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Last posted: Saturday, July 27, 2013, 9:27 PM

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Im a 32 yr old married mom. Im 5-10 and weigh 165 , size 12, I am my best at 145 size 8, want to get there!

I'm a 23 year old early childhood education major attending the University of South Florida. At one point in my life I was 200lbs. After struggling with an eating disorder I dropped my weight to 163lbs. Soon after, I met a great trainer at my gym who motivated me to lose weight in a healthy manner. With his help, and constant dedication I dropped my weight down to 128lbs. After three years I now maintain a weight of 143lbs. Unfortunately I cannot afford to train five days a week like I used to when my weight lost was most rapid. School consumes my life and I am in a serious relationship that also takes up much of my time. When I lost the majority of my weight I was so dedicated that I believe it burnt me out on diet and exercise. I was so extreme that I cant seem to motivate myself as I used too. I have a fat complex -- even after losing so much weight I still look in the mirror and see a 200lb person. I obsess over what I eat and feel guilty for eating in general. When I eat unhealthy I harp on the fact.

a busy mother of 2, girl 11 and boy 7

43yo... Spent most of my years at a decent weight or underweight, due to crohns. A few years ago, I tried a new medicine which relieved all of my crohn's symptoms, but I started to 'like' food again... With crohns' my weight varied between 125 (at lowest) to 165. I'm not at 221 and looking very pudgy... Time to get back on a healthy track.

Mother of 3 Grandmother of 3 / Single parent for 20 yrs now children are up and running on their own. I need to reinvent myself, at the same time find my old self (if this makes sense).

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