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Good exercise routines for bad knees


I had lost a lot of weight and got into good shape doing the Turbo Jam videos for 3 months, but unfortunately my knees had started to ache. Though I've tried to rest them and get back to Turbo (coz I love those routines) my knees can't take it.

What are the alternatives for getting into good shape? I had experimented a lot with other exercise videos such as the firm and jane fonda until I discovered Turbo jam, which I enjoyed and hence stuck to. Now I'm disappointed I have to search for alternatives.

I'd like to know if Billy banks videos are hard on the knees (with resistance bands) ?
Also any alternative cardio routines that people with knee issues are happy doing and yields results.

I have about 15 pounds to lose, but am a lot interested in getting myself toned. I havent enjoyed weight training enough to stick to it.

Appreciate any suggestions.

Thanks a lot!

Sun. Mar 30, 11:04am

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It sounds like I'm pretty much in the same boat as you. I also love Turbo Jam (ordered every single TJ dvd available on Beachbody) and had to give it up recently because of my knees. This really stinks; it was so fun and helped me lose over 70 pounds. I've tried numerous times to do it again after a bit of rest, but to no avail - it must be due to a lot of twisting moves with the knees.

I can't do The Firm ones anymore - although I really like that last CardioWeights system. Too many lunges.

I will say I can still do a lot of Billy Blanks Tae Bo dvds though! And I really love his last 'Amped' series with that 'amplifier bar'. Some of the older ones are great too - as long as I don't do any jumping around - or jumping jacks.

I recently also joined Curves to incorporate more resistance training - hoping to try to strengthen the leg muscles around the knees to prevent any more damage. I wanted to join a 'regular' gym but since I am SO limited in what I can do it would be a waste of money for me. But I am actually liking it there.

Anyway, sorry for rambling on. I feel your pain - literally - and hope you also find something else you can enjoy. Hopefully we'll get to hear more suggestions, too!

Sunday, March 30, 2008, 1:28 PM

Add comment There are try before you buy exercises, and I think all of them are incredibly easy on the knees.

Sunday, March 30, 2008, 3:15 PM

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this fattie found fun

Hello. I feel your pain, too. But don't fret. It happens to everyone, whether it's too much basketball or too many years!

You can try wrapping your knees with those very long (couple yards) and wide stretchy ace bandage-like things like the weight lifters use for heavy squats and lifts. That's not sexy and may be cumbersome, too.

While reading your post, it occurred to me to do a search and I bookmarked this link for myself:

I own one of these resistance bands and they are fun if you get creative, but if you don't have some sort of guideance, it can end up under the sofa, away from the cats like mine did for a while. Now it's back out and ready for me in the morning.

I used to have a trainer who got his "cord" as it is called in capoeira. That is a martial art that is not only beautiful to watch, but extreme in calorie-burning. I went to a few "rodas" (Portuguese for playing the capoeira game, you would have to know the slave history but I wont get into that). If you've ever seen the movie "Only The Strong" you'ld know what I'm talking about.

I don't know too much about the workout routines you speak of, except the dusty old Jane Fonda tape I have here. Oh, memories of spandex in the 80s... but then again, that was when i was in the best shape of my life.

I have four body bars under my sofa, along with the resistance band; 2 each weighing 6 lbs. and 48" long and 2 long ones (4 feet) at 18 lbs. and 30 lbs. They, along with my stability ball (found anywhere like Target, for instance) are fabulous toys. Tone your shoulders and arms with the bars, your butt with the resistance band, and well, I'm sure you can figure out what else to do, including grueling things with the stability ball.

What else is easy on the knees? Boring, but true, the recumbent bike (at the gym). It's also better for your back than a regular bicycle. I know there was talk in here about wasting money at a gym but that it was fun, hey... that could be a little angel telling you it's not such a bad idea to join if you can get a deal.

What else? Oh. To demonstrate my brief "sticking my toes in the water" experience with basic capoeira moves, I have a vid in the link below showing my ex-trainer capoeirista showing me the "sciva", after he was convinced I knew how to perform the "ginga". Ha! it would take me about an hour to remember the move(s) because this film was taken in 2005, before he met his bride in Brasil. (He's back.) You can see my body bars leaning up against a tree because he came to my home for an outside workout. My stability bar is not in the picture but I'll never forget that day... he made me do SO many sets of chest presses, etc.

I forgot to mention a high quantity of multiple repetitions (30 or more) with a low weight (how sad you don't like the muscly stuff, oh well) really helps burn calories.

I hope this information helps you. If you'd like more info, please post me a message. You can find me in the "community logs". My log is public.



Monday, March 31, 2008, 2:06 AM

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Bikram yoga

I'm a runner and have had knee problems over the last year, so I can completely empathize with how hard it is to give up a cardio routine that works for you due to knee pain. (I still run, but there have periods when I've had to take time off.)

I recently started Bikram yoga classes and they are FANTASTIC. It's the only workout that I've ever tried that gives me that same "cardio high" as running. The other great thing is that Bikram poses focus on contracting the thigh muscles so eventually I am sure that my thigh muscles will get stronger and therefore alleviate my knee pain.

Try Bikram! Serious cardio high, burns calories like crazy and will hopefully help streghthen the muscles that control the knee.

Monday, March 31, 2008, 2:42 AM

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I have a bad right knee and a bad left hip (I'm only 21; I used to train way too hard and now I feel like an old lady), and Billy Blanks DVDs are about the only videos I own that are easy on my joints.

My other recommendation would be to make sure your quads and hamstrings are close to equally strong (this is what my PT told me). It will help your body support your weight in that joint.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008, 9:00 AM

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If your knees are still causing you trouble then:

1. STOP EXERCISING for a week
2. Ice (20 minutes - lots of ice) twice daily and REALLY rest those knees
3. take some anti- inflammatories
4. as PP said, "try to strengthen the leg muscles around the knees to prevent any more damage. "
5. then ease back into it.

I know you tried to back off before, but you should take your recouperation more seriously or your knees will be a long term problem.
I ocassionally get back / knee pain and I follow this and then I am back good as new!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008, 10:32 AM

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008, 9:12 AM

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purchase a gazelle absolutly no pressure on your knees muscles and great exercise

Tuesday, May 20, 2008, 9:16 AM

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