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Help I have been overeating

I have followed a great eating plan and work out constantly, but lately i have developed this unstoppable hunger at least i think it is hunger, Thurs I overate big time like 3500 cals or so when my maintence is about 1800-1900 then i felt guilty but i woke up with a horrible stomach ache and didnt workout all day, Fri I had korean take out even thought i should have been eating clean and ended up overeating again. Sat came and I jogged 5mi and felt better about all of it and ate healthy again, Easter, did intense workout and said i am just going to eat a little and pigged out again, i know i am over cals already today and now i am hungry again!!!!! what is wrong with me ? why am i having these binge episodes, i have done so well for the last year and now its like i am out of control, i know i will have gained some this weekend, am i starting the cycle of doom or what!!! i just want to eat all the time not like junk , healthy foods and probably some not so healthy foods. like right now all I can think about is the easter leftovers and that wonderful strawberry delight cake in my fridge, to my defense I ate at like 2 so it has been awhile should i eat leftovers or through them out and go to bed?

Sun. Mar 23, 8:54pm

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If it's not too late, go to bed! I know what you are going through because I just caved and now I feel TERIBLE! My stomach hurts, I am bloated, I feel fat and I have gas--sexy, I know. :( So, now I am not only going to bed feeling bad (physically and mentally) but, I probably won't sleep well. Hopefully by morning I'll remember my bad decision and it will motivate me for the rest of the day to come. Thankfully tomorrow is another day, and even though I made the wrong choice tonight, tomorrow I don't have to.

Sunday, March 23, 2008, 10:17 PM

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for me, binging is part of my life. I try to keep it away - but inevidably after a few days, weeks, months it will come back - and stay in my life for a few days or sometimes a few weeks. Weigh yourself daily to remind yourself of your weightloss goals and try to distract yourself - sign up for a class, buy paints and canvasses and mess around with art, plan hikes or bike rides with friends, go to the movies, get some bath salts and take long baths - anything to get away from sitting at your house alone.

Sunday, March 23, 2008, 10:21 PM

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Pick a calories level you can live with
Maintenece is 1900 and you workout all the time? I don't think that is right.
Better to add 1-200 cals to your routine than to deal with the mess you are talking about. It sounds to me like you are being too extreme in your diet and then your body is freaking out. Make small slow changes you can live with forever.
and eat lots of veggies - cellery pickles, carrot sticks - whatever
drink lots of water
stay srong ! !

Monday, March 24, 2008, 10:41 AM

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