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Team Name: Beachbody Challenge
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Profile: If you are using or want to use Beachbody workout videos and products (like Turbo Jam, Hip Hop Abs, P90X, Insanity, and Shakeology) to lose weight and get in shape join this group!

Last posted: Wednesday, January 16, 2013, 5:39 PM

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I'm 35 and a social worker doing homeless prevention. I also teach acrobatic pole dancing. This is a great strenth workout but not so much cardio. I have a huge amount of upper body muscle. When not teaching, I sit at a desk. A lot. I have the tendency to do the emotional eating thing and I have a terrible time with nighttime snacking. I don't know quite how I gained 10 lbs quickly, but I'm determined to get at least 10 maybe 15 off. I am tentatively getting married in June.

46y/o wife,mother (2 boys - 17 & 15) and RN. I work 3-12s a week; night shift (7p-7a) I have a hard time keeping an exercise schedule d/t life and my work schedule. This frustrates me and causes me to lose focus. I've been a member of PT before and love the accountability and support it provides. I'm 25 years old. Second-year graduate student. This past year of graduate school (my first) I really "let myself go" ... not that I didn't try here and there, but overall...the entire lifestyle change was overwhelming. I'm not going to beat myself up about it...just time to get things back on track & redevelop the skill set I need to make this a sustainable change. I lost some weight using PT tools, coaching, logging, etc before (2 yrs ago) but then let the weight creep back on. I'll be honest - after a while, life made it such that I wanted to stop worrying about logging my food every day. I thought I could do without. But there's something about accountability (and the support of the PT community) that's worth the time and effort I invest in being active here.

I'm 31, been married 11 year with 4 children. A few years ago I lost 21 lbs. Life goes on, exercise stopped and since then I slowely gained all the weight back plus more. I was so up-beat, I was a better person, a better mother. I WANT that back.

NEW ABOUT ME: HEY!!! I'm melissa :) I'm a p90x ADDICT! I love it! I'm currently on my 3rd round, can't get enough! With p90x and clean eating I AM IN THE BEST SHAPE OF MY LIFE! WANT ADVICE OR HELP? Message me! I'd LoVE to help you GET YOUR LIFE IN ORDER! ;) u can also email me @! OLD ABOUT ME (KEEPING IT FOR MEMORY JOGGING) My name is Melissa and I am very unhappy with my appearance! I am currently at my heaviest (i have ALWAYS been super skinny ..until college hit) I go into phases..i'll want to be thin and lose weight but I go about it wrong. I over-do it and excercise like a crazy person. then i end up getting sore and burnt out. I went from wanting to lose 10 pounds, to gaining 20! All because I hate working out and I have no motivation to work out because I think it's painful. REALLY painful. I want to start over and begin a NEW healthier LIFESTYLE....not diet.

I'm a 36 years old Technology Manager living in NY. I am pretty busy at work which makes it hard to find time to work out. I have bad eating habits and a sweet tooth so as you can see, I have my work cut out for me. I'm also married and have 2 kids.

I am married to a firefighte for 13 years. We have two beautiful kids together and I have an awesome stepdaughter with a cool little boy! I am a work at home mom and I home school my kids.

21 year old student in my third year studying English Literature and International Relations, and would like to be fitter, healthier, and happier by the time Summer rolls up. I've never been the slim and slender type, but now it's just getting to the point where I feel I need to make a sincere effort to be happy with the way I am, whether that is through weight loss or simply changing my perspective, that change starts now.

full time stay at home mum of 4

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