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Team Name: HEMET CA Weight Loss And Fitness Support
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Last posted: Thursday, June 20, 2013, 6:17 PM

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Hi i'm a 22 yr old single mom just striving to do the best i can in all aspects of my life. I work at a applebee's and thats where it begins food food food all day everyday.

Athlete, mother of three, gym junkie (took a hiatus because of personal commitments and nagging injury). Getting back on track.

I am a mother of five (18, 16, 15, 7, & 6) children.

I am a 36yr old stay at home mom, happily married to my husband 10yrs but together 18yrs we have 2 son's 6 & 3 who keep me very busy...all I want is to get my energy back and start feeling healthy again as i did before my 4 yr old was born..believe it or not i was thinner pregnant with my 4yr old than i am now-I NEED TO GET BACK INTO MY JEANS AGAIN!

I am an 18 year old high school graduate. I am so happy to have completed high school and now I feel like it's time to start my life. But first I need to get healthy. I'm tired of being judged because of the way I look. It's time to take charge and control of my weight, but I need the right support and motivation!

Teacher, coach, mom, wife. I need to live the healthy nutrition I preach to my runners and be able to show results.

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