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Team Name: P90X BRING IT ON!!!
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Profile: LET'S BRING IT ON !! ACTIVE loggers, this team was born AUG 29 2010 10pm PST We are not alone, Let's cheer each other on NEW TO P90X? GREAT! Me too.

Last posted: Wednesday, January 16, 2013, 5:41 PM

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female 47 and happy

NEW ABOUT ME: HEY!!! I'm melissa :) I'm a p90x ADDICT! I love it! I'm currently on my 3rd round, can't get enough! With p90x and clean eating I AM IN THE BEST SHAPE OF MY LIFE! WANT ADVICE OR HELP? Message me! I'd LoVE to help you GET YOUR LIFE IN ORDER! ;) u can also email me @! OLD ABOUT ME (KEEPING IT FOR MEMORY JOGGING) My name is Melissa and I am very unhappy with my appearance! I am currently at my heaviest (i have ALWAYS been super skinny ..until college hit) I go into phases..i'll want to be thin and lose weight but I go about it wrong. I over-do it and excercise like a crazy person. then i end up getting sore and burnt out. I went from wanting to lose 10 pounds, to gaining 20! All because I hate working out and I have no motivation to work out because I think it's painful. REALLY painful. I want to start over and begin a NEW healthier LIFESTYLE....not diet.

I'm 22, married, work part time and I am a full time student getting my Masters in Counseling. Life is busy and wonderful!

46 years old; moved to East coast recently after living in San Francisco, CA for over 20 years. Having a hard time getting myself to do anything during the winter outside...don't like the cold. I do have snowshoes, a snowboard, and a willingness to begin.

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