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27 yr. old mom of 2 who is ready to get in shape

47 yo Mom of 4 girls. Spending this year learning to change my habits, get some daily exercise, and lose weight.

i am a sahm. i started gaining all the weight when me and dh got together in 2006. i was 150 lbs when we started dating. we ate out almost every night. by the time we got married 6 months later, i had gained 15 pounds. then we had a miscarriage in november 2007 and i gained another 15 pounds. so i was already 180 by the time i got pg when HH. i'm so tired of being fat!

Starting weight 190. Current weight 180. Goal weight 160. Want to get back down to high school size :) Eating 1200 calorie diet. Goal to lose 2-3 lbs. per week. Ultimately would like to be 150 lbs.

I am 27 years old a mother of three looking to lose weight so I can feel comfortable. have very low self esteem. Just not happy with myself at the moment.

I am 53 and stay at home to care for my aging mom. I quit smoking On January 31st 2009 and have gained ANOTHER 22 pounds since then. I need to lose at LEAST 2 pounds a week - which will take me thru June of 2010 to accomplish.

My name is Kristina, & I am 34 years old. I live with my fiance on the west side of Fort Worth. I love my animals, and enjoy taking them on walks and to the dog park. Here lately, I really enjoy walking & exercising.

40 year old mother of FIVE - - ages 12, 14, 19, 21 & 23 with two (and a third on the way) grandbabies! I am an "out" lesbian in a fairly new relationship after recently ending another of 3 years. An auto accident two years ago - along with an extreme dive in self esteem and motivation - has led to significant weight gain and an ongoing "pity party" which I need to escape!

My father is from Ghana West Africa and my mother is Native American form Saginaw, Michigan. I attend Univ of Texas at Arlington, TX. I live in Fort Worth, TX. My major is Social Work but I really love to cook as well. I want to open a restaurant somewhere in America and then in Ghana.

I am a 20 year old nanny who is about 50 lbs overweight and just want to be comfortable in a tank top and shorts in the summer without feeling huge! .. I think I just like food too much. I have recently started working out about 5-6 days a week and am eating much healthier but have a lot of slips ups. I need to stay motivated and stick with mostt of the time eating healthy!

66 years old. I retired last November and I have time now to delve into Peertrainer.

I am 39 years and put on alot of weight over the years. Diabetes runs in my family and I need to start now to control my eating habits so that I don't develop this disease. Also, I want to look better in my clothes and just stay healthy.

Im a softball star and volleyball athlete. I've been playing for about 12 years, i dont eat veggie's idk why, but im going to start tomorrow, to eat right. I wanna lose weight to be happy, i feel fat and gross, and i have a muffin top well atleast i feel i do. I love singing and acting. Its not that im not healthy or anything, i play sports pretty much all day, its just my eating habits which i will fix!

Female single never married no kids 54 years old.

age 55, female

My name is Raven. I am a senior in high school (in the next month), and I don't want to live unhealthy and in risk of so many unhealthy habits. Around middle school is when i became noticable of my weight gain. When i reached 8th grade i wieghed 205Ibs. I was teased and enrolled myself in athletics to try and comfort myself with some kind of pysical enforcement. Because i did so i lost 25 since then. I am now 17 5'5 and i weigh 179. But my weight has always been of and on for the last past years. Right before I joined i calculated my BMI which turned out to be 40.0, classified as Morbidly Obese or Class III extreme obesity. I'm the only one out of four children who struggles with my weight. I don't nderstand why when i believed to have eaten as much as they did! When I do try and become involved with fitness my family thinks its a joke. So i came here today to find a different approach. One that'll help and motivate me to go beyond. And to find a team and friends as well.

IN the last three years, I have lost 125 pounds using another website, MYPLATE. I am over 70, a widow, a retired teacher; and most of my life I have eaten a nutritionally good diet. I believe that most often it has been stress that prevented my losing the weight that too much good food while under great stress had caused! Now, the stress is gone and I have found a successful way to lose weight. I joined here for the support to finish the job.

I love to cook and love to eat. Potato chips are my weakness. I don't mind getting up early to go work out. But when I get there, I get lazy.

I am a "snacker". I have had this addiction since childhood. I like chips, bread, crackers, and nuts. I can't help myself, but with the help of the group, I hope to break this terrible habit once and for all!

I'm 22, college student, and mother of a 6 month old little girl. I've struggled with my weight all of my life, although I've never been as big as I am now, and I'm very unhappy about it. And I'm here to change! I want to feel like the person I am. I want to be able to keep up with my daughter when she gets older. And i'd really love to start dancing again.

I have struggled with staying motivated. I am my own worst enemy, last year I was doing great... Working out faithfully and was down 28lbs. Now I am back up. Once again I am 75lbs from my goal. I had 3 kids back to back 13 months a part but they are now in school so I can no longer use the "I just had a baby" line with regards to my weight. Lol

I am married and have 3 beatiful kids.

I'm a 43 y/o female, mother of 3 adult children and I have 3 beautiful grandchildren. Have always been active as a child but find that in the past few months I've been living a sedentary lifestyle, the stressors of life have taken away my motivation to exercise.

I am 44 years old and currently weigh more than I have ever weighed (even while pregnant). I've been told my medication can cause weight gain, not accepting that as an excuse. I have yo-yo dieted my entire life, now it is time for a life style change!

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