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Team Name: PUEBLO CO Weight Loss And Fitness Support
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Last posted: Tuesday, February 19, 2013, 4:57 PM

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i love to take walks but my asthama sometimes doesn't want to work with me

Primary school teacher whose tends to stress out and eat. Sometimes its hard to turn down those birthday cupcakes or sugary snacks that are offered by adorable 5 year olds.

I am 13 and am starting High school in August. I have been overweight since 4th grade. Actually i have been chubby all my life. I hope this site helps me.

Martial arts instructor Work from home- at a computer all day

Ii am a 26 year old wife and mother. I work at home on a computer all day leaving me feeling drained at the end of my day.

42 year old mother of active 8 & 3 year old who is a stay at home home mom and family manager.

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