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Women who've had C-sections

Tell me how long was your recovery and what weren't you allowed to do? Also did anyone have issues with the incision opening a little and what did you have to do?

Mon. Feb 18, 2:06pm

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Well, my c-section was 17 yrs ago, so I don't remember everything, but I know I wasn't supposed to lift anything heavier than the baby. I'm guessing this was about 6 weeks. And I think I wasn't supposed to drive. I had no problems with my incision at all. It must not have been a bad recovery, because I really don't remember any details!!

Monday, February 18, 2008, 4:53 PM

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Everyone is different, I can tell you that piece of information. I was laid up for awhile, it was uncomfortable to move around at first, plus I was on pain meds. I was able to lift my baby, but my exercise consisted of walking. I used walk away the pounds because I was not able to jump around & do strenous activities. I took my baby for walks in the pouch as much as possible.

As far as the incision, I went to the hospital a couple times upset, thinking my incision was opening, the doc. told me that if you can't fit a pencil eraser in there its fine. Just keep the incision clean and if it is bleeding or pussing, do not wear such tight clothing.

I do hope this helps.

Monday, February 18, 2008, 6:15 PM

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I had a c-section a couple of years ago. It was painful the first few days and then I started feeling better. After about a week I think I thought that since I felt better I could do a bit more, wrong. My incision ended up splitting open a bit but not deep enough that they wanted to do anything about it. It just took longer for the surface to heal and I had to be really careful about keeping it clean. They told me not to cover it so it could drain. But after a few more weeks I seem to remember it being fine and closed.

If this is an issue for you you might just want to rest as much as possible and let it heal. Just keep it clean and during the day use a pad on it so it can drain somewhere other then your clothes or panties but at night let it air out and make sure you see your doc.

Monday, February 18, 2008, 7:43 PM

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I had mine, four months ago...I was told not to drive or pick up anything heavier then the baby..9.5lbs (I only used motrin to manage the pain for 5 days)
I was really frusterated b/c it was difficult for me to rely and depend so much on my husband to do everything..laundry,vaccuming etc. the hardest thing was carrying the carseat. I must say though that my husband was amazing and just said" hey, this is my way of working I mean come on you just went through labor and carried a baby for over 9 months," He was right. I am very blessed to have him. As far as the incision, I had healed well, I was out walking and going to the park when the baby was 4 days old. I did find it difficult to sleep in bed (struggled badly the first night)and found that the recliner in the family room was more comfortable for the next four nights..we made it a family campout..I was nursing so we just brought the travel bassinet and my hubby was on the pull out sofa.. all I can say is that I was fortunate and healed well with no tramatic stories, just uncomfortable for about a week and a half . Nursing was a challenge too but only in the sense that you have to use the football hold, or at least I did. Listen I wish you great healing and hope you have good help. I also want to say congrats ... Oh yeah and now 4 months later..I am training for 1/2 marathon in April and when I see my scar daily I just think of it as a trophy! Good luck!

Monday, February 18, 2008, 10:37 PM

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