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I am 60 and have put on 10 -12 lbs every decade. I am spiritually based and have seriously started my transformational process. Major changes in my life occured 18 months ago, that forced me to reevaluate everything about everything I had experienced. I surrendered to Spirit and want a change of Heart and Head. I intend to change from the inside out. All change is good and all relationships reveal more about ourselves. I am sick of making excuses for my misuse of food, addiction to sweets and lack of exercise. What comes out of me is indicative of what I put in me...and i am aware change is essential and support is crucial at this point. I have taken care of the spiritual part and I am reaching out for assistence in physical atunement. Thank you for your interest in my wellbeing. We do for another what we sometimes cannot do for ourselves. I want to gain what cannot be measure and loose what can be measured and do both in joy and gratitude. :)

Love to Airboat, go fishing, I love anything to do with water!

Fairly easy for me to stay at a healthy weight while I was in school; walking to and from classes. Post-graduation I gained 10-15 lbs after just a few months of a desk job that I"m still in. I've been holding it there but I need to tone it back up.

Hi, I'm glad that I found this website. I've read a lot of nice stories and it makes me even more motivated to reach my goal. First of all, I'm a 22 year old female and I'm a tennis professional/instructor. I've always been an active individual. I've always been extermemly fit and I've competed in tennis at a professional & collegiate level. After I I stopped competing at that high level and stopped doing my daily very intense workouts, I kept my normal diet. My diet was not bad, but I was consuming a lot of calories that I did not burn off. After half a year of not paying attention to my diet and exercise I gained 30lbs. It took a lot of discipline to competely alter my eating habits and incorporate some exercise into my schedule. I was successful in dropping all the weight within 3 months and kept it off until I got into a car accident. After I was in a car accident in April 2010, I've had the hardest time watching what I eat and I haven't been able to exercise much because of the pain. I went through 4 months of very limited physical therapy and treaments before I had a series of 3 steroid epidurals injected into my spine. I've also been taking pain managment medication occasionally when it is unbearable. I'm against taking these medications that become addictive and bring you down a slippery slope. I only take them when I absolutely cannot sleep, but I deal with the pain daily. With this being said, I've been down a lot about my self-image, not being able to exercise, and function normally. All of these negative thoughts, medications, and injuries have lead to my significant weight gain. It's been over 8 months since my accdident and I need to stop feeling down in the dumps about my situation. I have to grab the reigns on this and get back in shape. I may not be able to do that much exercise until I have my surgery, but I am going to control my diet.

I am 78 years old and lead a very active life. I like to entertain at home...cocktail parties and dinner parties. This is fun but doesn't help with my weight. I plan to stop drinking wine etc. in hope that it will help me get off to a good start.

I am 60 over 230lbs out of shape and would like to get back to enjoying life

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