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Member: jill140
Member Since: 11/25/2010
City: Birmingham, AL

My Goal: My goal is to be able to mountain bike for miles with my husband and join a dance class, as well as eliminate my diabetes. My final weight goal is 140. My short term goal is 200 lbs.

About me: I'm all about self-improvement. Getting healthier, stronger, happier. I want to be a better mother, wife and friend. I want to enjoy life with as few limitations as possible. I am working on removing those limitations in all aspects of my life. Losing weight is just one area, but it overlaps every part of my life. 11/29/10: 209.2 (current weight) 11/22/10: 208.8

Diets I like: I feel the best about my diet when I am eating what I want to eat, through the filter of a healthy diet. I have really been excited about the effect of portion control and how that makes eating a variety of foods possible. I don't know of a name for that diet.

Workout of choice: I love seeing the improvements as I lift more weights. I love feeling strong and flexible.

My plan: I will use PeerTrainer as a motivational tool to help me lose weight on a continuous basis, while adding or keeping muscle. My main focus is my attitude, because it determines my actions and my destiny. During the holidays, I plan to stick to the healthier choices the majority of the time, and eat in small quantities so I can have a good variety of food. I will be eating some pie and ice cream, though. I will exercise 2 times per week, working up to 5 times per week.

I need the most help with: I need to stay motivated. I know what I should be eating for the most part, and am learning about how much I should be eating. As long as my head's in the right place, and I have weight loss and healthy body and mind in the forefront, then the decisions about what and how much to eat are easy to follow through on.

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