with tools. I build things. I cook. I read about stuff I know nothing about.

For me, at the core of my passions is a passion for learning- that fuels everything else.

It sounds like you've got to find your core passion again. What makes you happy? What makes your brain buzz and take off in a thousand different directions? Don't think about what other people have told you to do, what really drives you?

Tuesday, April 01, 2008, 12:23 PM

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I'm very passionate about perfection, in all areas of my life. It's probably what motivates me - setting high goals and trying to achieve them. I expect a lot out of myself, and I only let myself down if I don't keep trying at it.

I also have a horse and a dog, and I expect a lot out of them. Sometimes all the hard work makes me forget that I have them for fun, too, and not just to train for eventing season. But I love them both to death.

In general, another driving force that makes me passionate is making things better - molding and shaping the world around me. I can be very passionate about whatever I'm working on at that moment - from training my horse, to designing a package, to re-shaping my body, to cleaning the bathtub - I want to be the best at it always and make all those things the best I can.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008, 12:57 PM

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