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Profile: Report only your successes with decluttering your life (home, office, fat cells, etc.) and suggestions on how to go about it. We will not focus on/vent the challenges associated with it. Thought is involved here. You will need to problem solve and post your ideas. Of course, you will gain your support by reading others solutions on decluttering. This group is for those of us who love order even when life is busy!

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I'm a 53 year old mother of two girls. I've lost 20 pounds since April 2009 and am struggling to lose 10 more. I teach 3rd grade. Swimming is my favorite exercise, but I enjoy bicycling, kayaking, and walking.. I sometimes lose control of my eating in the evening and need to learn strategies to control my cravings. My family has finally realized how important it is for me to maintain a healthy weight, and since Nov. 4, 2011 my husband has also been eating healthy. This has made it much easier for me. Now I have to control my portion size of healthy foods. I have two small dogs and a stray cat.

I am married with 2 married children. My daughter has 2 little girls (3 and 1). My son has 2 little boys (2 and 3 months). I want to be the grandma that gets down and dirty with the little ones. So far so good, but I am struggling lately.

I'm a 50yo mother of 2 young adults. I'm a former city girl living on a farm. I'm a vegetarian who is trying to eliminate as many chemicals and processed foods that plague our lives.

I am nearing completion of a masters in English with a concentration in writing. I'm working on my thesis and will graduate in May 2011. I started writing for online publications last fall and am currently setting up a blog for Baby Boomers. I really love what I do, but writing is a very sedentary lifestyle and I still don't get the exercise I should. I am divorced and have two grown children. I live ten minutes away from two grandsons and my daughter is marrying a fantastic guy in May. Life is good!

53 y.o. single working woman, mom to 2 wonderful young men (all grown up and out on their own). Over achiever in nearly all aspects of my life - like to be in control of my life - failing miserably (always) regarding my weight. That's the one thing I've never been able to exert any control over!

I'm a 41 yr old single mom of 3, teacher, happily dating someone with 5 young kids (yes, that's 8 kids... ages 6 - 12), who's done with the extra weight. I've put on 30 pounds in 3 years. What's up with that? I love being out doing things with friends, but the extra weight is putting me in avoidance mode; I just don't feel as attractive anymore.

I crossed a milestone of turning 50 this year and realized I hadn't made my goal of weightloss. A lilttle weight gain each year has really added up. I am a grandma and I want to share and enjoy life with my beautiful granddaughters, and still be the woman my husband wants to retire on the beach with when we are old.

Hi! I'm Steffi, a 19-year-old sophomore university student currently going to school in SC, though Texas is my home. I'd like to lose about 45 pounds, and I'm planning on letting Peertrainer and my weight-loss blog help me do that.

I'm majoring in nursing.

I am 40, mother of a fifth grader, who works full-time. Before I became a mother, I worked out at least 5 days a week, now it is pretty rare. I need to make more changes in my activity than in my diet. I have a hard time finding time to work out without cutting into my work or my family.

I am 62, married, live with my husband and numerous dogs and cats. I am self employed and love my work but it takes a lot of hours and energy. I use my job as an excuse not to exercise. I have have always had weight and food issues, but I ballooned in my 20's. I joined OA when I was about 30 and lost the weight and was able to control it for several years. But in the last 15 years, I just gave up. I had surgery (a vertical sleeve gastrectomy) on 6/8/09. My top weight (5/15/09?) was 263. Pre-op weight (6/8/09): 252

I am 52 and live in a great neighborhood in Baltimore. I work in television/documentary production- and commute to Washington, DC, so I have an erratic schedule. I've always been active - running, biking, hiking. But injuries and weight gain have made me less active in recent years. I did a sprint triathlon in September. It was so much fun. I want to train more and do another tri or two this year.

I'm a 29 year old researcher.

I'm 30+ and is a positive and happy person. I enjoy sports and want to be more energetic. I believe that in order to have fitness for lifetime, I must work together with my body and mind instead of going against them. Therefore I choose to eat healthy food happily and to have fun in sport. Gradually I'll change my eating habits and my relationship with food. My first milestone will be going down to 140 pounds in this summer holiday. I know I can make it, it's not that difficult. My moto: I'm strong, I don't need that chocolate!

I'm 26, 5' 8'' and I live in the fabulous San Francisco Bay Area. Some of my interests are writing, knitting, sewing, arts & crafts, reading, theatre, volunteering, peace vigils, and walking/hiking. I have been a vegetarian since March 2009, after two years of slowly cutting meat out of my diet. (Though, I still eat eggs and fish.) I've been overweight for, well, since I can remember. But all that's a-changin'!

