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I have already lost 50 pounds, Im trying to loose the last 40 and it is the hardest time yet. I am trying to stay motivated so that I can reach my goal weight before starting school again in the fall

I'm 59, and have yo-yoed since my late 30's. I miss wearing clothes I like and not feeling self consious. I hate that I've wasted so many years being fat. I am married with a 21 year old son. I make woodcuts as a hobby, and sometimes sell the prints and give them to friends.

I am single female age 35, who was once a size 7/8 and have grown to a size 24. I don't have any children so I can't say it's baby weight. I do have a condition that causes it to be more difficult to lose the weight but for the most part I just have never put 100% effort in obtaining my goals. I recently read a scripture that just hit me in the heart and spoke to me about how I am being such a poor steward over the body God has given me. It's funny I have read this scripture many times but this time it spoke very differently to me. I. Cor 6:20 You were bought at a price therefore glorify God in your body. So I am believing God for total transformation! I am starting anew!! I know I have quite a goal to me but through Christ it will be done.

I'm 18 and a college student going into nursing. I'm usually anti-social and stay isolated in my bedroom due to not having friends because I'm too shy and self conscious to make any. I cry too many times because I don't know how to change, because the way I live is all I've known. I'm currently at 210 and a size 18. And the thing that hurt the most is when I mentioned something to my mom about being overweight, and her telling me that her boyfriend asked her if I was pregnant. I'm here to try to finally do something about it and lose the weight I've gone way too long wanting it.

I'm a 35 year-old mom with two wonderful kids and a terrific boyfriend. I've recently decided that I need to make some health changes so I can keep up with my fast-paced family. I want to get settled into a healthier nutrition and exercise habit. I know with a little peer support and a lot of willpower I can make some major headway with my weight loss and overall wellbeing.

I am 39 years old. I am a mom of 3 (10,8 and 5yr.old). I teach an enrichment program two days a week for homeschoolers. That means I teach hands on classes in art, history, and science then we do literature read alouds and bible studies also. Two of my oldest children are in my class. The other three days I homeschool my children.

I am mom to two little girls, ages 2 and 5. I've been happily married for 9 years. I am also a student in the Information Sciences program at the University of Tennessee. I am planning on becoming a medical or corporate librarian. I am also extremely active in my church.

I just turned 35, and this will be about the 20th year in a row I've said, "This is the year I'm going to lose weight!" I am finally disgusted enough with my body that I am ready to do it. I can barely fit into any of my clothes, and I just eat and sleep all the time.

I am turning 50 , quit smoking after 29 years and now I am going to slim down and get into shape.

I'm a 22 year old college student and wife. I've always been over weight, but getting married tipped the scales... to the tune of 40 extra pounds. I want to be healthy before I start having kids, so I need to lose umm... like 90 pounds.

I'm fairly healthy and have never had too much trouble staying thin, but I work up one day realizing that my 32D bra was no longer sufficient. Not even with stretching it. I'm hoping to get into shape by May!

I come from a family of over-eaters and consequently, heavier people. I've gained the curse, and I want to turn it around. I finally have a real reason/motivator to do so - I'm getting married in August, and I want to feel good about myself and the way that I look for our big day.

I am a 29 year old women with a 6 year old daughter (soon to be 7 on halloween) 8) And a 4 month old boy! 8) Before my daughter i weighed 170lbs i was in pretty good shape athletic build.I gained 70lbs with my daughter at the end of my pregnancy i weighed 230!!! I got down to about 185-190. With my son i made sure not to gain so much i only gained 25lbs and all my weight was gone two weeks after giving birth!! yey!! 8) Now i am trying to loose the weight from having my daughter! Wish me luck!!!

Mom of 4, inflammatory markers - diet related, beginning a bootcamp

I'm a 25 year old woman. I work full time outside of the home and have a 3 year old daughter. My husband is army, and I am trying to go army since he is getting out soon. I would like to get down to my ideal weight. I do struggle with pcos and insulin resistance and I dont wish to become diabetic, so I am working harder to get the body I need to be healthy. The hardest bit right now is sticking to a low carb diet. Its a struggle but I'll stick to it because I need to do this to achieve my goals.

Turning 35 this year. 6'4" 276 lbs. Weight has accumulated over the years, but at a faster rate in the last 2 years as we've had a baby and my job has become much more demanding. I was chubby growing up, thinned out in HS and got into fitness during college and stayed in decent shape until marriage. Slowly started accumulating weight in the last 5-8 years.

I am a 22 year old college student. I currently have about a year until I get married and I would love to lose about 6 pounds and tone up before then.

Was always thin in high school & college, but packed on weight after getting married & having children. Tried all kinds of diets and finally got serious about exercising. Learned the hard way that you can exercise all you want, but until you change the way you eat, it's not going to make much difference.

I am 23 years old. I used to be very active, run miles and miles every day, but I have been fairly sedentary for the last few years and have gained more weight than I care to carry (though it could be worse).

I am 54yr female. I once was a aerobic instructor. I have gone through many life trauma events in the last 4 yrs. While I lost weight in the beginning, I now have gain that back a couple of times.

I like to Read and plant flowers

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