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I teach 10th Grade World Literature

I am 38, 5'6", 240 lbs male. I have had issues with weight and food for many years. I was a member of weight watchers at the age of 10. I have has periods of success: 1988 (150 lbs) after bootcamp in the Navy. 2001 (170 lbs and more toned) 2003 (175 lbs from 260 lbs). I started gaining weight back, after I relocated from CA to ATL in 2007. I am now back at 240 lbs.

I am 34, living with my boyfriend, no kids. I would love to actually lose the 20-30 pounds that I have been living with for years. I sit all day at my job.

I'm 26, 5'10" and about 210lbs. I want to get down to around 180, which was the weight I carried while I was in school and not living as sedentary a lifestyle as I do now.

I'm a 22 year old professional living in Atlanta, Ga. I need to get back into bikini shape! I'd love to drop about 10-13lbs.

28 y/o mother of a 9 month old. I have 5 more pounds to lose to get to my pre-pregnancy weight and 20 more pounds to lose to get to my ultimate goal weight, which I've never achieved. I lost 70 pounds 7 years ago and have maintained the weight loss, but have always plateued (sp?) when it came to losing those last ten pounds

I am a 36 year old single woman.

I'm currently 185 and used to be extremely active back in high school and a bit of college but never really understood anything about being healthy or maintaining a healthy weight. Now that I understand it seems really difficult to motivate myself to get there.

27 year old mother of 2. I am desperate to be 150 pounds again. Right now, I am weighing in approximately 175 pounds. I would love to lose the extra weight and regain some of my confidence.

Wife to a wonderful and loving man. Mother to an amazing 1 year old.

I am looking to change my life starting with me.

Single mom of the most rockinest dinosaur loving 4 year old. Work full time for Hilton in sales and trying to get into the swing of life after being in a relationship for5 years---i totally blew my 20's being a doormat:)

In my mid-30s, left a really stressful, travel intensive job to return to school. Now graduated and entering the next life chapter. I'd like to now focus on getting healthy and making better choices.

just another person, maybe later i put more

I'm a student at Emory University in Atlanta

I am 28 yrs old. I am married with a 13 month old little boy, works fulltime and in graduate school for myMBA. I started running about 6 months ago. I had run 3 5Ks pacing at 13-15 minutes mile. Also did 2 10K's and pacing at around 14-15 minute mile.

I am a 25 year old female who relocated to Atlanta approximately a year ago. Since then I've gained approximately 20-30 lbs. I'm not going to blame anything (i.e. the southern food) on my weight gain, except for myself. I've been on diets all my life and have always struggled with my weight. Since 18 years old, I've done weight watchers approximately 3 times and have lost at least 10-20 lbs. 2/3 times. I love nutrition and working out (particularly) classes so the motivation is there. I just can't figure out how to lose this weight AGAIN! My mother has suggested support, so that's why I'm on here. I hope to gain the support that I need:)

I am a 25 year old woman living in Georgia. I have been happily married for 4 years. I am not planning on kids for a few more years. I am a massage therapist and love my job. I am 5'11 with a large frame. I've been a little over weight most of my life but have picked up some more weight since being out of college and getting married. My family not only has a history of being larger, they also have a history of diabetes and heart issues which I want to avoid if possible.

I am a homeschoolng mom of 3 kids 10, 6 ,and 4 months. my last pregnancy was great but afterwards I have gained about 30 lbs. i don't seem to lose weight nursing but gain. who knew! Regardless, I am excited to make peace with food and become healthy even in the most stressful of times.

I'm 18, a freshman in college, and I really want to lose weight. I feel like my friends (some of my fake friends) and family want me to gain weight, but i'm on the borderline of normal weight and overweight for my height, 4'9". If i go back to visit them and they see i haven't gained weight, i feel like they'll hate me even more. This same dilemma happened with my sister. My family and her friends spreaded rumors that she was anorexic, which is not true because she's normal weight, and whenever they were around her they would tell her she was too skinny and needed to gain weight or eat unhealthy foods such as pizza with grease dripping off it. Keeping in mind how they will think of me, having cravings for potato chips, candy, and ice-cream binges, and being overloaded with stress and anxiety from school makes it difficult to lose a few pounds. I want to lose weight and i hope joining this team makes it easier. I'm vegetarian but binge on junk food.