49 yrs old, mother of two, working part time, living in Athens, Greece

I am a 25 year old working mother. I have a 2 year old little girl, a loving husband and a dog! I work full time and have a hard time balancing all the things in my life that I want to! I've always been on the heavier side and I've mostly just sugar coated it and turned the other cheek to my health. Now that I am a mother I realize that this attitude has to stop!

I never thought I could lose weight and was resigned to ballooning out as I've been thin all my childhood with never caring what I ate or how much junk food it contained. Then suddenly I was 40 and 163 lbs. I'm on the tall side (5' 9") but with my structure I think around 140 lbs would be best. I've managed to get to 151 so far, but now I haven't moved from that weight for over six months and I need to get my focus back. I'm hoping this will help.

45 married, teacher, 2 adopted troubled children, live on a farm, drive and ride mule and horses. LOST 10 POUNDS from JULY - NOV thanks to PT! Heaviest: 149! mostly due to medications I was on at the time Goal to be 125 or less, size 6 is best, 8 is acceptable. Got down to size 6. Hovered at 8 for 2012 but now back up to 10. Not ok

Married 36 years to Mike. We have three kids, ages 33, 30, & 19. Also DIL age 26 and grandson born 8-8-12. I am a Christian and am relying on the help of God to see me through to my goals. I know what to do and how to do it. I need help with discipline and consistency of all features going on at same time. I.e. eating healthily while exercising consistently. This is possible, right?

I'm a married, working mom with 3 sons. I have it all but get so stressed and negative that I can't seem to enjoy it all! I have 13 - 30 pounds to lose. I'll be happy with 13, but I might like to get lower - will see when I get there! I binge eat, even though it's not really reflected in my weight.

54, M, 5'10", 165#, used to run a lot, not much anymore. Did the Honolulu Marathon in 2005.

I am an active person, work full time from home..

I am 49 years old and have struggled with weight and subsequent self-esteem issues all my life. Ten years ago, I lost 100 pounds in 16 months by swimming 5-6 days a week and eating like a healthy athlete. Even though I didn't start out a healthy athlete, I ended up one. But like many others, the weight has crept back on -- less time for the pool, a partner who liked to buy me treats, a sedentary job. I recently lost my beloved partner to cancer (10 happy years of sharing yummy - but not always healthy - food!). Now it's time to get back to the "me" that feels right, which is me 100 pounds lighter.

I am an administrator who loves photography, sailing and watercolor painting.

I am a first grade teacher. I am working on my graduate degree. Also I have an 11-year-old daughter. I throw myself into my work spending most every moment during the school year researching strategies to help my children succeed and making things for the children in my class like games and things they can do. If I am not doing that, I am spending time with my daughter taking her where she wants to go or picking up her friends. I stay up late working on my graduate assignments or things for work. I often eat unhealthy--very unhealthy. During the summer, I usually travel and love to try all the restaurants I encounter. Something needs to change. I am not getting younger. I am now 31. I want to lose weight. I want to feel good about myself when someone takes my picture.

32 Years old. Business owner. 2 girls, married. Have never had to diet before, but now age and two pregnancies is catching up. Need help cutting junk and motivation to work out regularly.

I am a 24 year old single mom. Trying to find the motivation to get into shape so I can have more engery and so I can fit into a bathing suit for the first time since I was a baby!

I'm 45 and determined to do this. No more excuses. I'm married, no kids, and enjoy exercise. I just eat too much due to stress, procrastination, or other emotional reasons. This is my #1 goal and I'm going to make it happen. I've lost 4 lbs in the last 2 weeks and I'm on my way.

I'm a consultant and work at home - too close to my refrigerator! Love to travel, just got back from working in a panda sanctuary in China.

I love moving, running, swimming, sports when I am doing them, but have trouble getting motivated on my own. I am 49, single and I feel much better when I am 120lbs or less. Vive la vida.

I am a freelance graphic designer who fortunately stays busy, but unfortunately sits on my rear end way too much. I have two boys, ages 2 and 5 who are ridiculously adorable. I also love to drink beer, I guess a habit that has carried over from college years and has been almost a daily thing. Really bad. I have decided, sadly, that I should never drink beer again. I quit one time before and became very healthy, lost 30+ pounds- it was great. and then I devolved back into a beer drinking slob. meh. :D It's easy for me to avoid "bad foods"as long as I avoid alcohol. There I said it. I will have a glass or 2 of red wine on November 5th, and the 20th, but in general am trying to stay alcohol free for 8 weeks. After that my plan is to either limit my consumption to Friday and Saturday after my kids are in bed or just on social occasions- need to figure that out.

