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Team Name: 100+ Biggest Losers
Members: 48
Location: Anywhere 20850

Goals: My goal is to learn to eat "normally", that is, not be obsessed about food, not to over-eat and to learn to eat normal, balanced, healthy foods.

Profile: This is for those of us who need to lose at least 100 pounds and are determined this time to do it. I love the show The Biggest Loser!! This is a group for frequent bloggers.

Last posted: Tuesday, May 25, 2010, 12:16 AM

Other Info: For guys and gals, anyone welcome!!!

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My name is Cindy - I am a married 35 year old mother of 3 (12, 8, 6). I Work full time at a desk job & commute 1.5 hours a day. Have lost over 100 lbs in the past (April of 2004 was my lowest at 182) but I never realized it could be so hard to maintain weight loss... I would just like to get close to 200 again. That would be losing 77 lbs... I refuse to let the scale go up any more. Only down from here!

I'm at 290 wight now, butI'm only 16 years old! Mind you, I'm 6' 4", so I can blame some on that, but it's still not healthy. I want to get down to at leas 200, minimum!

My name is Michelle, I'm 36 years old with 2 boys. I just realized that my nickname sounds like I"m expecting, but I'm not. I lack motivation most days and need the support of a good buddy.

I am 26 years old, a single Mom of a little boy named Mikey, who will turn 1 on the 27th of January. I work at an office and sit down at a computer most of my day. I eat out for lunch everyday and eat out most of the week for dinner. I do little to no exercise. When I feel fat, I eat, when I am stressed I eat. Pretty much food is my emotional comfort, and I don't make wise choices. I want to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. I would like to find my life partner, but before I can do that I need to be happy with myself. And I am NOT happy with myself. I also don't want my little boy picking up all my bad eating habits, or even my lifestyle choices. I am starting to have problems with blood pressure. According to the charts at the doctors office I am rated as Obesse. That was something really hard to sallow. I just want to be happy, healthy and be able to do things that I enjoy in life.

I am 42 years old wife and mother of three (25,19,12). I weighed 354lbs at my highest weight and underwent gastric bypass in 2002. I lost 100lbs. and then gained back 60lbs. I stayed at 297lbs for three years after. I finally joined a gym and started walking. I recently entered and won a contest to work out with a personal trainer. I have been working with him for almost 5 months and have loved every minute. My workouts are tough with heavy weights and lots of cardio but I am finally seeing the results. I have lost 100lbs in almost 2 years and I still need to lose another 60-70lbs. I am trying to "eat clean" every day but it is still a struggle.

iM 15 AND 220 POUNDS. Being a female we strive to be beautiful and be the one the guys want and envy of the women. ever since i was young i was "thick" a little with me and as i got older that little body on me got too big.. im in high school and im ready to change impress my friends and the boys. lol

I'm an office manager and I sit in front of a computer all day long, which helped to get he to this size. Married for 12 years 2 grown kids and 3 grandkids.

I am 33 yrs old have a husband and one daughter (adore them both). I am a teacher and I do cleaning on the side (and i am a clown!!!)

Single parent, work from home. I recently had knee surgery, so I'm kind of gimpy.

Candace Maria is the name. I have tried losing weight many of times in my short 20 years, but I always seem to get discouraged amd give up. Not this time. I've gone so far this time as to start a blog following my journey of weight loss and self discovery. Feel free to follow it: I'm ready to do this right. I'm buying a bike and walking everywhere. There is no giving up this time.

iI am 35; 36 on at the end of this month. I am the mother of 3 boys. I have been married for 16 years. I am a recent transplant to Louisville, KY from Atlanta, GA. I just finished my last class towards my MBA in Human Resource Management. I work with as a Family Specialist in a alcohol and drug residential treatment facility for pregnant women and women with small children.

My name is Audra and I just turned 24. I an currently finishing up my business degree at OSU while working on my hours to get my cosmetology license. My current weight is 310 lbs. I would like to get below 200. I more than anything want to get healthy and stay that way but more short term goal is to look my best for my up coming wedding.

I'm a 23 year old college junior (I changed my major in my third year, so I'm a little behind) studying business. I work as a cashier in a hardware store, which is not nearly as awful as it sounds. I am obsessed with fashion, photography, and DIY.

I'm 56, a teacher, and sick of being 250 lbs.!

