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Last posted: Wednesday, August 21, 2013, 6:32 PM

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I am a CPA in California. Tax season is starting, so I am very busy at work! A couple of us at work have being doing weightloss/fitness challenges since January with some success, but it's hard to stay motivated while working so much.

I currently weigh in at approximately 275 pounds. My ultimate goal and healthy weight for my height is 140 pounds. If you do the math... that's 135 pounds to shed. (about half my current weight)

Ex-grad student, current SRA.

I turned 40 in July, one week after I graduated with my Master's degree in Business (MBA). I'm not married and have no kids, but have been in a long term relationship with a great (but younger) guy. I'm 5'8" and my current weight hovers around 168 - 170. Growing up, I was very thin until I turned 21 - then I gained about 10 pounds, but it put me at a good weight. I have since gained an additional 40 pounds, 25 in the past 4 years due to stress (from school and work) and emotional eating. My goal is to lose the 25 pounds that I have recently put on and maintain around 145 lbs.

I am a 32 year old mother of one. My little guy just turned five and never cease to crack me up. I am currently pursuing a Master's degree in English Literature and am relieved to say that this is my last quarter. Besides reading, I love to hike and hope to use this to benefit my weight loss efforts. I have always struggled with weight but never thought I would hit the obese range. I keep kidding myself about how much I weigh but looking at that number ont eh scale last night made me realize this is serious. I am unhappy, despite a great life. I always feel like no matter what I accomplish my weight is all that people see. I know because it is all I see.

I am a single mom to an amazing 5 yr old boy and am a full time student.

I'm married (28 years) with two children (ages 27 & 24). I'm currently unemployed. I love to scrapbook, make home made invitations, read and listen to music. I have two dogs a Poodle Maxxwell and a Chihuahua Sweetpea. I'm easy going and honest.

21 year old, senior. Gained about 40 pounds during college. Trying to change things around this year and lose the weight.

I'm 20 years old, a full time student, and find an excuse to quit anything I find difficult.

I have a husband and 2 boys (11 & 13). I work part-time and go to grad school. We are BUSY and I find it easy to eat poorly and make no time to exercise. My husband is a HS wrestling coach and in incredible shape and my sons are VERY athletic. I'm the oddball.

My name is Tonisha Myers but everyone calls me Toni and I am 18 years old. I stay in Riverside, CA. I am currently 267 pounds and a few months ago I was 290. I'm having issues with losing weight now that I have lost some of it and its becoming depressing for me. I guess in a way I'm looking for my motivation which I have yet to find but I think I'm getting closer. When I stress out I eat food and then after so long it gets out of control and back up in weight I go. I feel that if I have that extra help and that extra push then everything will work out ok and I can continue to lose the weight. Losing 117 pounds or more would really make me happy and I'm looking forward to it.

over 50. Weight watcher lifetime member but it's just not working for me anymore.

I am a single mom and I have put on more weight after having my baby. Before my son, I weighed about 115 pounds. I weigh 160. I know it's not a lot to some but I'm overweight for my size and I hate that I continue to gain weight. I have always been small and today is the day I put a stop to it.

I've struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. The heaviest I've been was after the birth of my second child. I hit 180 pounds. She is now 8 years old and I am still overweight. I've lost the weight before and felt really great but after a bout of depression, I just let myself go with excuses after excuses. It's gotten so bad that my husband is having a really hard time sleeping with me. I'm afraid that if I don't change soon, I will regret it for the rest of my life.

I am 4'11 African-American woman and my weight now is 198lbs. I am separated. and I am seeking a more healthier life.

I am a 40 something mom, wife & grandma a.k.a. Tanna. I'm also someone who struggles with a disability making weight loss difficult. I have something called Charcot Marie tooth disease which is similar to a mix between muscular dystrophy and MS. & I've been in a wheelchair since I was 14 years old.

I love food and have been interested in nutrition since I graduated high school. Exercise has always been hard for me to do, just because it's not always the most exciting or motivating feeling while I'm doing it.

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