I am co-founder of The YOU Project, llc which was created to help empower women. PLease visit us at

I'm a 26 year old female from the Metro Atlanta area.

i am a full time mom of 4 and a full time student

I am a wife and a mom of a 2 yr old. I have a desk job and I do not have a consistent workout routine at the moment. I was a my heaviest (200lbs) at the time I got pregnant and now I still weigh the same as when I was 9 months pregnant (230 lbs). I think this is officially not baby weight anymore! My husband and I want to have another baby soon but my current weight is a big concern.

I have always struggled with weight issues. In my 20's I was 40 lbs lighter than I am now. In my 30's I was 20 lbs lighter than I am now, and in my late 30's and early 40's I gave up and became 50 lbs heavier than I am now. I lost and gained the same 30 lbs from 2000-2004, and finally lost and gained that last 10 lbs for a total of 40 for the last 2 years, and have recently taken another 10 lbs off for a total of 50 in the last year. I am working out now 5-6 days a week and lifting a lot of weights. I have always excercised including running, but now I am subsituting 3 days a weeks of weights. I really want to get the last 25 lbs off and keep it off for good. I am looking for support to keep going and get this last 25 off

My name is Kevin Pressley, a Personal Trainer in the Atlanta area. I would like to offer my services, that is if you are in the market ;). I would love to help you achieve any fitness goals you may have. Take a look at my site and I hope to be hearing from you! Oh yeah, if you know anyone looking for a trainer, your referral would be greatly appreciated as well. Have a blessed day!

Married 45 yrs old. Live in Atlanta. Work for GE Energy as a finance manager. Want to become much more active and include my wife. I love to run and am training for a couple of marathons but feel I'm about 25 lbs too heavy and have had no luck getting to my goal weight of 180. My wife is from Japan and is tiny but she wants to start eating much better and lose some weight too.

I'm a 20 year old college student in a city - therefore, I sit on my butt all day (by obligation, not choice) studying, writing, reading, highlighting, researching, you name it. The library is my friend, but the gym is a place I need to make some more time for.

Just turned 49

I am 5'3 and 200lbs. This is the weight I've been carrying for a long time time. It's time for it to come off.

I'm a 27 year old newlywed with no kids. I have been married for a year and a half. My husband and I met in our final year of undergrad. I'm well educated; when I graduated undergrad in 2004 I weighed 150 pounds, by the time I finished graduate school two years later I weighed 230 pounds and have continued to gain wieght ever since. I want to blame the marathon study sessions and late night parties, but I know its my poor choices and laziness that got me to my current weight. Also, I have a diagnosed thyroid auto-immune disorder that has most likely been caused by my weight. I take 10 pills a day in order to treat it.

I am a 37 year old female who recently got married in september 2009, and i am very unhappy with my weight, me and my husband are going on a cruise in june and my plans are to loose at least 85lbs. I am determined and also am hoping to meet others who want to loose weight and maybe we can do it together to be eachothers support system

I am 25 years old and recently got married! I am getting my Masters at the Savannah College of Art and Design. I love food but I also love being active and feeling great in my clothes! I want to make sure I am at my absolute healthiest so I can live a long wonderful life with my husband!

When I changed to a low-fat vegetarian diet my junior yea of high school, I went from 155 lbs at 5'6" to 108 lbs in 5 months. I yo-yoed between 120-135 pounds through most of my 20s. (with a couple of upswings into the 140s.) I know I am not "fat" or overweight by medical standards, but I am tired of being personally dissatisfied with my appearance.

Trying to balance commitments to others and to myself

I'm a 39yr old secular homeschooling mom to 3 awesome boys plus a great husband. Everything in my life is wonderful - near perfection - except the extra weight that I continue to carry and my tangled distracting thoughts of food.