Hi - I'm Chuck - I'm a 39 year old married computer systems engineer & Secondary school math teacher - Basketball, MMA, swimming enthusiast - I need a group to be accountable to so can keep my workouts / diet on track. Life is great -I've been blessed to be very happily married for 6 years and need to do a better job organizing myself also. Love kids but don't have any of my own. Would anyone like to trade weekly workout schedules and results?

20-something girl who knows exactly what she needs to do to get healthy but needs a good kick in the ass.

42 yr old mother of LCPL Dakota Deck, would lke to have one more child

47yr old single Mom of 3 great boys ages 10, 12 &14. I really like being me - I just don't always love myself the way we always hope to find that unconditional love & acceptance from another special person. This isn't just about getting off the last few pounds & keeping it off - it's about building up the last few positive self attitudes & acceptances & keeping those on for life!

50, single, female. I admit it, I love to eat, and I can be very lazy, and fruits and veggies aren't exactly where I head when given a choice. Was thin until 35 - and then started ballooning. I think it took me a while to believe i was actually fat - but really haven't been able to deny it for years. I just have to get this under control. i have to get my house under control too, among other things.

[I'd be happy with size 10 & 145 pounds.] <--- my goal before I gave up PT, back in October, 2010, I think. Now it's 5/17/12 & I'm back, 20+ weeks pregnant & feel more committed to more fitness and water consumption than I've half-heartedly done in the past. I started the pregnancy at 174lbs & this morning weighed in at 167.4.

I'm a 30+ academic who spends way more time at her desk pouring over books than is good for her health. I want to loose weight and get fit so that I can keep on pouring over my books for many, many decades to come!

I am a married stay at home mom. I have four children all together. Myt oldest is 16(my step son). I have an eleven year old from a previous relationship he is eleven, and my other eleven year old is my other step son. Last but not least is my daughter who just turned four. We have the "yours mine and ours" blended family thing going on. Im busy with kid stuff even though I am a stay at home mom. I am having trouble staying motivated for the past two years to stay healthy, and keep on track with workouts, and what I eat. This is the first time in my life that I am overweight. Not even after pregnancies did I have problems shedding the weight. I fell into the mom thing of letting myself go. Now I want to come back to the things I love. Im obsessive about clothing, and fitting into clothing I love is a big reason for wanting to stay in shape and healthy.

Empty nest - i have more time for exercise and have cut out bad snacking for the most part. I'm not always perfect.

I lost 12 kg (~26.5 lbs) in the last 3 months and would like to keep them off. :-). I'm 35 and I work as a tech editor.

Turned 40 this January. A mother of 2. 17 and 8. A busy professional. Looking to lose weight to start dating again.

53. Happy. Healthy- more or less.

New Yorker. Musician. Reluctant gym-goer. Athletically challenged - took remedial basketball in 3rd grade and it was downhill from there. Workaholic. Traveler. Pet owner.

52 years old, divorced, fat. Need I say more?? :-)

I'm 25 and working in the music and journalism industry where looks are as much of an asset as your background. I want to be able to be confident in my skin while maintaining a healthy size. Additionally, I take an antidepressant that a

Retired military; mom to a school-age daughter; age 44; divorced; work full-time for the Army National Guard; slowly gained weight for 15 yrs with many periods of weight loss of 20 lbs or more only to gain it all back; sick and tired of being sick and tired

51 years old, very over weight. I'm an emotional eater and have not been able to diet for quite a long time. I need help!!!

I am a 50 something mother of 7 and new grandmother of 1. I am busy still raising tow 15 year olds and working as a nurse. I have always been thin but gaining weight and size over last few years. I want to be in good enough shape to play on the playground or take hikes with grands. I also want some "abs"! Need to declutter my life and home.

49 year old cop's wife & mother of 3 - 2 are grown and the youngest is 9 years old. Work as a controller - lots of sitting & stress!

I'm a mother of three who works full time. I need to lose about 80 pounds while figuring out how to balance a challenging carer,cleaning the house and cooking for everyone (including a naturally thin husband and daughter, finicky toddler and baby). Baby steps...

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