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Team Name: MODESTO CA Weight Loss And Fitness Support
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Last posted: Monday, June 17, 2013, 12:40 PM

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I am young and a new mommy. being a mom caused me to be more stressfull and loose control of my athletic body. im a very happy person but i know my helth is very important so i decided to take care of my health.

My name is marisela im 19 years old from california. I currently work and am looking foward to going to college this summer. Ive been overweight most of my life or at least felt that way. I want to loss weight to be healthy and feel great, do things i cant do now but know i will be able to do soon.

I am 27 year old wife and mother to 2 gorgeous children (if I do say so myself. My daughter Abigail is 2 1/2 years old and my Son Sean is 3 Months. I love scrapbooking, going to the movies, Disneyland, and hanging with friends. I tend to be pessimistic by nature which causes alot of stress eating. My goal in life is to get healthy and be a good wife and mother.

single mom of two boys, I love photography, hanging out with my friends and family, reading and writing. I absolutely have to be in nature, my favorite destination for nature rejuvenation is Yosemite National park, feel like God is surrounding and lifting me up.

I am 29. I am currently in a long term subbing position. I love taking pictures and making short films of my friends. I spend most of my free time with my friends, and being jealous of their new baby son. I enjoy the outdoors and would like to get back into backpacking.

i am a budding massage therapist, love to play the guitar, love music. love anthropological studies! the world is very interesting!

Fallen off the wagon in terms of my exercise and eating regimes. Therein lies the rub it appears. All the years of obsessively being the gym girl and always counting every calorie, has caused me to burn out in a gigantic manner, and go the opposite way. I now have 25 pounds that I haven't seen for years. All my clothes are ridiculously tight and my self esteem in all areas of my life has plummeted. I need some help to get back on the train in a positive and healthy way. Balance. I seek balance and peace in my constant struggle to lose weight. Perhaps focusing on health and not weight may be a better spotlight of energy.

I'm a mom of twins (born July 2010) and a preload shift worker at a shipping company (5 days/wk in the EARLY a.m.). I struggle with eating healthy because nursing has allowed me to eat a lot in the past year, and when I wean these girls I don't want to blow up like a balloon. I used to be able to jog a lot, but my knees will not have it anymore! In short, I need to watch my portions and my sweets intake. When I get off work, I am tired and starving and I'll eat everything in sight. It's hard for me to balance logic with the fatigue of working and the demands of being a mom, when it comes to making good diet choices. I'm hopeful that accountability will set me on the right track!

I'm a homemaker with two children grown and moved out and one tween still at home. I have a 9 month old granddaughter and a grandson due in September . I love to cook ( which doesn't help my weight) . My goal everyday is to "be my best me" . I usually fall short but I just try again the next day.

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