My story goes like this... (and bear with me, I'm long winded) I played soccer since 2nd grade, and volleyball throughout high school and college. My weight has always been a moving number, and I have never been at an ideal weight. At my best, senior year of high school... I was 160 doing Sugar Busters. The summer came around, and then college, and even though I was a collegiate volleyball player I still managed to fluctuate from 175-188, never really achieving my potential even though I was strong and relatively healthy. I read Skinny Bitch, then The Food Revolution, then the China Study... and 20 something more books after that. I went righteously vegan with a fervor.. trying to convert my whole team and loving every second of new found information that made so much sense to me. I lost weight, felt and looked great when I dropped below 170 for the first time in a long time. I was vegan for about a year, and then college volleyball ended for good and I had an extra semester to party. Pizza at 2 am was irresistible, and "living it up" during my last semester in Florida, 4 minutes from the ocean, took its toll. Little indulgences in pizza, bagels, cream cheese, and bar food led back to the lifestyle I had been so passionately against. I graduated in December of 2008 and spend 4 months sending out resumes to every contact I had. Companies were laying off, the economy was plunging and entry-level positions didn't exist. I worked for some small businesses, lived at home for a year and babysat. The lucrativeness of no rent and babysitting for over 10 families was juxtaposed living in suburbia with no social outlets expect for the 4 year olds I worked with. I felt dead, had no motivation to work out or NOT eat what these munchkins unfortunately ate on a daily basis. This was not the life I wanted or imagined. Rcently, I've moved out, and I am living in Atlanta. I started my own creative service initiative called Hungry Art which also gives back to hunger charities. I am actively trying to find a marketing or sales job doing something I love in art, nutrition, or simply helping people. I have opportunities in front of me that I need to take and run with, confidently, urgently, happily... but I feel so burdened with insecurity about how far I've let myself go. I am now 200 pounds, a place I have never been to. I am not nearly as confident as I used to be, and I know I could even reach new levels I haven't been to. I am ready to follow through on being a vegan and make changes that will last me a life time. I want to lose this weight forever, and not keep swinging up and down. I want to jump start myself as a person and give myself every opportunity to succeed, and I think that first comes with respecting and helping what I live in... my body.

Press: is focused on taking the appropriate actions knowing that the results will follow. lives in metro Atlanta, GA. is father to three daughters, husband to one wife. is looking to improve his fitness level and reduce his weight to 190 pounds.

I'm 45 years old and I teach fitness classes here in Atlanta, I would love to be able to stay in the best shape as I am an example to my students!

I am a college grad who a year after graduation is still unemployed (sigh). I used to run at least a half mile every day while I was in college, but then my last semester I got pneumonia and had breathing issues for the next 8 months. I just kind of feel stuck in my life right now. I have 2 science degrees that have proven worthless. almost 30 grand in student loan debt that I have no way of being able to pay on (thank god for deferments on stafford loans!), the only job that I could get after college is a part time retail job selling lotion that only gives me 6 hours a week. I went from having freedom to living at home in a new city (parents moved while i was in college). i'm trying to find something that I can change. so i'm trying this whole peertrainer site out. I'm 5'3 and probably 185 pounds (i don't own a scale). I've never been anywhere near skinny. I played multiple sports year round from 2 to 18.5 and i have always been overweight. I'm not an over-eater. in fact, in college i would study and work so much that I would forget to eat for days. I probably only eat 2 meals a day currently, which i know is bad. Eating and meals have never been the priority of my life. i've always been more concerned with what i needed to do or how much i needed to squeeze into 24 hours. so let's see if i can can start dropping some pounds so that maybe my energy level can go back up higher than it's been the last 2-3 years. Dropping a couple jeans sizes wouldn't be so bad either. :)

I am 30 years old, and work with kids. When I get on a diet, it may work for a little while, but then I go back to my old habbits.