I'm 23 years old and I've been slowly working my way towards morbid obesity for almost a decade since puberty and numerous health problems intersected.

Hiya, Im a 24 year old Nurse practioner, living in Canada but I love to travel and do so often as boyfriend is overseas. Ive always been a ``Big Girl`` but realized that my weight is way out of control when I got on a plane last October and could barely fit in the seat never mind tie the safety belt, my goal is to hopefully be down by atleast 10% of my body weight by the time I get on that next flight...

I have been overweight since I could remember. I have tried to lose weight, but have not been able to successfully keep it off. Now I am trying to make a strategy that I can handle for the rest of my life and right the wrongs that I have been doing with my diet and exercise before it is too late..

I am 20, and a college student. (I turn 21 on Valentines Day! (-:) Things have always come easy to me in life. I can understand how things are done, and just do it. This weight loss thing has me stumped, and I am frustrated as hell. My household is trying to be supportive, buying fat free milk, whole grain products. But I think they are sick of me talking about it. I am ready to be healthy so I can do things I like. I would love to go to a club and DANCE all night long without getting winded, or having excruciating leg pain the next day. I want to go hiking and I want to be able to surf, but I have never been able to get up on the board. I want to be able to live.

I am 49 married since I was 16 and 1 week old to a GREAT guy! we have 2 boys 33 & 21 and 4 grandkids 14, 12, 10 & 9 they all have birthdays in Feb & march. I have LOTS of health issuses that loosing weight would help ALOT.

i have 3 children and seperated from my husband almost a yaer ago. getting in to the dating scene was pretty frustrating because i wasn't aware of how big i'd gotten during my marriage. i am really looking forward to meeting the new me.

HI All! My name is Kristin and I'm a Casting Director for NBC's The Biggest Loser. NBC’S THE BIGGEST LOSER IS BACK! ARE YOU READY TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER?? IF SO, WE ARE NOW CASTING FOR BOTH INDIVIDUALS AND TEAMS! We are currently looking for outgoing and charismatic people who have personality along with the WANT, DESIRE and COMPETITIVE EDGE to vie for this once in a lifetime opportunity to change your lives forever and compete for $250,000! For more information on auditions and applications, email me your name, date of birth, height/weight, occupation, why you want/need to be on BL8 and a current photo of yourself to Thanks and look forward to learning more about you!

I am 34 years old married with 2 kids (5 years and 8 months).

I am married and have two beautiful daughters. I work Part time and love to scrapbook. I am determined this year to get healthy and make lifetime changes for myself and family.

40, female, married, no kids, three stepsons, 2 dogs, graduating from nursing school in May, need to lose 100-150 pounds (Oh. My. did I get here? How do I never come back here?) Clueless about dieting...have done them all before but this time around seem to lack motivation, direction, a plan, time to plan, etc. Just don't know what's wrong with me.

I am 55 years old with two grown daughters - one married and one attending college. My husband and I live in Houston along with one cat, Winnie and one English Bulldog, Stella. We are both consultants - me in early childhood education, Head Start specific and he in energy, utility specific. We are hoping to fully retire in 5-7 years and begin our new adventures.

I am 38 years old and a full time wife and mother. Two sons ages 7 and 4. 2 dogs and 1 cat. I at opne brief moment in my life was fit and active. Now I am way over 100 pounds overweight and my joints are starting to ache...most do something.

I'm a 30 year old stay at home not quite housewife (engaged). I am hoping to go back to school this fall to work on finishing my degree. still waiting to hear about financial aid, though. I love to ski and think that my technique would be greatly improved if I were in a more healthy state than I am currently.

I am 39, about to turn 40 and I have a lot to lose. It is hard to look at how I am now because once long ago I was a fashion model. I feel like I have tried everything and sometimes I have had success but it didn't last. I would like this to be the last time I actually have to lose 100#. This time I really want to keep it off.

I am a substance abuse

Coming soon

I’m a 38 year old mother of one. I’ve been over weight all of my life, but over the last month or so, there is drive within me that I haven’t had before and I really want to make a change. Mostly for myself, but I need to be able to keep up with my beautiful, energetic and active three year old son. He keeps me hoping every day. I'm an

I am 33 years old. I work a full time job and a part time job as well as attend college part time. I have been overweight most of my life. I have been on a million diets, started a million exercise programs, and have yet to succeed. I am really hope to find someone who can help me stay on track and can be my accountibility partner.

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