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Team Name: EAU CLAIRE WI Weight Loss And Fitness Support
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Location: EAU CLAIRE, WI 54703



Last posted: Tuesday, April 23, 2013, 1:23 AM

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I'm a 39 y.o. career woman turned college student (result of a recent layoff). My previous job required long hours and I lost my priorities.

I work a lot but am weighing in at the most I have ever weighed and am getting depressed about the weight and how I feel about myself.

I live in a small town in WI where I grew up. I am 32yrs old full time college student, going for Masters in Social Work.

i am a busy mom off 6 kids yes 6. i am angry at nothing working for me. I have literally tried good and bad stuff to loose weight. i even contemplated vomiting every meal. i knew then i was in need of help. if this 3 month diet doesn't start the weight loss i am opting for the stomach sleeve surgery.

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