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Hormone Imabalance and menopause, and weight gain

Need I say more, ... making this year, my 5oth, a get in shape and trim year. I was only needing to lose 15 lbs and up my exercise. BUT, very little progress, and noticeable other 'mid age' effects such as fatty in places that I never used to be, like upper arms and knees, water retention, puffy face.. I have given it a good 3 month go of watching cals, cutting out alot of fat, upping exercise to include longer intensity and some weights.

Just lately I have been reading up on HRT to really get results. In particular, natural hormone replacement. I do not have the major hot flashes, mood swings, or sleeplessness, that I hear about for true menopause but I had my doctor do a blood test and she reported 'levels of menopausal indicitiveness'.

One of the gals in my fitness class says 'yam cream' is doing it for her..


Thu. Feb 28, 12:45pm

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I do not USE Hormone Replacement Therapy

Well getting older is never pleasant for us ladies. I have chosen not to use HRT, but to transition naturally, I do not the extra hormones floating around in my body. I have never had a hot flash. I have the weight gain and bloating but watch the sodium and controlled the water weight gain and bloating that way. In addition I joined WW watchers and keep my points at the lower end of the scale. I find that exercise works wonders for keeping weight gain off. I recommend the elliptical because it works the top and the bottom. In addition, using light weights prove to be helpful. I hope this helps you and I wish you well as you transition.

Friday, February 29, 2008, 5:31 PM

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I had a hysterectomy and so went through menopause in just a few hours! I am taking HRT and will for a few years. Some gals do have lots of problems and some have none. Some HRT treatments do say weight is is side effects. I was prescribed bio-identical hormones. HRT is a big jungle and it take time to find the right one if you use them. It's really a personal choice and you have to consider any risk factors vs. benefits.

I don't think that weight gain is automatic with menopause. I knew lots of old ladies that never were overweight. They were active and ate moderately. Weight training is suppose to help as the more muscle the better the metabolic rate and the more calories burned. This is suppose to be why men lose weight faster, more muscle. Weight training is also good to keep bones strong.

Saturday, March 01, 2008, 7:38 AM

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