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Team Name: MILL VALLEY CA Weight Loss And Fitness Support
Members: 11
Location: MILL VALLEY, CA 94941



Last posted: Sunday, May 06, 2012, 5:39 PM

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I'm a 43 year old professional mother of two boys and happily married. I used to be very fit but after a long process of diagnosing Hashimotos, I'm now 20 - 25 pounds above the weight I'm most comfortable which is between 130 and 135 pounds.

I am a flight attendant. I have a very chaotic schedule with almost zero routine. I am always on the go and fatigued. This leads to poor food choices, difficulty keeping an exercise program, and procrastination. I am a big social drinker as well, which packs in the calories.

I am a senior with an MS condition. i have been lucky as things are not progressing i have a husband and two sons. one is a pilot the other is in business. One is married

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