I had lost 60lbs when participating in a bootcamp, my head got too big, and thought it's ok to eat some bad foods sometimes. Well, the unhealthy foods added up and I went from 139 and 21% bodyfat to presently 177 and 34.8% body fat. I don't have a trainer anymore or no one to hold me accountable. Can't do bootcamps due to injuries. So, I am having problems with losing weight consistently. It's frustrating because I was a personal trainer and quit because I wasn't practicing what I was preaching. I want my weight to be gone. My problems are emotional eating, binge eating, no moderation, and inconsistency.

I'm in grad school (master of physician assistant), and this causes me to be super busy and stressed. Want to care care of my body as I would one of my patients.

I am a female, 37 yrs alone..a little shy(until you get to know me)...i laugh alot and sometimes my laughter is out of place...

I'm about to start my second fall semester of college and I would like to get rid of the ~15 lbs that I've gained within a year. I would also like to stop emotional eating.

28 year old Tax Accountant.Very energetic and love the positive energy from my workout/gym buddies. A strong believer in the "Work Hard, Play Harder" motto.

I am a 37 yr old female. I live alone and I do not have kids. Until I become comfortable with someone, I am extremely shy. I laugh a lot and I have been blessed with a charming I've been told...

I am a wife, mother, student, and business owner. I want to lose weight so I can be more active and feel good about myself.

I'm married with 1 child. My workout journey began Oct 2009 & I haven't stopped since. I have lost all the "baby" weight & now hoping to loose 10-15lbs & i'll be at my goal weight :)

I am a 41 year old married mother of a 10 year old who has been freelance lawyering (research and writing for other lawyers/firms) for five years. I struggle with eating when I am alone and not setting myself up to make the better choice (ie, having the nutritious food more accessible than the non-so-nutritious food).

Burlesque performer/instructor.

I'm a 21 year old, African American, full time nursing student that also works 40 hours a week. I've spent my whole life caring for others and caring about others happiness and now it's time to make myself happy!

I am 51 yrs old and have a desired to get health, fit and finer that I was when I was in my 30s ( the best years of my life). I eat well as long as I cook but have a problem rejecting the invite from co-workers to order out for lunch daily, even if I brought my lunch.

I'm 40 years old, 6' 1" and 225 lbs. I currently live in Atlanta moved me down for a 18 month rotation of assignment while my wife and kids live in Ohio. So, being alone...I have no reason not to lose the weight and get into the best shape of my life!

I like to walk, and participate in workouts that are fun.

5'10"; 52; medium build; stay-at-home wife to 2 teenage children

I would like to connect, support and share with other on their weight loss journey. Your health is priortiy, without your health nothing esle is possible.

Im a free spirit who loooovveesss to laugh and have fun. I have a 4 yr. old son who is my pride and joy! Im doing this this also because of him, he's a lil plump his self. I always have felt trapped inside of my body, like its this other person is screaming to GET OUT!!!! So im soooooo ready to get to the REAL ME!!!!!! I hope you are too!!! :)

I am 5'4''. I love to interact with people and am most successful with support groups such as workout buddies, etc.

I am 40 years old, single and a workaholic. I love fast-foods especially desserts from Sonics and Red Lobster. I am 5'5" tall weighing 257 lbs. I suffer with arthritis in my knees, doctors say that I am bone on bone, but I too young to have the surgery. I am more determined than ever to get this weight off for good.

Single mother of three who has in the past two years gained 30 pounds and is very frustrated and has a whole wardrobe I can't fit into!

I am about to turn 50....I cannot believe that! I still think I'm 30. I live in a cool loft style townhouse in Atlanta with my dog Beastie. He is a loving little Bichon who is almost totally blind now. So sad...

I am 53 and an "older mom" who feels plenty young. I have two delightful kids that keep me running (10 and 5 yrs) They have been a joy and a blessing but my body has paid for poor sleep, poor exercise and eating over these last few years. I'm committed to getting healthy and staying healthy...I want to be around for them and my husband for a long, long time!

23 yr old. Almost 130 ibs. 5'3. Looked and felt best at 103 ibs four yrs ago. Small build. Not athletic but normal fit.

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