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I'm 31 years old, happily married, a mommy of 2 and an elementary school teacher. My daughters are 5 and 4. Along with all the bliss that marriage and motherhood brings it has also brought on the pounds. I weighed 110 on my wedding day and now, 8 years and 2 children later I'm up to 132. I started running about 2 years ago and since have completed 3 half marathons. Although, throughout my journey I seem to sabotage all my efforts at becoming healthy. I would run 8 miles and then eat something not "healthy", beat myself up about it and eat more and more...then say I would start over, run and do the whole episode again. I am ready to START OVER and to make a break with my past. I have a lot of "feedback" from my past to give me insight and help me along this new chapter of becoming my best.

I'm a mother of 3 trying to lose weight. I gained a lot after my twins and newborn. I am healthy but fear that with time my health will deplete due to unhealthy eating and weight. I want to find a diet and oversize plan I can stick to. I am healthy according to my regular doctor but still need to lose the weight. The diets he recommended are hard and time consuming. With kids under 4 years old I can't really keep up with any of the time consuming overworking exercise plans. I'm 5'8 Weight 5/1/09 242 Measurements: 5/1/09 Bust~42" DD Waist 32" Hips 36"

I am a type one diabetic and I've been in tight control for many years now. I was diagnosed when I was in first grade and I"m a sophomore in college now...I'm a psychology major and have yet to decide my focus but will most likely turn to family counseling. I am a proud army wife and am super lonely right now due to my husband just deploying to help rebuild schools and communities in Iraq. I love cats. My favorite color is red. I love tattoos and piercings but I dont have many of either. I live on the border. Seriously.

My name is melanie and I started my goal on July the 29th. I'm new to this program so dont by shy (:

I am a first time mom of a 1 yr. old who keeps me very busy. I go to school fulltime and I graduate this May with a Bachelor's in Education. My husband is coming home from Iraq in April, and we are going on a vacation if June so i would like to lose the extra baby weight that I never got around to losing.......

Still under construction. Working on it!

I love to run and am trying the p90 x work outs but i need motivation

I am a busy mother of 2! Between getting out of work late, taking the kids to there practices and have a husband in the service im not home alot to eat as heathly as i would like. I am trying to find a way to loose weight in my busy life style

I'm a single mom of two teenagers and am quickly approaching my 40s. I am facing my own mortality through high blood pressure, high cholesterol and thyroid issues.

I am a Christian military wife of 6 kids. Almost everytime I am under a lot of stress, I gain weight because of comfort eating. I seem to be wishy-washy. sometimes I have a lot of self control, other times I just throw it out the window. I also was diagnosed last year with a rare blood clotting disorder, which has thrown my health upside down, so maintaining my health through weight control and diet has become a life necessity.

47 years old; married; 1 daughter, 18. Ran my first marathon in March, 2011, and would like to start training for two half-marathons in October. Got burned out after the marathon and trying to get back on track!

53 year old architect. Married. Two children in college. Work out of my home. At least 50 pounds overweight.

33 yrs, blessed with 2 princess and awesome husband. Nurse Practitioner by trade and now ready to make MY health a priority! :)

32 yr-old housewife/student who lives for Jesus! ;D I was always very thin until I was 26. I had a hard time dealing w/the loss of a loved one in '06 and drowned myself in food ever since. I gained 60lbs within 3mos that first year & have been gaining ever since. I went from a size 3 to a size 10, to a size 12,14, aaaaaand I lost track... Anywho, my temple's not cut out for all this weight & I've been having a lot of back/feet problems. Bottom line, I just wanna be healthy!

29 years old, 6 feet tall, 208 lbs.

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